Beauty DIY Hand Scrub Aka Cuddly Paw Alarm

See let’s the fact in the eye: in addition to our brain, we have two more “power tools” that are now really getting into using and which we like too often neglect. Write love letters, cake baking, stroking to sleep, type emails, bind bouquets, InstaStories record, shaking hands, even in the nose drill – our two paws have the hands full throughout the day. Clearly as the dumpling soup, that they even have earned a decent reward in form of a pampering programme after all the completed tasks, you don’t find?

I know, quite pretty much requires alone hands can cream be a load seated in the neck. Even I fail every day. While I, packed tubes with fanciesten ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins and lipids to trick myself, preventive measure in any of my handbags, so I can not even go the moisturizing procedure out of the way. But I tell you what: I have super powers and can completely hide objects from my field of vision. Objects called hand creams. Now winter is and my two paws at all doesn’t like to have the cold. But precisely because the one or the other time for the whole uberanstrengenden should thank deeds our hands, it’s time for a little SPA Edition. 

Exactly what you must but didn’t run in the next nail Studio, which is also about beautiful from home – for example, in a well-kept Netflix session. We plunder the kitchen together and treat ourselves to a few feel-good moments. Come on, it will be a lot of fun – and an even bigger Manscherei!

By the way: I didn’t know it, but the skin on the hands is almost as thin as the face. There are few sebaceous glands and hardly any fat in it. For these reasons, they tend to dry and “age” very quickly. The nails react to external influences and have a little problems with sunlight or extreme cold. You become brittle.

I like to start with trimming and filing. Here are a few important tweaks:

Knipser it is. Cut nails is suitable for nails though not as DEMA, but not particularly well. So that they do not split or to peel, I reach for the Clippers. Use a file of glass shattering and brittle nails better. Filed is always in the same direction and without pressure. To seal a very fine sandy file it can. As a general rule: the finer the file, the less tears you into the nail. Gently push cuticles back with a wooden skewer or a pusher. The cuticle protects the nail and the nail bed from dirt and bacteria.

Then we get to my favorite step in the whole care routine: Pablo. Maintain. Pampering. Let’s go! The best scrub for break comes from the local cuisine.

What you need for your own peeling:

Old coffee grounds from the breakfast or the favorite Italians around the corner. Coffee stimulates the blood circulation and is also a mild Scrubzutat. For some more rum and against the very dry places I to give even a pinch of brown sugar, regular sugar is of course. The juice of half a lemon, which is similar to dark spots or small scars (respect for open wounds!) Nourishing olive oil or almond oil for velvety soft paws.

All the ingredients I give into a bowl, stir and tip the coffee BREW into the hands. Then massaged and scrubbed. Each finger gets attention. This may take a few minutes, but care, through the coffee, it is a small mess. So who TV before it as I would like to make should be sure a big towel against spills lie on your lap.

Then you can save yourself applying moisturizer. The Spa moment aka massage before the flicker box, penetrates the nourishing oil in the deeper layers. I wash my hands now with lukewarm water and dry tupfe you.

Almost done, now just a few, key grips to the paint. Also here are a few proven tips from different professionals that I have here and there met:

so that the paint is approved already after a few hours in the evening, but keeps a good while, the nails before painting with a mild paint Remover entfette. I love the Christen remover. Hurrah for the base coat. He compensates for minor irregularities in the nail plate, the varnish keeps better and the bright colors not discolour your nails. Also a Groove filler lends itself well to longitudinal or transverse grooves in the nail. He is slightly viscous in consistency and is therefore too thick to apply. Supreme rule. Caution: The story of the painting should not take place in the best case after a long bath, because then the nails of the water are swollen and pull together again when they dry. Massage a regularly using a circular motion rings around the nail bed nail oil. This makes the skin soft and elastic and allows the nail to grow healthy and beautiful.

Any questions or suggestions? Then bring it!

And have fun the indulgent.



The Simple Overnight Hand Moisturizer

The Simple Overnight Hand Moisturizer


The Simple Overnight Hand Moisturizer

The Simple Overnight Hand Moisturizer