Beauty Show Me Your Nails, And I Tell You Who You Are – On The Road With Alessandro

While my colleagues with Argus eyes and Smartphonehanden in the collections of the catwalks of the fashion drilled week Berlin into it, I had a very different mission: to watch namely, to hang me on the finger of the fashion world you all on the hands – watch, analyze. There are many types of tasks and preferences in this fashion week – and thus also the hands and nails in various States find themselves. They all are the same in principle, but in the end they could not be more different, as well as their wearers.

Nevertheless, in four basic types let themselves a very probably categorize the protagonists of the fashion week. Together with Alessandro I have placed me on the lookout and that they came up with:


you rushes with the thickest calendar from the taxi at the queues and the back row past. She has had her accreditation months ago already for each individual show. Manicure appointment is exactly as in the week before the fashion circus as the perfect Nail Polish color on every single outfit is matched. Here nothing is left to chance. Fashion week means war for them. Detail meticulousness without mercy. Even with a 40 degree fever it is still japsend but with an upright back in the front row sitting. A corner chipping in the heat of the Gefächts even color of the nail, the emergency varnish is within easy reach in the bag and is painted between two shows new. Champagne must wait for perfection and preparation is all.

Favorite show: Louise Friedlander

Favorite product:

Alessandro Nail Polish – Red Velvet

from around the corner

Fashion is your thing, she would die but not necessarily for it. She lives in the capital and can not take it to the one or other noise on the after shows here and there to pick up, she lives to the corner on the neighborhood so why because not – she was with the bouncer at the basic school. Streetstyle photographers who follow her photograph during the fashion week in droves, are you not a millstone but welcome everyday breaker. Instead look for every show, it depends on better with her designer friends backstage and sipping bubbly. Could she overpainted their nails themselves again, instead it shows confidence that you here can help cut full paint from two weeks ago in Berlin very probably also like the Gucci Bag. Secretly she pulls out then but yet at the file if she gets bored.

favorite show: time magazine party

favorite product:

Alessandro nail & cuticle oil with green tea and argan

the Misteriose

It creates every season all persons present the feeling to give back, that it belongs to and is very, very important to the big picture. Nobody know what is doing it on the shows and parties and what is precisely their role, although it is present like no other in the area and this also still so incredibly good looks. By the A Streetstyle blog up to the A Aftershow Party – is it at the start. Selective and inconsistent – inscrutable, where she shows up next. Follow the lipstick only in the first series and contributes to the faux-fur Chuck’s abgelatschte, including that flashes “DHL” Vetements shirt before. The nail polish to the “is I don’t care” is still always look on the point and perfectly to extra pointy manicured nails, coated with the it color of the hour. Always at her side, by the way: your rolling, extra nice, personal assistant.

favorite show: Augustin Teboul

favorite product:

Alessandro Nail Polish glam rock – black leather

the maker

Is not just visitor, it is one of the maker, to Packers, she earned their money behind the scenes and brings the store with their hands to the run. Photographer, dressing suffering Assistant, stylist, designer, hostess, service force, Limo driver – they all create the picture of fashion week and the fashion people build their daily stage. While they usually holding short nails, sometimes nude – but more often comes into play only clear coat – form follows function is the motto. But always at hand: A hand cream which is absorbed quickly for between meals and at all the most important thing: hardcore supporters for untenrum.

favorite show: the final show

favorite products:

Alessandro hand cream unique gentle touch and the Pedix feet heel resque balm

you may now guess three, add I am which of the four types or, where appropriate, a fifth:

I wear at least the Striplac “red paradise”, to the simple, picking – holds doubly good:

– in friendly cooperation with Alessandro –
photos: Sarah Radowitz, Breuer media, via VOGUE / Søren Jepsen