Beauty Goodbye Cara, I Need You No More – Visit To The Benefit Brow Bar

Cara, you Elf child face you eyebrow! I feel like a macho jerk because I became tired. Like many others I had inhaled completely you, know every part of your body from every conceivable magazine and you brought all catwalks of this planet like a Queen. And now it happens, unzip loves it.

Yet comforted, small, one remains: my infatuation with your trademark, the brewing. No eye Bush is granted to myself. So I’m sad, in a bar, as a lonely girl after the separation. Here I am now sitting on the Chair in the benefit brow bar in the KaDeWe department store and wish me only one thing: once the Cara, please!

What is it?

Herubergeschwappt of course from the United States, the trend toward the eyebrow to spread go in so called brow bars also here more and more. Pick up in department stores next to shopping stress the small portion of pampering: waxing, plucking, colouring, styling even half an hour – that’s the concept.

We place los of the Cara Delevingne steamer brings me the brewing fairy directly down “you need no builders brewing – also you have no material for it”. Fine, after short disappointment I am convinced the better decision is properly zurechtgewaxt, plucked, coloured a bit and filled.

Dyeing brow zings Kit.

After agreeing on an individually mixed, Ashy Hellbraunblond tone (or so) you go with applying the color. After go super short reaction time and a fun #Selfie with the waxing waxing previously.

Quite contrary to my expectations at all doesn’t it hurt me. The amazing: A clearer look is created with the removal of the hair around the actual brow – less is more so oha!

Style with the brow zings Kit brings last swing in the thing. Not so dense bodies are compressed and optimises the swing. The pigmented wax, eyebrow powder, brushes and tweezers set costs approximately € 33, holds but about forever. Because the benefit Augenbraue gel was sold out, I got hold of it there quickly when the competing MAC. It turns out then, by the way, as my new daily favorite.

There are now in many cities of brow bars – my beauty-stop in the KaDeWe department store with dyeing and waxing by the way cost €32. Here you will find her a bar of your trust in your area. What perhaps is missing, would be a real drink to the new brow.