Beauty Current Favorites – with Chanel, MAC, Aesop & Bobby Brown

So slowly but surely I Fox me, pure in this confusing subject of beauty. Well, I am at the beginning, but at least I can talk the talk gradually, if names hurled by care products through the area and very especially which raised certain ingredients. I rely on any but the most: on the skin feel, the scent and natural substances. Straight latter were excluded for too long with me, enjoy in the home cupboard of though popularity – even though the range may be installed there like a little more.

A daily beauty routine returns with me of course: and that is not so small as I have always claimed. Cream, mascara, eyebrow mascara, body oil, new favorite powder and SOS cream. There you go: my current beauty Companion:

One is like in the fashion: Peu à peu I put more on products that you want to accompany me longer: creams, which are so plentiful that a single drop is enough – as well as shampoos and products that are free of softening agents or other questionable additives. But don’t worry, I’m still in the beauty learning process.

#1 SOS cream: Elizabeth Arden – 8 hours cream

The fat guarantor under the creams. At some point, I realized the name me finally celebrated by so many makeup artists as a panacea for dry places and am since then even excited. Incredibly economical, suitable for any area of the skin and a little SOS candidate.

#2 Bobby Brown eyebrow mascara

My discovery of the past year. Unfortunately the good Terry EyeBrow mascara is somewhere lost, so quickly bought a new. Done, but not found said. When Schnitzler I’m enlightened: there is still very little manufacturers who produce colored mascara – Bobby Brown is one of the few. For incredible bagged 21 euro. Reported good. But for 21 Euro you can expect that Yes indeed.

#3 Chanel Vitalumiere powder – on 16 August for the trade

We are really big lucky: thanks to my beauty visit at Chanel may I already test the upcoming Vitalumière powder and am really happy: at some point I saddled by the Kanebo powder on the CC cream m … around because the powder pointed out end again and again small skin scales, rather than to conceal. That is not the case with the Vitalumière however. Instead of sound thanks to the tactile brush is super distributed, not artificially covered, but gives a beautiful complexion.

PIRATE #4 Chanel Nail Polish

We Rave to you for a long time of this kind, but there is not other way: PIRATE is the perfect shade of Red – and keeps very well contrary to many opinions. In any case, if a top coat over it is painted (E.g. quick dry by Sally Hansen).

#5 MAC mascara – in extreme dimension

I stopped at the beginning of I for the bad investment at all, because too much paint on the brush stuck, now I am fan. While it not so long let mascara because of bacteria in the use (4-6 months at most), I can still not differently, as they continue to use. Is simply still economical – and throw away is not in the bag.

#6 Aesop nurturing shampoo

38 bucks for a shampoo? You’re crazy. Yes, the friend is somehow right and yet I wanted to convince me only once by the natural shampoo of the hyped beauty brands. And the result makes happy! Volume without end despite continuous hairstyle and the necessary Struwel in the hair. Well-known names from the drugstore providing always soft hair without structure and power, that’s with me now, however. And also seems keep!

#7 & other stories – Cashmere Day Cream

A single cream and you’re done. At the moment is the Cashmere Day Cream by & other stories. Smells delicious and provides moisture. Dryness goodbye.

#8 Alverde deodorant without aluminum

so quite convinced I’m not power of aluminum-free deodorant from the House of DM 24-hour though, so far, the alternative is missing however. Do you have tips?

#9 stop the water while using me! – all natural almond fig – body oil

Stop the water while using me we told by the Hamburg natural cosmetics line you long ago, a product belongs but like more times highlighted: the body oil. The smell alone is so tasty that we can do otherwise than to use it directly after the shower after almond and marzipan. Baby-soft skin and quickly absorbed. Hmmm…