Angela Lindvall, Eternal Youth

This week we continue with the review of American models. After Hilary Rhoda, today’s the turn of another beautiful woman as it is Angela Lindvall.

Angela Lindvall It is all a wanderer of the catwalks. In the world of fashion since the end of 1996, is one of the most veteran and respected within the current models, not in vain its beginning coincided with the last tail of the supertops from the 90 and that always mark.

Now known as image among others of Versace, and by its parades for Victoria’s Secrets from 2000 to 2008, we have all a top model, who at age 30 and after having two children, seems to be living a second youth.

The curious thing about the beginnings of Angela Lindvall It was that it was really his sister major who dreamed of being a model someday. But Angela with the passing of the years, grew more than her sister and was also much more beautiful, so she was encouraged by his friends to try to follow the footsteps of her sister, wishing you greater success and so it was. In fact later his another younger sister Audrey, It would follow in their footsteps also becoming professional model.

With only 14 years Angela Lindvall already paraded in local parades held in Kansas, until a Scout suggested him to make the leap to a level most professional signing by the all-powerful IMG.

Perhaps too young to take the step, the case is the first year was very successful for Angela, which called for a year of retirement to studying and meditating if indeed that was the way I wanted to pursue.

It would be in 1996 with 17 years, when he decides to take the plunge and is engaged permanently and professionally to the world of fashion. His first cover would come that same year, specifically in the magazine I-d and later already would jump to the catwalk at the end of that same year, first in New York and then in Milan and Paris, going back and forth to Valentino, Chanel, Versace, DKNY, Prada and a long etcetera. In total, more than 50 parades during his debut, something within the reach of very few.

Obviously before such commencement, it would already begin to grab covers and more still when he was beginning to find the relay to the Schiffer, Naomi, and company. It was home of Elle, and Vogue, both in its Italian Edition in 1997. At the same time protagonizaría the first advertising campaigns like those of Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Calvin Klein and Valentino, all of them in 1997.

That year would probably be one of the most splendid on the catwalk of Angela Lindvall, Since that, in 1998, just pisaría the catwalks to focus more on advertising campaigns. Later we would see it as an image of Chanel (1999), and the signing of cosmetics CoverGirl and Tommy Hilfiger (2000). would be precisely in the year 2000 when it returns to burst with force on the catwalks by repeating the same success as his debut year.

The truth is that at the time Angela Lindvall It was a little like the Guadiana, appeared and disappeared all too easily and went to more than 50 parades to do no more than 10 per season, but he was always there.

In 2001 was to become one of the best paid, reaching starring among others models, the Pirelli Calendar the hand of Mario Testino and that same year become a picture of Christian Dior. Also during that year his love life live to shock after shock reaching pregnant giving birth to their first child in the 2002.

It would be from that moment when we’d already see this vegetarian recognized, most seated, choosing more and better work, and where would already start it to see a more regularly on the catwalks.

For at the time already had it as an image of Victoria’s Secret with that comes to parade from the year 2000 until 2008 inclusive.

In 2005 would give birth to her second child, moment in which the vast majority, including the own Angela thought that his career on runways drew to a close, but nothing is further from reality, the great designers wanted to continue counting cone lla. Since 2005 until today, we can see Angela parading promptly to Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace and Karl Lagerfeld, few designers but undoubtedly the most recognized.

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Chapter apart of the year 2006. In that year it dies hit when cycling was her younger sister Audrey Lindvall, that without reaching the level of his sister, he already began to have a name in the professional world, even the British Group The Kooks performed a video clip in your memory.

Subsequently, Angela Lindvall would be image of Zara (2007), Cavalli, Jimmi Choo and Valentino, in 2008, the latter combining his appearances in the shows of Victoria’s Secret. Currently repeats as image for Jimmy Choo, It is also of Hermes and perfume Versace by Versace.

We can also see it not only in numerous covers, but also on the small screen since he has already made his first steps in the world of cinema, being his most prominent film role CQ together with Gérard Depardieu.

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