20 Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Hair from A to Z

What you eat influences directly on the health of the hair.

If you wash, hydrates and cut your hair regularly, but still feels that he is not as healthy as it should, the problem may be the power supply. As well as the rest of the body, their wires need various nutrients to stay strong, and these can only be purchased through balanced meals that include vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The dermatologist specializing in hair Husain Chandra, of São Paulo, shares a list of nutrients that are essential to leave your hair the way you always dreamed of. Ever loose the hair and comes with us, baby.

To Stimulate the Growth of the Hair

Want to be with a hair of Rapunzel as soon as possible? Bet on:

Amino acids: without them, the pace of growth of hair decreases. Essential amino acids are found in fish, meat, milk and soya derivatives, for example.

Hydrolyzed Collagen + sulfarados amino acids: 5 g per day consumption stimulates growth, increases hydration and the diameter of the highlights. You can find the collagen hydrolyzate in pharmacies throughout the country, but remember that it is essential that a doctor in the East before consumption.

Proanthocyanidins: also have beneficial action on the hair growth. Are present in grape, for example.

Proteins: responsible for synthesis, maintenance and growth of new cells and tissues-IE: everything you need in your hairs! Meat is protein-rich foods.

Zinc: participates in the synthesis of proteins, stimulates the multiplication of cells and promotes the growth and strengthening of the hair. Oysters, nuts and chestnuts have enough zinc.

Nutrients That Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss? Did I teach you how to avoid it with massages and treatments, and now we’ll show you what foods will help you in this endeavor to conquer a voluminous hair:

Folic Acid: in addition to avoid falling, increases the body’s resistance and the effect of vitamin B12. Beans and lentils, for example, are rich food and folic acid.

Cystine: women with disabilities of cystine tend to have a hair larger than the other. Cystine is present in eggs, meat, milk and cereals.

Iron: even if you’re not with anemia, iron deficiency can lead to diffuse hair fall-all we want is to avoid it!You find it in the bean, for example.

Taurine: protects the hair follicles and therefore prevents the fall. Foods like fish and seafood are rich in taurine.

Vitamin H (biotin): water-soluble vitamin is part of the B-complex family is essential to the growth of cells and, when absent, accentuates the hair loss. Foods that most contain this vitamin are the meat of liver and kidney, soy bean and egg yolks.

Want to Strengthen Your Hair? Here’s the Solution

Your hair grows fast, but the hairs are not strong as you’d like? Time to resolve this issue once and for all:

Calcium -low amount of it in the body causes the hair brittle. To increase the levels of calcium in your body, eat tofu, broccoli and oatmeal.

Copper: copper helps in the formation of collagen and elastin, which protect against wire breakage. Is present in foods such as cashews, liver and cereals.

Sulfur: is a protein component of hair and keratin is found in meats, eggs, dried fruit, milk and various others.

Silicon: stimulates the support fibers such as collagen and elastin, resulting in thicker wires. You find in whole grains, almonds and chestnuts.

Vitamin E: acts against free radicals, prevents cell damage resulting from ageing and improves the microcirculation of the scalp. To acquire it, eat cereals and vegetable oils.

Vitamin F: its lack harms the process of keratinization of the scalp, giving the appearance of dandruff and leaving the wire thinner and fragile. Avoid that from happening: consume avocados, nuts and sunflower seed.

Nutrients to Leave Your Hair Brighter and Hydrated

Now yes! After helping their locks to grow more easily, strong and with little fall, it’s time to take care of and maintain those results. Shine, dear reader!

Water: we couldn’t keep her out, right!? Responsible for the transport of all other nutrients by the body, it helps to keep your wires more hydrated and full of life. Take at least 2, 5 l a day.

Potassium: controls the amount of water on the wires, which makes the hair more flexible and easy to manage (i.e. from us that break down quickly). It is found in bananas, for example.

Selenium: an antioxidant, helps fight free radicals that cause aging wires. The Brazil nuts is the food with the highest concentration of the nutrient.

Vitamin A: stops the hair cell degeneration caused by oxidation and controls the greasiness of the wires. Present in liver meat, carrots and papaya, for example.

Speaking of hair, how about a change in visual, huh!?