Beauty Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking! – Looking For A New Tattoo

One I already – this story of the Virgin is so passe. A good idea with a result of liquor. Nevertheless, the tiny part of my body has something of his permission and therefore forever is my Lieblingsbebi. A year later, the spring bubbling around me, everything tingles Butterfly alarm, buds burst out from – something must happen – makes everything new in may? A colorful happy spot must be made aka a tattoo! In the endless expanse of the network, some motives under the skin #wortwitzgahn what fits best for now walked me – forever – and stuff??

A friend says this quite dreamy:

“A sense of how to be in love. With the same naive belief and safety, it is – at the accidental clash”.

Inspiration Numero 1 – the water colors tattoo for some time hard gehyped, I’m guessing that that there will be an ebullient trend soon beyond the major cities. And so: „ how aquarellig Whooo “. The paintbrushes colors make a fire under the butt every filthy slogan on the skin and a pastel Gazelle can be so even better to underline. I get totally on it and that’s why the watercolor tattoos are my number one. I’m just not sure whether that could be maybe at the end like a huge bruise?

Inspiration Numero 2 – prima flowers

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking!” – it would be so or something like Anna Wintour Express. But if like a girl of put flowers, colorful flowers, many colorful flowers? What is reprehensible to get forever on the arms or on the buttocks stung them? Properly – anything! And they wither with you with – because that’s how romantic?

Inspiration Numero 3 – the infinity of the small stroke Shissels

Whether the whole armful or just an itty-bitty mountain scenery on the shoulder blade. Tattoos that tell sophisticated stories on the skin, are more than adorable. Trend (o.r.) joins the classic ink for some time of the white Inc. White tattoos – taste for little color cowards.

Inspiration Numero 4 – geometric, graphically, good!

Everyone painted so if he’s on the phone lost in thought funny things on the desk surface. I’m type Nikolaushaus or triangles into more many small triangles – main thing all can be painted after neatly and accurately. Symmetry is nice and happy. Therefore everything is graphically at the moment is the absolute top seller. Why not also on the skin?

Inspiration Numero 5 – the men leave the tattoos

One more thing, men – Yes it is really up to the navel grow a beard and never not mum wasn’t, if anyone wants to tell you not hear right, that a to gerockter Tattookorper is something wrong. Emo men with eggs simply never go out of style. Remember that!

Maybe is at the end so the idea to leave the tattoo the boys? You can rum paint yes even times a bit on it and watch and watch and haaachhhh.

Images via Pinterest.