A democratic cosmetologist, mascara is also a very underestimated beauty product: there are those who think, for example, that it only serves to lengthen, enlarge and darken eyelashes, when in fact it has infinite uses and can facilitate the application of false eyelashes and even hide that little white thread that came from nothing at the temple.

Do not believe?The Woman’s M has selected 24 tricks, using mascara or the “eyelash mask” that will surely change her life.Check it at INVESTTOPS:

  1. To improve your life, when it comes to make-up, fold the mascara applicator and handle the cosmetic more easily.

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  1. One way to prevent the formation of mascara blocks on the eyelashes is to remove excess product on a paper towel

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  1. Always have two masks available for eyelashes: one normal and one waterproof. When applying makeup, apply first to normal and then waterproof. Besides making it easy to remove the cosmetic, this will make your make last longer.

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  1. To gain more volume, apply the mascara on both the top and bottom, ie on both sides.

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  1. For more bulky lashes, tilt the brush horizontally; for a more natural finish, tilt vertically.

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  1. To make your product more liquid, thin and easy to apply, place it in a glass with warm water. Do not forget to make sure it’s closed!

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  1. To prevent staining, apply the cosmetic using a spoon.

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  1. To gain more volume, apply talcum powder between the first and second layers of mascara.

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  1. If your dries, apply a few droplets of eye drops and you’ll get a second life!

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  1. Use a cotton swab to remove stains on the upper eyelids.

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  1. Correct flaws in the eyebrows and give them more volume.

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  1. Blank white wires in emergency situations.

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  1. For even more curved eyelashes, wrap your eyelash with a blow dryer. This will also make them longer molded.

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  1. Before you put on your eyelashes, apply a layer of mascara, this will help in fixing it.

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14 Tricks Using Mascara that Will Make Your Life Easier
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