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You finally took courage and dyed her hair in dream Mermaid tone-sea blue, mint green, etc or so opted for fully locks adorned with candy colors, such as pink pale. And now, how to do to keep the tone?

First of all, accepted that have a colorful hair involves special care and focus on maintenance, especially in the summer, since Sun, sand and chlorine are the main culprits when the color fades.

But don’t worry, readers. We have prepared a simple guide with 4 steps to keep your hair shiny and colorful without great efforts.

Step 1: Use the Right Products

The chances of you having your hair bleached before applying the new color are great, and to minimize the damage should you invest in products of high moisturizing. For example, moisturizing masks and oils can be a good thing. Argan oil, coconut, macadamia, and castor are options to use oils and bring back the softness lost in discoloration. Choose an oil of your preference and the length half an hour before washing your hair. It is also betting on shampoos and conditioners that preserve the color sulfate free.

Step 2: Don’t Wash Too Much Hair

Seriously, best resist the temptation. Make dry shampoo your newest best friend, along with hats, caps and scarves, that will help you disguise the greasiness of the root and make her take ten in terms of style.

Step 3: Rinse with Cold Water

When it is washing, make sure the water is cold, or at least warm-never hot. Trust, reader, this is an effort worth. Especially when you come across that vivid color, which does not fade as fast as you thought.

Step 4: Embrace Color!

Depending on the color you chose to dye your hair, it may be better than expected, even after wash out. How about going from Mermaid electric for a Unicorn to her My Little Pony? The main thing to know before you change hair color is, the stronger, the more time it tends to last. Pale pink, lilac and Mint disappear faster, turquoise and green already alive are longer.

Bonus: Take Advantage of the Changes

Anyway, the unpredictable nature of colored hair is largely responsible for all this fun to try different shades. In the end, nothing prevents you from vary increasingly in the colors of the Rainbow. The chances of going from a Fuchsia pink to a pale salmon are high, and sound like a change. So a color out completely, try another!

Feel free to experiment with all the shades of his rainbow hair until the last moment.

4 Simple Steps to Keep Your Hair Intact Mermaid