Beauty Of The Pager Buttons In Colour Explosions – Slide Richesse Hi-Visibility Intensive Colour by L’ L’Oreal Professionnel

Yes people, correctly identified – it is clearly about hair. If L’ namely knocks L’Oreal Professionnel and beckons with a small hair novelty, I am but the last one that screams not: made with the stuff, produced with DIA Richesse Hi-visibility intensive colour. Very much more power on my head in the wind – what it was so far above, as this used kitchen towel.

Yes Yes – Let’s go in the Salon of the wonderful Andre Martens, one of my absolute Favorites in Berlin, because he is not just a great hairdresser, but also a real buddy type, the although his saloon at the other end of my Berlin world has – but who is already perfect. Le Figaro himself is personally takes care of my small projects. I’m ready:

I get so the DIA Richesse Hi-visibility intensive colour on the Mecke. It is the increase in the good old home version – the brand new Turbo ultra Chuck Norris variant, so to speak, that man himself is now available in the L ’ L’Oreal Professionnel brush on salons can be. And only there – oho!

Los! Now come on!

And because we all have no time, I Ain‟t blathering to the hot paint pot – here are the hard facts: is an intense color Finisher and an intense colour at the same time, which ensures grenade-like explosions of colour even if you have darker hair. All right? Clear!

And why do you need this?

L’ L’Oreal Professionnel, Richesse Hi-visibility intensive colour slide smoothes the complete surface of the hair. Also it is probably best just for tinted cowards and absolute beginners in the color business, pardon, gateway drug. Thus keying up slowly on the pigment matter – you understand? The available shades have so melodic, with bobbing names like Marron terracotta, copper saffron, mahogany ochre or Siena Brown.


On my formerly aschblondem hair a rich, kupfriges mahogany Noir is evident now in all splendour of the pigment. Reflexes shoot like lightning through all the rooms I enter. People next to me in the subway put on the sunglasses and try hard not to go blind if my radiant hair. The hair shine, screeching health because everything went anyway without ammonia across the stage and does not harm the hair no contrary.

Thanks to my favorite neighbor of Lina Zangers, there are also pictures of me and my favorite hair color in natural atmosphere – with the almond milk drink at Sunday lunch in the Prenzlauer Berg district namely – sure.

And how to find the new color for?

[and back to the milk]

Still a small, important flashback: In the Salon a little bananas wish was fulfilled namely me – blessing like with Karl! And where her the next L’ L’Oreal Professionnel salon in your area find you here see that.

And who should choose a coloration with slide Richesse HI-visibility, can be immediately under the Hashtag to join #nofilter at the large digital campaign. What we are saying here exactly? That can read your all detail here.

Thank you!

– in cooperation with L’ L’Oreal Professionnel –