Beauty Fresh Up Field – The “In The Tent” Festival Of Essentials

Cat laundry is my favorite laundry – Yes, muffelnd, but happy I’m going to jump from day two of the meadows of the Festival. The best time in the year, she starts now for me: the festival season is in full swing. To check in at a hotel on the edge of the plant, pha – with me. This is but a distortion of competition. DIXI and shared showers, make-up in the tent – I come.

As old proven festival dance mouse may in addition to the really important stuff like disinfectant gel, wet wipes, tissues and two tons of glitter, a few other things never missing: on Bloggerdeutsch it says Festival essentials.

So I’m packing my stuff in my backpack and I bring also the half fresh freshness: the multi pockets system:

Has proven itself again and again. Many small bag for all possible Kleinshizzle. And because my sister is the Allertollste anyway, she sent me a whole bunch just enchanting, Interior waterproof (!) Models stitched. Who is for example here. Hach sister love!

Argan oil:

Sunburn, dry skin, skin care, massage (ubadike) – a miracle all-rounder for every age. There is in the organic market or health food store or here.

Florena 3 in 1 #reinigungstucher:

The most important utensil at all. Can sometimes serve as a shower and some tilted to Marcel in the tent back rub from the mat.

Le Tan: Classic lotion sunscreen 30 +:

You’re drinking, you raved and you forget the Sun. So please pack enough of the stuff – you know know, Mum has spoken.

Aesop deodorant:

Small format and even aluminumfrei – tart scent for tough guys like me and it holds also two nights at a time (almost).

Benefit Bene tint:

On lips and cheeks for the snow white look on the merger (ohjeohje) or something like that. With the amazing scent of roses. Was then created as a nipple rosy maker for a stripper and has for years Hollywood’s favorite child. Mine also. I love it

Benetint Fake-Up

This new concealer provides the skin around the tired Äugchen right with an extra portion of moisture and vitamin E. perfect for rushing nights and the morning after

Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Balm

Why lips festivals should be always soft, because every child knows surely Kiss happily makes. The best companion for this is the parsley seeds version of Aesop.

Until tomorrow on the Meadow, her.