7 Tricks to Improve the Dry Mouth

For the lipstick stay super, the skin of the lips has to be spotless.

Winter doesn’t even need to get, just give the first swing temperatures for that lips stay dry. Environmental factors, such as exposure to the sun without protection, the advancement of age and even the inadequate feeding can leave the mouth dry and put in check the batonzinho you intend to use tonight. To help us in the task of figuring out how to reduce the problem, consult the medical dermatologists Tatiana Steiner and Juliana Carnevale, both of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology. And that conversation came the 7 valuable lessons of how to moisturize your parched lips that we list on this page.

# 1 Chapstick on Them!

Do you know that the skin of the lips is three times thinner than that of the face and has a smaller capacity to retain water? To avoid the dry aspect, the flaking and cracking the medical advice is to choose a moisturizer and humectant, which preferably has sun protection. “The ideal is to use it at least 2 times a day and, on colder days, you need to apply it several times,” says dermatologist Tatiana Steiner. The good moisturizers should combine assets such as lipids, oils, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, acquaporine, vitamin E, glycerin, dimethicone, allantoin, dexpanthenol, urea, lanolin and petrolatum. Look on the label (we’ve done a complete check with 10 lip balms are fun to buy now).

It would be a dream, but not all lipsticks have emollient properties. Then, a hint is to look for options that have moisturizing action for use during the day.  Ideas here:

# 2 Drink Water

In addition to enable “intense hydration” in winter with specific products to treat dry mouth, a simple but very important recommendation, is to increase the water consumption: the better and larger the hydration, less dryness of the mucosa of the mouth.

# 3 Follow a Healthy Diet. Seriously!

This tip is valuable for anyone who is with the parched lips ever. “Add to menu vegetables, vegetables, fruits and minerals, which are foods vitamin B12, B6, folic acid and iron, to boost the physiological and proper lip hydration,” suggests Tatiana. The deficiency of these nutrients can be one of the reasons for the scaling of your lips. If your mouth is already fully dry, avoid drinking acidic foods not to worsen the situation.

# 4 Night Hydration to Strengthen

“Specific Creams for the night, thicker and emollients, reinforce the moisturizing lip and allow the movement of speech without worsen existing lesions”, says dermatologist Tatiana. This extra moisture can help who makes use of oral retinoids, as for example the Roaccutane, medicine used to treat acne.

# 5 Make a Lip Exfoliation Every 7 or 15 Days

To remove dead cells and stimulate cell renewal. “Exfoliation must be smooth with fine grain and delicate, recommended by a doctor, because the lip is a thin and delicate mucosa,” says Tatiana. You can try the recipe below once a week:

You will need:
1 disposable mascara applicator brush
1 lip balm of your choice
1 tissue paper

How to make?
“Spread lip balm on the applicator and gently on the lips, in all directions, making a circular motion so that the ‘dead’ skin releases. Then use the paper towel to remove the product from the lips,” teaches Juliana.

Note: have a history of herpes on the lips? So, don’t exfoliate the skin of the mouth.

# 6 Avoid Intense Sun Exposure.

… That is one of the main causes of dryness & lip aging. And when you have no way out in daylight, choose lip balms with sun protection factor (SPF). Choose preferably at 30 FPS with UVA and UVB protection.

# 7 Don’t Pass Your Tongue over Your Lips to Water Them, or Loose Fur Boot

It is important to know what not to do when you are already with the mouth dry, isn’t it? “These are fundamental measures to avoid a worsening of the dryness, which can develop into more serious problems, such as infections, by opening a gateway to numerous bacteria. Eventually, there is a need for specific treatments with healing and repairmen, which a doctor may indicate correctly,” recalls the dermatologist Tatiana.