Use moisturizers that dehydrate (Yes, they exist!), forget the sunscreen and abuse the abrasive ingredients: these are just some of the errors that can set off your skin in the winter. The specialist in skin care, Mika Yamaguchi explains how to make correct choices in skin care.

8 Mistakes That Can Set off Your Skin in the Winter

(C)to look out of the skin in the winter requires attention. As the skin produces less natural oils, due to the lack of light and heat, dryness and a feeling of nuisance appears mainly in the skin of the face, which is the most exposed to the wind and pollution. “During the winter period, the dry climate promotes the appearance of many skin conditions and allergies. The skin reflects directly, getting more red and irritated, dry, by the high level of pollution that we have in this period, being required special care, “explains Mika Yamaguchi pharmaceutical, Scientific Director of Biotec Dermacosmetics. To avoid any problems, we have selected here some basic errors that should be avoided:

  1. Don’t pass sunscreen — there’s no way, the sunscreen at least is in everyday use and eternal: “ultraviolet radiation, also in winter, causes damage that compromise the support structure of the skin, causing the early appearance of wrinkles and sagging, in addition to the spots as reaction to sun exposure. The guidance continues to reapply the sunscreen at least four in 4 hours indoors and every 2 hours in direct sun exposure. Active antioxidants such as Ascorbosilane C and ABC 10 can also be incorporated into the protector as a way to prevent and reverse damage, protecting the skin against damage especially of visible light too, “explains.
  2. Use any moisturizer — at this point, it is a big warning: “there are moisturizers which dehydrate!” says Mika Yamaguchi. “It happens in products using, at base, a type of technology that helps to emulsify (ethoxylated). If I have an emulsifier that has this ability to emulsify fat and water (the two constituents of our hydrolipidic film) in a cream, by the time it comes into contact with the skin, if it is too strong, it will emulsify my hydrolipidic film and, rather than moisturize, he will break the natural barrier function and will start to dehydrate. ” The ideal, for it does not, get products whose vehicles are based on Phospholipids which form a second skin and protect the skin more effectively reducing water loss by evaporation. Here we have the basis of Second Skin and gelling agents such as Lecigel agents. In addition to the essential vehicles, the hyaluronic acid of high and low molecular weight associated with are still shown to stimulate the production of natural moisture in all layers. “Hyaxel is a hyaluronic acid, low-molecular-weight and traced to organic silicon, which has the ability to increase the expression of heart proteins as aquaporins, filagrinas, loicrinas and other important to increase the hydration. DSH CN already has a high molecular weight, shape a film of water retention and give elasticity to the skin tissue, “he adds.
  3. Think I use moisturizer is enough — skin hydration must be dynamic, so drinking enough water is important regardless of the season. “Drinking the right amount of water in the winter helps keep skin hydrated,” says. In addition, some nutraceuticals are also recommended for a dynamic moisturizing (from inside to outside): “FC Oral, or so-called capsules of caviar, contains an important component, the Omega 3 vectorized by Phospholipid, which has an identity with the cell membrane. In this way, the active promotes moisture from the inside out, restoring the damages this membrane and also improves the fluidity, this is allows the nutrients to be absorbed in a more full, which also brings results for hydration. “
  4. Take very hot baths — Stay more than 15 minutes in a hot shower is more than enough to compromise the hydrolipidic skin layer, which holds moisture. “In this way, the skin loses water and lipids, which compromises your barrier function. The ideal is to warm bath and then moisturize the skin after bathing “, explains.
  5. Forget the feet, hands and body — Moisturize these regions is fundamental. “In the case of the feet, pass the fosfolipideos-based moisturizer or Nutriomega 3, 6, 7 and 9 and place a cotton sock helps the skin absorb the product more easily. In the hands, invest in hialurônicos acids. In the body, the lipid replenishment must be efficient, with options like Dry Oil you have in your composition karite esters, purcelin that can be associated with other oils, restoring skin hydration, “indicates.
  6. Abuse of retinoids — For treating acne, spots and rejuvenation, retinoids are usually the first option. “But they should be used sparingly and targeted by dermatologists. Your continued use may cause cutaneous hypersensitivity, redness and irritability, “a specialist in skin care. In this sense, manipulated with Lanablue creams can be a natural and safe alternative to retinol. “This is an extract of algae grown in the northern region of the United States (Oregon), in severe weather conditions. Has high levels of B vitamins, as well as amino acids and pigments. Has action similar to retinoids in the differentiation of keratinocytes; smoothes lines, wrinkles and densifica the epidermis, “he explains.
  7. Abuse of very abrasive products for acne — some products for acne should be extra careful with your use in winter. “As this is a period in which the skin tends to be more dry, the excessive use of desiccants may sensitize the skin and cause rebound effect, with worsening of oiliness and acne,” comments. The ideal is to avoid using in excess products that contain a lot of alcohol, such as tonics. “A good alternative are the botanical extracts. And in this case, the ingredient Acneol SR is a good option for treating acne. It is a unique bioactive composition, with high synergy asset management for high performance: salicylic acid (keratolitic action and anticravos), zinc acetilmetionato (seborregulating), botanical extracts (astringent), dimetilsilanediol salicylate (anti-inflammatory) and soluble sulphur (combat the excessive oiliness) “, explains. The active can be manipulated in soaps, cleaning, drying and mousses in equilibrantes gels along with Lecigel, which gives moisturizing and gentle touch, always consult a dermatologist, who will make the appropriate statement of the doses as the degree of acne.
  8. Forget the creams repairmen — plus hydration products that promote cell repair are essential. “In winter, the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere gets bigger. One of them, the micro-particles PM 2.5 which adheres to the skin and causes rupture of the barrier function of the skin causing dehydration, irritation, redness and other. For that, you need an efficient cleaning remove the particulate matter PM 2.5 and heavy metals, this is indicated a moisturizer containing Exo-P, an exoskeleton Mimetic found in microorganism in French Polynesia which form a shield protecting the adversities, manufactured through a Blue technology. The Exo-P protects skin against toxic agents present in the atmosphere of big cities, “says. To give a booster cell renewal, Bio-Arct capsules can help: “the asset triple energy production in mitochondria and, in this performance, the result is a better oxygenated skin and with ability to Exchange nutrients more effectively. This reflects the overall skin appearance improves with better hydration, barrier function, lightness and freshness, “she concludes.

Source: Biotec Dermacosmetics is company specialized in disseminating to the masterful, dermatological area pharmacies and aesthetic medicine, assets and concepts and innovative dermacosmetics nutricosmetics.

8 Mistakes That Can Set off Your Skin in the Winter
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