The tattoo is the most popular body modification world. This is a drawing perpetuated in human skin by inserting pigments with needles. Getting a tattoo can become a big problem since the drawing or sentence will follow you for the rest of your life and will be part of his personality. It is necessary to think of several very important factors before you get a tattoo, because the tattoo removal is an expensive process, slow and very painful. In a select few tips that will help you make the final decision not to regret the tattoo.


  1. Think of yourself

The impulse is the greatest ally of repentance in tattoos. If you decide to get a tattoo as a date. If you really want the tattoo you want in a month, six months or a year from now. Don’t rush in the planning you have the design on your body for the rest of your life. Have to do, think about the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Not influence the fashions, you’ll be sick of her fast and won’t like.

  1. Design and Meaning

If you have an idea in your mind, find someone to do the design for you or transmit its proposal for the artist, ask as many times as needed to change this design before the transport to your skin. Can inspire in books and comic books devoted to this theme. Look for something that is yours, something unique and not a faithful copy of the tattoo of another person. Seek also the meaning of the symbols, drawings and words being misunderstood by other people.

  1. Statements

If you want to make a statement to someone on the skin just think in relationship to that person. The popular love tattoos are the leaders of covers in tattoo studios. Avoid tattoo names of boyfriends, because you’re going to have to deal with the fact that looking at it every day even if they don’t work.

  1. Grammatical errors

Have special attention with phrases or words in a language that does not feel comfortable. Check each letter what you write so you don’t stay with a grammatical mistake tattooed on your skin.

  1. Tattoo site

In choosing the place you want for your design career. Choose the body part most suited to your tastes and the direction of your life. Unfortunately the tattoo is still seen with bad eyes for some occupations, if so opt for a more discreet location and which is not visible all the time. Women need to take account of the fact that they want to get pregnant and there is not advised in the belly, because tattoos can deform the drawing when she grows up.

  1. The professional and hygiene

After you have in mind what you want the next step is to find the appropriate tattoo artist yourself and that is reliable. Get help and advice to your friends, see the portfolio of tattoo artists that you recommend, go to the Studio or look on the internet. As in other areas of art, tattoo artists also have their own styles. Search for an artist to do the drawing, the dash or the handwriting that suits you. Don’t ask a flower to a tattoo artist with an aggressive style, for example.

To outlining the first tattoo is done a drawing test in place, check if it is in the desired position, size and the location.

Before starting the tattoo has a lot of attention to bio-safety level of space. Check to see if the needles are disposable, wearing gloves and a mask and wash your hands thoroughly. The area will be tattooed must be clean and shaved.

The tattoo can be construed as a wound that needs attention. Follow all the precautions recommended by the artist. Use anti-skeptics. Avoid contact of the zone with the Sun, the sea and pools during 1 month. In the early days will form a crust, do not remove at any time this bark, she will fall off naturally.

6 Tips for Not Regret the Tattoo