Beauty Blast Of The Month New In The Bag #3

What Beautifier crackers sneaked actually new lately in my bathroom? I show you every first week of the month under the heading “New in the bag” and will tell you the same why.

Neobio face peeling

Sometimes are the silent granules in tubes for just around €2.70 just not according to the screaming Weltveränderungs Remover which make life better, but in my case. The neobio peeling is there now in many health food stores and online to buy. In addition to the tip top prize and the fresh scent of organic Aloe Vera and organic mint scores of mild baby skin Maker by non-existent mineral raw materials, no synthetic fragrances, dyes, or preservatives and is yet to vegan, gluten – free and silicone-free. Could the common allergy is so safely eat – almost. Suitable for all skin types.

D ‘olive moisturizing cream for hand and body

There is a beauty product for the standard core trend, it would probably be here. Pretty stanni, not to abgespaced, very solid and fulfilling the purpose. If now the Aegean olive oil constitutes the lace-like nose, the nose can not immediately identify. A cream that is rich as well as fix moves – not only I am totally madly in the moisture Spendierer paraben free, the boy cremt a is secretly like this (I’ve caught you!). For normal to dry skin and very friendly. You must shell out about 7 euros for the 250 ml tube, which remains a good buddy in the bathroom then but long.

Revlonissimo 45 days 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner brand new in the Revlon professionals series a little star joins. The highlight same time advance: pigments accumulate until the next dyeing the hair color – there from blond to black to buy in 6 variations of pigment. The 2 in 1 Shampoo-Conditioner mix was previously rather frowned upon and “uhh Nope only to travel if it has to go quickly”, now is the clever combination of a super time saver, who also correctly what it has and can compete with any mono-product. A mild, sulfate-free shampoo plus Conditoner that nourishes hair, making moisturized and honestly pretty str-Acorn. With around 10 euros to save then still not only time but also money. For 45 days, the Producktchen you want to keep, but it nothing is in my Zotteln rather.

Two new at & other stories: Mediterraneen and Fleur de Mimosa

I smell it, it’s the new! Fig fiction was my permanent lover otherwise in the & other stories beauty shelf, join two summer shades in the range: body mist, shower gel, body scrub and body souffle in “Mediterraneen” and “Fleur de Mimosa”.

During my dear best friend the “Mediterraneen body Souffle” preferably from the window fired had the words: “It smells like a perfume for four,” I am falling the rich body butter in all its holiday-abundance. The other side says “as someone not on one might agree” and “unnecessary”. While this softens the skin so mad. Who is quick, can benefit offer in the stores hurry Curry of 1 for 2 – hurry!