Beauty my master plan for pure adult skin

On my almost 30 years of adventure, they were always faithful (annoying) companion: i also never again really got rid of the pimples, i never called. I learned to understand them and me since then patiently exercise in damage control. They are now becoming increasingly rare and earlier and earlier. I would argue we have become buddies.

Hormones, stress, environmental influences, seasons, food, lifestyle – it affects our skin. The full my calendar, the ubersehter is also my face with the small pookums. During my trip to asia, however, never a mini pustelchen to me could be discovered. Looking after the happy pure skin beyond puberty, i have beautiful and less beautiful experience, wild tried, consulted dermatologist – and come out the golden rules for clear skin, which, may also accept everyone to heart of all individuality, are:

Clean and care you

Clear: in addition to a healthy lifestyle, the cleaning and care of the skin is the be-all and end-all. First: find out your skin type for it. A visit to the beautician strongly recommend you for it. Of the speed department store counter, i do not advice. Then: invest in a system maintenance or stay at least at a brand – your skin is already permanent irritated in axe mode. So definitely makes sense and is not a vile marketing move. Much much help – you should delete the record in the fight against blemishes but. Pimple is so not immediately resort to aggressive pimple agents, which dry out most strongly and thus provide more talk production.

And so my care program looks

I, and also many of my friends swear the blue-white friends from the pharmacy market focus for a long time on la roche posay, exactly. If my skin again turns out, means series from the cleaning gel to the night care or s.o.s. the effaclar my best weapon.

She suggested, off himself again, extends the ultra mild toleriane cleaning plus moisturizer as needed. I often combine these two series with each other within a tagesbeauyroutine. My bathroom has now turned into an la roche posay thermal spring. The secret is in the water, which is used for years in medical bath in the village of la roche posay in france as medicinal water. There is actually the place – i was even where hundreds patients who are sent because of various skin conditions often even by their health insurance companies, can be cured. Also the ingredients which knits la roche products are reduced to the essentials. I could convince me in the laboratories in paris. So, i know what i’m talking about. Therefore, am and i stay faithful to the affordable french after endless digressions to remover of all price classes. To, i use a purifying mask alternating with a moisture donation ends enzyme peeling of dermalogica and once daily during the week. Once a month i visit the esthetician of my confidence and give me a facial.

Learn how to read your skin and listen to her well. Wants to eat the same just not every day, and actually only be loved, just like you!

Not so nice to eat.

Just food plays an important role for our skin. Foods that raise blood sugar levels in the height, make the streusselschnecke yourself. Not just dermatologists and nutritionists know that, we can see that well in ourselves when we have looked again to deep in the nutella or in the cookie jar, the lemonade bottle or the yogurt cups.

Cross allergy, hay fever, or other food intolerances can also quickly become a pimple problem. Know your p and avoid them. Let you the dermatologist with an allergy test to check, it doesn’t hurt also.

Eat better

Zinc: ensures regeneration of the skin. Pimples heal better. You can find for example in lentils, beans, cheese and oat flakes especially zinc

Biotin: also known as vitamin h, supports the growth of new skin. It is among other things contained in spinach and mushrooms

Folic acid: their skin is shine. The face looks fresh and vital. We see asparagus, leek, strawberries and tomatoes

Iron: is important for transporting oxygen in the skin. Our skin with oxygen is supplied, she looks healthy and pure. Fennel, radish, poultry and meat are important food for

Selenium: for example in the brazil nut, in meat or grain, is similar to zinc responsible for new intact skin. In addition, it protects against free radicals, which can cause tumors, but also

Vitamin c helps the body to heal wounds. So pimples heal faster. Much vitamin c is in the lemon and other citrus fruit

Vitamin a: works against cells affected by hardening of the skin. You can find much of it in spinach, carrots and apricots

Hands off

It is this nasty habit, which can be not so easy to shake. Nevertheless, tempting as it is, express = no go! No matter what you do, my child, let the hands off it. Let the beautician to work and always remember: even if a cosmetic towel in the game and the urge but so great, then always bacteria in the ‘wound’ and it can cause inflammation and scarring. In any case you make it worse so. So: hands off! Got swype also the constant in your face or hair slide away, must not only i i strongly get.

Let the toothpaste there, where it belongs

The old tale of the toothpaste. Maybe there is a dehydration effect. However, the remaining ingredients provide inflammation and even more redness. Total nonsense. Better: tea tree oil. That really helps. Is anti-inflammatory and takes the redness. Simply mix with the daily facial care. Or apply with a cotton wool pad for cleaning not stress you.

The greatest friend of talk-producing skin and nasty stress pimples is a restless mind, a unausgeschlafener body and heartbreaks. Oh great, calamari, which can be themselves so super easy all times just switch off. No, of course not – but at least the consciousness, can not hurt already once. Holism is the magic word. Love shine – and not about. Against the pimple burst, which due to the hormone is collapsing phase about us in the ever-popular pms, including meditation or a split could counteract.

Don’t do drugs

Did you know that in addition to the coca leaf cement and electrolyte are the main ingredients of cocaine? Not? Na still full well that you’re not moving the friends through the nose! Alcohol and cigarettes are concerned also for impure skin – but we know that. There is unfortunately nothing but poison for your beauty, what you have friends because each time as a “stimulant”.