Beauty Special 10 + Enquiries: Louise & Diamonds by Fromberlinto

Luise and diamonds have without if and but one of the most beautiful professions in the world. Overnight, the two quit their old jobs and to focus on travel, totally decided to broaden their horizons and to get to know new cultures. Today are the two travel journalists and create travel guides, writing for various online publications such as mirror online or Travelettes for editions such as the flair magazine or Grazia, occasionally chat on FluxFM about their most beautiful trips and feed their own Instagram channel of course, to raise even more desires. Scarcest and very easy fromberlinto – to the most beautiful places in this world. A break was a few months ago still ushered for two very simple reasons: Luise and diamonds have brought almost at the same time their babies to the world both dedicated themselves in the first time of course first smallest, instead of right back through the history of the world to fully jetting off the and to take us.

For us the two Mamas have the buttons now but still carved into and tell us what travel necessarily there must be, as one after conjures Luise’s great Mane in the blink of an eye and how diamonds gets tamed their demanding skin. This and much more: in a new edition of our beauty specials.

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  1. what beauty tips have given with your Mommy’s and OMIS you?

Louise: I grew up with my mother and my grandmother in a House together. A three generation household. Beauty tips were not really given us, but always much emphasis was placed on good soaps. Also, a lipstick lay at every level, in every dish. I have maintained that.

Diamonds and I gave you a lipstick ritual. On each trip “we reward” us free with a lipstick in the duty. So for example the Bonheur Chanel connects me with New York to Ireland or the irresistible by YSL. Sometimes I buy lipsticks just because of the name: Lady Danger by Mac, for example.


Instead of duty I would buy but prefer cruelty-free. Unfortunately, natural cosmetics have still not really get indentation at the airports. My current favorites are the lipsticks by and GRETEL. The lip gloss is “Kane”, thus I feel too irresistible and get pleasure on the smooch, hihi.

Diamond: I’m also from a woman household. With us in the bathroom always much has been tried, exchanged and counseled. My mother my sisters and me gave always the advice here, that less is more, especially in regard to make up.


  1. do you have a morning beauty routine? If so, what looks like that?

Louise: The most important part of the morning routine is that it must be fast. In the past year just on travel because we are often very early on, to enjoy in the first hours of the morning light and peace. Recently, it has to go very fast, because baby, you never know how much time is allowed one morning.

I peele for example my face in the shower with Kiehl’s, while the conditioner acts, saving time. While I cards myself, I brush my teeth, it also gives me a few extra minutes (requires however high koordinatorischer skills!). I love what I earlier have frowned upon, today: shampoo and conditioner in one. The very very very best by John masters Organics zinc with Sage!

DIAMONDS: I’m really not a morning person and need long time to get out of bed in particular with Jet lag or after a turbulent night with my little ones. Therefore a long hot shower rose water in the face in the morning is indispensable, as well as a few squirts. The latter lifts my mood and wakes me gently. Hours of the morning where I have much time, I make a hair mask by Davines me pure and leave at the same time interact with the enzyme peeling by Susanne Kaufmann.

  1. your favourite Instagram accounts on which you beauty inspiration every now and then get friends?

LUISE: We use Instagram not for beauty inspiration: cosmetics, you must feel and smell. However, there is a woman I blind trust: Stella von Senger. Your Instagram account is a blend of beauty, fashion, Mumlife & general hotness.

DIAMONDS: I agree with Luise fully, would add only the Instagram account from @thenudecollective. These are two girls from South Africa, New York, which rather approach the history of beauty from the nutrition side.

  1. from the hair tie to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helper:

LUISE: Baby it comes with sometimes quite sweat and hormonally anyway thats a rollercoaster of emotions, therefore are particularly important to me these days: A reliable Deo, the fine deodorant, lip care (on the best organic, so that you can make out off his child without having a bad conscience), and always on the wrist, in the coat pocket at the bottom of the bag: the one and only : InvisiBobble hair rubber. If it is not in the vicinity: sweating, which is thankfully not a problem anymore thanks to fine.

I have to get something out: the genius of China’s fine is not just its smell and its beautiful shape, you can take also loosely with it in hand luggage, because there is no liquid. A must-have for frequent travellers!


DIAMONDS: My everyday helper number 1 is my eye brow brush. I don’t know why, but my eyebrows otherwise do what they want. Braid rubber is also very important because my daughter just in the phase, in which she attack after all – and likes of course pulls on my hair. For years, already the Touche ECLAT by YSL around the world with me. However, I want to use only natural cosmetics, which is why I now times the concealer by and GRETEL will try.


  1. from the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual will be updated regularly?

Louise: I regularly go to the waxing. Simply because it will save me time daily in the shower (you know, instead I can brush teeth). But it’s not really about the waxing to write fun. So here in a nutshell the Brazilians of my confidence: Colibri in Prenzlauer Berg.

DIAMONDS: Once per month to the beautician, that must be! Both my skin and my soul. These are practically two birds with one stone: there again coming out not only beautiful, but also more relaxed. The Studio of my confidence? Nadine Andres cosmetics in Prenzlauer Berg.


  1. What are her vows?

DIAMONDS: on the sunscreen by Susanne Kaufmann. The only sunscreen that feels good on the skin. Also it always reminds me of a wonderful Brazil trip. Since I had it for the first time, now can I apply the cream in the depths of winter in Berlin and must think of beach, Sun and papaya.

LUISE: Generally I swear on natural cosmetics! I also put on travel on Susanne Kaufmann, on the travel kit. A Moisturiszing must on long flights.

7 we would look like more often – exactly why:

© LeonardFong

A friend and a gifted travel photographer Leonard Fong of us in New York has taken the photo. We were just fresh from the hairdresser and the sale at opening ceremony, a counter seat at Nakazawa (New York’s best sushi restaurant) get and are just happy!

  1. now let’s face it: Which beauty tutorial can you recommend and why?

Louise: I’m no Beauty tutorials. Are you looking Beauty tutorials about secretly leave me out of diamonds?


9 pimples, dry places and co: Your little beauty problems – and your secret weapons against it?

DIAMONDS: I have really dry skin, actually even somehow always. Berlin there little help with his mega-calcareous water and dry air. Best is my skin in the tropics, but since I live here now, only rich skincare helps! For example, the sacred nature night cream by comfort zone.


  1. in the blink of an eye: which hairstyle is your sweetheart – and how you get it?

LUISE: Style my absolute Idol is the Venus of Botticelli! I like it wild, ungebürstet, structured, moves, velvety and, above all, of course. I would never use hair spray, mousse or gel. I wash, wash out, rub up a mask, brush me with a $1 plastic brush in the shower, let soak in (depending on the patient) and rinse out. If the hair is towel dried, I knead me some oil, hair milk in the tips of the hair and me wrap a towel turban, I open after 10 minutes. From then, does not blow dried, or brushed. My hair is most beautiful, by the way when I dry the hair in a loose, fast along decrepit bun. So merely not to accurately processed, otherwise: sexy Tom. I get bad hair days with the texturizing salt spray by Balmain in the handle.

Currently, I get not enough of John masters organics. The “varieties” read like a menu of the hippest juice bar: Sage, apricot, rose, hibiscus, avocado. The products smell so insanely good, I use no perfume ever since.


Louise: I have unfortunately since stopping the pill under bad skin. Nothing has helped, so not really and especially not over the long term. I lived so many years in the fear that wrinkles will eventually replace pimple could. Until I became pregnant. Now I need only concealer for the dark circles.


DIAMONDS: Prefers open, also I like my hair. I have a natural wave anyway, but so that it is not frizzelig, I use still a bit argan oil (in the damp hair) and let it then air dry.

11 beauty comes from the inside: your credo for more assertive?

LUISE: No Rouge is more beautiful than reddened cheeks after a long autumn walk. No mascara can conjure up the twinkle in the eyes of one, than the pure luck.

How to find self-confidence and inner happiness, we have found in traveling. The confrontation with the unknown, to rejoice, to go with curiosity at a glance through the world, and to concentrate on the essentials on the unexpected.

DIAMONDS: You should focus on that, what you like to prefer externally and internally. It comes to the latter, including the hair, eyes, mouth, nose, legs – whatever. This part of the body, one should emphasize and lead walk with pride. While you shouldn’t not confuse any “beauty” standards, it would be boring if we all would be perfectly equal.


12 creams and nastiest well and good: you paying attention in addition to beauty products:

DIAMONDS: drink enough! Louise and I have read somewhere in some gossip magazines that Elle MacPherson said, “never say no to a glass of water”. I don’t know if that’s true, but I think it’s a good approach.

Louise: I’m trying to not stress me.

  1. your most expensive product in the Cabinet?

DIAMONDS: The olio lusso by Rodin.

Louise: The sound that now stupid on, but with me everything is actually relatively expensive. What are other shoes, handbags or clothes, cosmetics is for me. This is my me time, my bad, my temple, my oasis of peace and there is me little bit too expensive. Natural cosmetics has simply no cheap ingredients, such as for example micro plastic – which many simple drugstore products are “stretched”.


  1. How can you fix your face after a night little by?

DIAMONDS: The dancing through nights, replaced with me as well as Luise, sleepless baby nights. For the face that makes but little difference. I pimpe me after particularly hard nights with the Detox mask by Malin and Goetz, followed by rose water spray. On the still damp face I carry on then a self-mixed oil from my sister. Then concealer and some Lippgloss on the lips and cheeks.

If that doesn’t help: SUNGLASSES!

Louise: the zombie to the Prom Queen is only possible with the enzyme peeling of grown Alchemist (). After that at best the face serum from Oliveda and a freshly squeezed juice.


  1. “Anti Aging” topic: Preventing you? And if so, how?

LUISE: Very much eye cream and lots and lots of dignity.

DIAMONDS: Once per month it’s beautician and with sunscreen. But secretly I look forward also to be a really cranky old woman.


16 facial muffle or Pingelchen? -If the latter: how and what make-up off you you?

LUISE: Total ring. I still do it. Preferably with fragrant mild cleansing gel by Oliveda and quite muffligen evenings with Sensibio H2O organic Derma and Watterpads

Diamond: I’m also a person. For the eyes, I’m also the Sensibio H2O organic Derma and cotton pads, I wash the rest of your face with natural SOAP by Baba, simply applied with a small brush.


  1. your beauty Resulotion?

PLAID: Even more natural cosmetics.

Louise: More water, so!

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