Is it effective and painless?:P

It’s not just you: hair also wake up in a bad mood and no one is immune to this (or Gisele Bündchen, baby!).While not invent no definitive antidote, a vaccine type, who knows? Against this evil, write down these precious pills for the day happier:

Go to Braid

Traditionally, the side, embedded, fish bone. All variations of the hairstyle are great resources for days when your hair oily and awakens full of frizz. “The important thing is that the braid is loose not to pull back the hairs,” says Sonia Nesi, hairstylist and owner of Studio Sonia Nesi (RJ).

Or How About a Coke?

The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert or something to do it. Brush, elastic and some clips are all you need for this mission. And remember also the donuts, you’re there to make it even easier! Is hunting for inspiration? In the article 100+ hairstyles with Coke straight from Pinterest, We Heart and the like, we launched ideas to spare, people!

Bet on Headbands, Scarves …

If you prefer to keep the loose threads, but is uncomfortable with his rebellion, do not hesitate to make use of this trio, which definitely is a trend and “manage” the bad hair day with excellence. To complete, the hair with a good ointment.

Use Staples

These lifeguard put everything in its proper place in a matter of seconds. In addition, allow you to create new styles and variations for hairstyles common-making them real allies to overcome boredom. Press always a handful of them in the bag.

Spray Dry Shampoo

In addition to rid your hair of oils without the use of water (the planet thanks economy!), the product gives texture and thickens the hairs, they earn a visual “messy” enough and stripped.

And When You Have a Moment …

Use moisturizers at night! “But prefer gel versions to not risk the oily hair,” indicates Rudi Werner, hairstylist and owner of Werner halls network Coiffeur (RJ). The next day, the wires will be more settled, shiny and soft.

5 Tricks to Evade the Bad Hair Day a Lickety-Split