Question: what can an eyeshadow rest yet, except on the eyelid? Very strange question on a rainy day? Sure thing: a lipstick is a hair treatment definitely on the hair on the lips, and yes damn belongs an eyeshadow on the eyelids. But awakes one morning, slowly opens the still sleepy eyes, you still with the tousled mane of muckelig warm bed rolls imagine sometime not realizing in the bath, while your feet touch the cool tiles tap and then her notes: nothing is more like it once was. All products are gone. No lipstick, no nail polish, no strobing powder and also not a rouge. Everything away! Up on the eyeshadow.

Good, now the exaggerated version by: sometimes we have simply no desire to carry around the entire arsenal of beauty with us. This cluttered bag always and everywhere in a handbag the make-up utensils flying around. Maybe just the eyebrow gel is just empty or the eyeliner has given up just his spirit, the nearest drugstore is simply not in the immediate vicinity and the date rings already on the door. Long story, short: sometimes it is worth to watch professionals over the shoulder and to pick up the one or the other trick i want to share with you directly. And this time it’s about eye shadow so the secret weapon and therefore how you can misuse this beauty dick best of all! Since eyeshadow has a sly old dog behind the ears and can make far more than only the eyelids. How? Will i tell you of course. Ready?

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Gone are the days of only, blue eye shadow era. Eyeshadow is available now in various textures and finishes, but above all in the most beautiful tones. Consider rosé, pink, coral, apricot, cherry red, or soft – all these colors can instantly that conjure up the most beautiful apple cheeks us and give the freshest complexion. Therefore it’s worth to throw a glance in the eyeshadow collection, and hey, who knows, maybe the colored potty even a much better rouge!


Okay, no panic on the titanic, also the eyeliner can replace the pigmented powder. Simply mix with an eyeshadow primer and behold, already you can at will to the eyeliner you pull. Should be no primer on hand, some water, a settingspray goes or the eye shadow from the potty already consists of a creamy consistency. In the latter case is of course even better: then goes ’ s without all the pororing, even if the said intensify the hue.

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An old saying: eyes are the mirror of the soul and eyebrows are the frame for it. And also here you can access just really quite safely to the powder eyeshadow, na logo! Works exactly like eyebrows pomade – and usually there are even much more color choices on the shelf. However, you must make sure that the pigments are dull and not glitzerig. And then? Work directly with the powder, mistakes and too much color can be removed with a brush. Fix at the end only with a gel or hair spray. Simply spray the brush and bring the hairs in the form of.


Just fyi: kim k has invented not the contouring, you drove it only on the top. And if you need it now for his daily make-up or not, not of course. But in case that one among you, but operates this so-called contouring and is visually higher cheek bones, narrower malt nose or changed even the whole face shape and that scrolls out much money for contouring pallets, saying: nude – and brown tones your eyeshadow do it too. The best you’re going with the mats, cooler and not strongly pigmented tones.

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These colorful pigments seem to be a real secret weapon you can even highlighting. Why did we get phoa, there not nice earlier on? All shimmering, bright and not too cool nude shades are indeed excellent, to the eyebrow arch, the upper cheek bones and on the armorbogen of the lip a few gilded highlights for more charisma to put. On sundays or on other days, just then, when you got so tired on foundation and co, then such reflections of light and a little mascara miracles work.

Nail polish

Ok, this is now really what for the geeks under the beauty freaks or diy lover, but for a 1 a tip and really works. Clearcoat + your favorite eyeshadow = a customized nail polish or topcoat. And since glitter and metallic particles this year probably are the thing can arise at such an interesting love story a special lacquer. And, get there please not too high hopes because it will not really opaque. But that could look like on nails famos.
How to: just dip the moistened brush in grated pigment and paint as usual. Easypeasy, or not?



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