Beauty More. Or: Kleb You Happy with Magicstripes?

The intolerable wastes of uniformity, the monotony of the monotony and not to forget the infinite boredom, the monotony want you go be stuffed. Glued to painted, dressed, covered, sucked, eaten, bought, drank away you want to be.  I have a bored, always-hungry leprechaun sitting on the shoulder. This trained Goblin has always lust, is never tired, has always Bock and lets not rest me – instead he may sting me in the ribs and says “Los, Sari – yet what’s going, because you need to go you, give you not satisfied!”. The Goblin’s cannot mouth words are the reliable engine for the decorated hamster wheel, whip me in that I every morning and the desire for new is the guarantor, is that to never hear of this wheel to turn.

With starting into the packed refrigerator out in the store, on the snake along in the Club to the bar ordered three of the best drinks and tip down into ex, the drugstore empty buy, right in the sale a wegsalen, the new fire-type Pokémon have, stick the last Panini in the booklet, vacation with real coconuts on the chest and the most beautiful man on the square in the Vitra drag bed. A short pulse in the lucky Centre leaves me reeling and shout – my reward endorphin bladder is temporarily closed due to overcrowding – it feels so awesome everything. The bubble bursts up and poured over my environment. I sanzgiri me in the mud of euphoria. More, more, more! And short time later: the intolerable wastes of uniformity, the monotony of the monotony and not to forget the boredom of the monotony. What to do? Cheese cake? Sushi? A new mascara you need or what flutters me da in the hands:

Oh, “Transparent strips to tighten the eye area without surgery” with more than promising name MAGICSTRIPES, to a picture of Bill Kaulitz and Elisabetta Canalis, the heroes of my youth, in convincing Selfie pose. You seem satisfied and their lids are tight, very tight. I am completely impressed, and with trembling hands, handle with short instructions and video. The adhesive gives slight tingling in the body – satisfaction – gimme, gimme! Before after comparison, I can’t wait you. Will this stripes change my life now? Will I dance now happy and new world? The view in the mirror brings the hard-hitting certainty and answer: no, of course not. The result is a damn joke. The Strip changed at least for my sausage eyelids in nothing, topless is everything as always, point. I rip off the Klebies me, throw them in the garbage and walk proud flabby lid to the refrigerator. Are really worse.