Beauty “Blurred Lips” Aka Smeared Lips

It’s not like I needed not almost forever for it, to find out what exactly to do is to make the lipstick also accurately sitting on my lips, instead of to make right and left of the field and blur: first layer lipstick on it, Pat with a towel all fixed up until barely a colour print (especially at the edge of the lip) and next layer over it. Finished!

Now but is it time to rethink my amateur Super trick again and after step just about to give one part to smudge the color. Blurred lips is the magic word and was last sighted on the catwalk by Erdem. The effect? Not completely one overdoes it and editorial-like, looks from already almost completely natural. Make a statement against perfection delusion? Then is test or just wait until the lip color eh makes from the field. Tightening is now in any case, official no longer necessary! Very well, we have so far anyway rather mediocre correctly on the road. Nevertheless, a small tutorial compliant?

Actually, you’d think that was at all no instructions needed: Lipstick on it, renounce on the Lipliner and wipe delicately over the lip lines. How it works the other way around (called also faded lips), and what it takes as a proper beauty queen for this, we see that also step by step in silents. Or here in the video:

Images from the collage: EE A/W 2016 & Isamaya Ffrench for Novembre magazine.