Beauty & Care Skin Cancer – If You Love You, You Check Off & Will #Skinchecker La Roche-Posay

“You want to write your life probably complexion, cosmetic stuff and beauty gadgets long, or?” This is pointless but Sarah”, met me a say, troll girl recently – and might hit a thoughtful point with me. So now let’s free away from the liver and among us, makes me with the beauty of “Bells and whistles” but actually already great fun. OK, admitted: when I write of lipstick it will move the world not always to its foundations and not much politics or economic issues flowed so far in rough quantities in my heading with a, but sometimes, yes sometimes, I even feel real, to be able to help others with what I’m doing here, quite. And that’s great!

In a thought I’m stuck but still. This small mouthpiece, that here was given me in the hands: I could use it more often on really important issues to draw attention, to call them at least in awareness or to be active even with you. And exactly at this point came the La Roche-Posay around the corner and asked whether we not with the skin Checker campaign on the theme of skin cancer want attention prevention – and thus achieved a precision landing at us Janes.

What many do not know that (I knew it until now not): French brand La Roche-Posay, you know them all, the friendly blue and white or orange and white bottles and tubes from the pharmacy of your trust, incredibly the fight against skin cancer advocates: prevention, education as well as development and implementation of healing and rehabilitation opportunities. And the campaign, which this summer in the role has brought raise you out there for this important subject, La Roche-Posay impresses me very, because the message is simultaneously so smart and simple like lovingly:

“the skin checker, to become
you studied each other after points off!”

Which searches namely himself who has love, for well-known and newly entered points – and thus our moles are meant of course. Many, the other one has only a few of them. The vast majority are completely harmless, some can be however threatening. Look, check out and watch it means therefore in any case and respect to loosen up the thing here, there are a few sexy facts:

In timely early detection Hautkrebst to 90% can be cured

At least 1 x a year each dermatologists aka to the dermatologist should let go and look out for moles, which does also not hurt – promised!

1 x a month you should let you search for new patches on the skin or scan and when one was spotted, the analysis goes method after the ABCDE.

Sunscreen is the A and the O. Knows your Sun protection factor and are armed, right now in the summer with a tube of sunscreen even when the sky is covered – for even the UVA get it loose easy through rays on your skin.

NA, checked in? Not yet? We even summarize: go look a bit and be attentive to an once a year to see a skin doctor and regularly appropriate sun protection factor – that needs be even no great point on the map of your life and everything stays nice.

– in friendly cooperation with La Roche-Posay –