Declare war on the rebels hairs! And, between us, we are well equipped: take the test in our arsenal of precautions against the inconvenience.

It’s not a horror tale, but the story still is creepy, literally. The frizz, one of the major annoyances capillaries of the female wing, makes victims of all types of locks and is quite related to their health. “When damaged, the scales of the threads stay open, making the loss of nutrients and making dry hair, brittle and, consequently, bristling, since you can’t maintain the right direction of growth,” explains Pepper Angelica, dermatologist and trichologist (SP). The villains? Hair dryers, curling irons, chemical procedures and even the weather (sun, wind, humidity or the lack thereof) weaken the hair.

The good news is that this plot might have a happy ending. The following dossier, we teach the way you definitely delete the frizz in your hall of concerns. Spoiler: it’s easy, easy!

In the Bath

Keeping the hair conditioner is the best weapon to tame the frizz. Therefore, in the time of washing, it should be done every other day, prefer to use moisturizing shampoos and anti-frizz in place of detergents. “They remove the natural protection of the wires, making them vulnerable to external damage,” warns Valcinir Bedin, trichologist and Brazilian hair society President (SP). Finish with conditioner, leaving the Act in length for three minutes, and rinse it thoroughly, without leaving residues. “Use warm or cold water. Hot temperatures dehydrate “, Erick Omar, dermatologist and AE trichologist Skin Center (SP). Weekly moisturizing at home are also very welcome.


Remove moisture without wires rub them on the towel-this friction, which increases the static electricity, is a beautiful invitation to the frizz giving the guys. “The ideal is to crumple them lightly to remove excess water,” teaches Angelica pepper. Oh, and choose a good absorbent tissue and “cute” to dry the mane, combined?

If you are a fan of the dryer, choose a transmitter model of negative ions, which balances the load electric wire, saddle the cuticles and gives shine. “But avoid using it at high temperatures, which cause damage and natural protection,” recalls Valcinir Bedin. Before, don’t forget to spread a thermal protector, which forms a sort of shield against the heat emitted by the equipment, also responsible for the frizz.

The Comb Right

“Cut the plastic comb and replace it with a wooden model with wide teeth”, recommends Erick Omar. It does not conduct electricity and, therefore, prevents the wires if rebel. Comb them gently to untangle first tips and only after the rest of the length. Another tip is to not brush your hair excessively-this can activate the frizz.


According to Erick Omar, leave-ins, repairmen, argan oil, mousses and gels fasteners are some of the best finishers to settle the frizz. For straight hair, Anna Paula Santos, Walter’s hairstylist Coiffeur Rio Sul (RJ), fluid or gel products indicates. “Curly already benefit over vehicles in cream or mousse,” recommends. The waves, in turn, adapt better to serums or sprays.

At Bedtime

Resort to nocturnal cosmetics twice a week is a good measure to control the wires that defy gravity. “Its effect is potentiated, because during sleep, the hair is not exposed to the Sun and wind, for example,” Valcinir Bedin. Vale also coat the pillow with a satin or silk pillowcase. Sounds silly, but this choice, according to Angelica, pepper prevents frizz triggered by friction against the tool throughout the night.

In the Lounge

In addition to moisturizing at the parlor, the fortnightly cauterization, which should be done monthly, is one of the best treatments to reduce frizz. “The hair fiber receives components that, when absent, results in deficiencies which lead to the problem”, says Anna Paula Santos. The procedure takes place in three steps:
1st-Insertion of proteins according to the need of the wire;
2nd – Sealing the cuticles and reducing the degree of porosity with control and pH balance;
3rd – Resetting the softness and alignment of the surface of the fiber, which gives shine and softness.

Accessories That Disguise

Bandanas, hats, scarves, strips of fabric … Abuse of them without fear of being happy! In addition to hiding the frizz, leave the visual quite stylish.

Anti-frizz Troop

The best products to combat the problem.

A Problem Called Frizz (and Several Tactics to Stop It)