Beauty Special 10 + Information Requested Couch Beauty Editor Sylvia Carabiner

Beauty-special day is Thursday and after Stella, Marion and Hanna’s tips, tricks, and little Beautifier today in a new round. Beauty editor Sylvia I grabbed carabiner incidentally, shortly after our joint press trip in Munich, to the beauty professional for you a few to ask SOS. Used Kafaei, chance. After all, I was sitting in a shuttle with the cumulative power of beauty par excellence.

For example much more than my one actually gets a such beautiful complexion, why for Christ will shine their hair and what beauty tutorials bring even laymen really what? Questions there are a load of answers to today once again. On top reveals magazine, the editor of the couch how she actually has her personal dream job that started, as her morning routine about looks and what small wonder tubes help her against pimples. Merci, you love:

“I studied sociology and literature at the University of Hamburg. Even though I already knew before studying, times that I want to work in the field of journalism, I didn’t think, that I go to the beauty. I have a passion for creams, makeup and co. already since I was a teenager. During my studies I was then an intern at Gala in the beauty Department, and from then on I knew: I want to do this! Immediately after graduating, it worked with a job at the Grazia and for two years, I’m now at the couch. For me it is the best job in the world, because I made my hobby into a career, much to travel and can meet so many interesting people.”

My mother is Indian and in India the hair and scalp care plays a large role with oils. When about the lengths are dry, pure Amlaöl (who has none at hand takes olive oil) massage and soak for at least half an hour (best overnight), and rinse well with shampoo. Can really shine the mane and works wonders with a dry scalp. If it must go faster, I take the Moroccanoil oil prior to blow-drying for the length. It smells sooo good!

  1. do you have a morning beauty routine? If so, what looks like that?

She looks at me for years and takes no longer than 15 minutes all-in-one:

Wash face with a foaming cleaner because I have a combination skin that tends to gloss of oil (approximately caudalie, Alpha-H, Aesop). If I’m not too lazy, follows a hyaluronic acid serum by Apotcare. Then a moisturizer that does not irritate my skin. Since I like to rely on French pharmacy products (La Roche-Posay, Avene, organic Derma). When playing with my skin – which is the case more in the summer – I renounce Foundation and reach only to compact powder by Armani. In winter, I also like to wear foundations. I love the new cushion foundations such as those from Lancôme. You have a lightweight consistency and let the skin shine. Perfect match of L ‘ Oréal and Les beige by Chanel are slightly richer. Eye shadow mask is compulsory with me. I have the best experiences with the highlighter by M.A.C. and the Maestro Eraser von Armani. Both blend in great with the skin. I might wear only a product before I go out of the House, it would be definitely concealer. I wear black eyeliner almost every day. Since I have tested many already real. Best of master ink keeps mat by Maybelline I. In the summer, it should be also likes blue or turquoise instead of black liner. For this I get actually always the most compliments. So girls, trust you. Givenchy has waterproof, which hold great. No matter, whether summer or winter, I wear always prefer bronzer as Rouge. The Tom Ford Gold Dust bronzer has not only a great packaging, but for me also the perfect tone and can be good to dazzle. I only emphasize my eyebrows for a few years, because I found it really hard to find a product with which one looks not so painted. My Favorites are the brow pencils by Burberry and Bobbi Brown. Still somewhat creamy highlighter under the brow and in the angles of the eyes, to open the view. Include the eyelash curler from Eyeko and the mascara every morning (I swear Helena Rubinstein, Lancome and Yves Saint Laurent). Newly discovered for the lips I have the rose balm from Tromborg. He is caring and has a slight Berry tone. Last but not least: Perfume! Since I change often.

  1. from the hair tie to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helper:

Blotting paper by NYX, as my skin no later than noon starts to shine. The hydrating mist of Kiehl’s is handy on my desk. It refreshes and gives a little energy boost. My colleagues make fun has always been about me, because I at the fog look as relaxed as if I have just a spa treatment. The nail polish is on my nightstand Base Coat Abricot von Dior. You can brush on anytime soon the (also before going to bed) without having to be precise and the nails look immediately maintained.

  1. from the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual will be updated regularly?

Frankly, annoying additional dates, that’s why I’m doing so much as, yourself. Only when hair dyeing, I must to the professional. It took me long time to find the right color. By nature, I have black hair and many salons wanted to chat up bleaches me. But this is nonsense, since it gets brighter they also with color, what is much gentler. Earlier I also even dyed in order to save money, but looked the colour not uniform and the hair was dull. For four years I confide only Jennifer Heinz by noon individual hair my color in Hamburg.

  1. What do you swear?

I have very dry hands and love hand creams with rich textures. My alltime favourite is the dry skin hand cream from L’Occitane with 20% Shea butter. Although it is so rich, it moves well. My good mood boosters for each day are scented body creams (Roger & Gallet, Kenzo, Molton Brown, Valentino, Aerin). I am whenever I discover a new, whose scent I love!

  1. now let’s face it: Which beauty tutorial can you recommend us and why?

Both privately and professionally, I’m often on the plane. My skin is not so great. Super is the tutorial by Lisa Eldridge for long-haul flights. Her beauty regime on board is they extensively, but individual tips can you out pick up well to apply E.g. an invisible moisture mask.

Also I always like to look the “get ready with me” videos of glossier, because I think it’s exciting for what others use for products and which employ mainly as they.

Through the whole K-beauty hype I became aware of the video to the 10-step Korean skin care review by Rachel Nguyen. It is super to looking down care steps of the Korean women are nursing the world champions know.

7 pimples, dry places and co: Your little beauty problems – and what helps friends against it?

I have pimple from time to time what really sucks. I made especially for blemished skin good experience with cleaning products, which I have always time-phased, because otherwise too much dries out my skin. I swear on sera, which provide a cleaner appearance of skin as the booster by Dr. Dennis Gross. I also like preventive use even if is just not a pimple in sight. Finally a moisturizer with salicylic acid for example of Vichy and over night a pimple gel for acute set by Clinique. Masks also help to bring about (Proactiv) back in the slot. Unfortunately, I’m not as much time for it.

  1. in the blink of an eye: what is your love?

This is thankfully relatively easy. I wear my hair like open with a side parting. Because they are inherently smooth, I need do no more than to give an oil in the length after washing and to blow it dry with my favorite hair dryer, GHD. With him, it’s simply the fastest and the hair shine nicely. On the approach, some hair spray against flying hairs (Kérastase) and that was it. Actually, I’d like to really nice big waves, but that never lasts in my hair as ‘ a half an hour. I’ve tried all styling products, but my hair to be rather smooth.

  1. How can you fix your face after a night little by?

This is unfortunately not so easy. When I am tired, you see whatever me. But to get the best, I wear on a decongestant eye care on any case before going to sleep for example by Shiseido. After getting up, I do once a peeling with glycolic acid. My favorite is the after party scrub by Rodial. And then there’s as much moisture as possible. Is a proper load Hyaluronserum, moisturizer and eye cream. If I got to the door, cause still concealer and mascara as musts. And distracts a fresh color on the lips of weary eyes. Because I do not like to wear lipsticks, I’m rather a gloss in pink or orange (ECLAT minute of by Clarins).

10 facial muffle or Pingelchen? -If the latter: how and what to make up off you you?

There I fall more in the category Pingelchen. I really never go to bed without to make-up from me – and when I’m still so home late from a party. Apart from the fact, that I feel of makeup on your face at the simply uncomfortable to sleep find, I know just what is it with my skin: pimples are pre-programmed on the next day. Newly discovered I have the foaming cleaning oil from Biotherm. This is handy because you can give it also on the eye area. If I’m really motivated, I’m still the Clarisonic brush at hand. To remove the last remaining eye make-up, I drink cotton pads in the eyes make up Remover by Maybelline. Previously I have used too little remover and had to rub on the delicate skin of the eye, which is of course not ideal. Today I take lot remover and leave the cotton pads on the closed eyes just soak. So, everything goes much easier and without to rub down. To conclude, I have a Micelle water (organic Derma, SBT) to remove any residue of the eyes and face. I love the feeling then, if the skin is refreshed and able to breathe.

  1. your beauty resolution?

Skin care is the most important for me. If my skin is good, I also enjoy. And my skin is better, I need the less makeup to the hide by flaws and can instead simply use to set accents. Also, I’m not a fan of them constantly feel compelled to try something new. It is clear to test sexy all new trends, but I think it’s just maintaining sense not too often to switch. I had to fight, because I had used too many and too rich products at once already about half a year with an annoying Perioral dermatitis. Since then, my motto is: find what good for your skin and stay true to the. Of course I try even something new, just not more really keep.

1000 thanks to dear. And who should answer this questionnaire next?

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