Baileyton, Alabama Weather by Month

Baileyton, Alabama Weather by Month

Baileyton is a small town located in the northeastern part of Alabama, United States. Nestled in Cullman County, it is part of the larger Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Statistical Area. Baileyton is characterized by its rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, embodying the quintessential charm of the American South. As of the last census, Baileyton has a population of approximately 600 residents, making it a close-knit community where neighbors know each other well.

The town covers an area of about 4.2 square miles, offering a rural and peaceful environment. Baileyton does not host any major universities or renowned companies, but it prides itself on local businesses that cater to the needs of its residents. Despite its small size, Baileyton has a rich sense of community and local culture.

One of the notable landmarks in Baileyton is the Baileyton Bluegrass Festival, an annual event that attracts visitors from across the state to enjoy traditional bluegrass music. The town is also known for its historical significance, with several buildings and sites that reflect its Southern heritage.

Climate and Weather Overview

Baileyton, Alabama, experiences a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. The town receives ample rainfall throughout the year, contributing to its lush greenery. Below is a table summarizing the average temperature, precipitation, and sunny days for each month in Baileyton.

Month Avg Temp (°F) Precipitation (in) Sunny Days
January 45 5.3 10
February 48 5.1 10
March 55 5.6 11
April 62 4.3 11
May 70 4.7 12
June 77 4.3 13
July 81 5.1 13
August 80 4.6 12
September 74 4.2 11
October 63 3.5 10
November 54 4.4 9
December 47 5.4 8

Weather by Month


In January, Baileyton experiences cold temperatures, with average highs around 50°F and lows dipping to about 32°F. The month sees approximately 5.3 inches of precipitation, mostly in the form of rain, though occasional snowfall is possible. January has about 10 sunny days, providing some respite from the cold.

Natural disasters are rare in January, but the town can occasionally experience winter storms, bringing ice and snow. Residents and visitors are advised to engage in indoor activities such as visiting local museums or enjoying the town’s cozy cafes.


February is slightly warmer than January, with average temperatures ranging from 34°F to 52°F. The month receives about 5.1 inches of precipitation. While Baileyton enjoys 10 sunny days, the weather remains predominantly cold and wet.

Winter storms can still occur, though they are less frequent than in January. Indoor activities such as attending local community events or exploring historical sites are recommended.


March marks the beginning of spring in Baileyton, with temperatures averaging between 39°F and 60°F. Precipitation increases to about 5.6 inches, often in the form of rain showers. The town enjoys 11 sunny days during this month.

Tornadoes become a risk in March as the weather becomes more volatile. Outdoor activities such as hiking and visiting parks become more feasible, though it is important to stay weather-aware.


April sees a significant rise in temperatures, with averages ranging from 46°F to 70°F. The month receives around 4.3 inches of rainfall. With 11 sunny days, the weather becomes increasingly pleasant.

Spring storms, including tornadoes, can occur in April. Outdoor activities such as attending the Baileyton Bluegrass Festival or exploring local trails are popular, as long as weather conditions are safe.


May brings warmer weather, with average temperatures between 55°F and 79°F. Rainfall amounts to about 4.7 inches, and the town enjoys 12 sunny days.

The risk of severe weather, including tornadoes, persists. However, May is an excellent time for outdoor activities like picnicking, hiking, and attending local farmers’ markets.


June is characterized by hot weather, with temperatures averaging from 63°F to 86°F. Rainfall decreases slightly to 4.3 inches, and Baileyton sees 13 sunny days.

While severe weather can still occur, it becomes less frequent. Outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and attending outdoor festivals are highly recommended.


July is the hottest month in Baileyton, with average temperatures ranging from 67°F to 90°F. The month receives around 5.1 inches of rain, with frequent afternoon thunderstorms. Baileyton enjoys 13 sunny days.

Thunderstorms can bring heavy rain and lightning, so caution is advised during outdoor activities. Summer events, barbecues, and water-related activities are popular during this month.


August remains hot, with average temperatures between 66°F and 89°F. Rainfall totals about 4.6 inches, and the town has 12 sunny days.

Thunderstorms continue to be a threat. Outdoor activities like visiting lakes, hiking, and attending fairs are common, with precautions taken during stormy weather.


September sees a gradual cooling, with temperatures averaging from 60°F to 84°F. The month receives around 4.2 inches of rainfall and has 11 sunny days.

The risk of hurricanes increases in September, though Baileyton is somewhat shielded by its inland location. Outdoor activities such as camping and hiking are popular, especially during the cooler days.


October brings cooler weather, with average temperatures ranging from 49°F to 73°F. Rainfall decreases to 3.5 inches, and Baileyton enjoys 10 sunny days.

Fall festivals and outdoor events become more frequent as the weather cools. Hiking and visiting local orchards are popular activities.


November sees further cooling, with average temperatures between 40°F and 64°F. The month receives about 4.4 inches of rain and has 9 sunny days.

Severe weather is less common, making it a good time for indoor activities like visiting museums or enjoying local cuisine. Outdoor activities such as hiking in the crisp fall air are also recommended.


December is a cold month, with average temperatures ranging from 33°F to 53°F. Precipitation increases to about 5.4 inches, with occasional snow. Baileyton has about 8 sunny days.

Winter storms can occur, bringing ice and snow. Indoor activities such as holiday events, visiting local shops, and enjoying festive decorations are popular.

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