Beauty Special 10 + Inquiries: Catherine & NAMI by Baba

Two women, 16 years of friendship and a common goal: to ensure that cosmetics is still a bit natural. And when we talk about a bit at this point, we mean it just: because it all started with a piece of natural soap from Korea. All the more intense Katharina and NAMI dealt with beauty products, was all the more clear to them we smear us unfortunately still always pretty much dubious on the skin. Her own claim for 100 per cent of natural facial and body cleansing without voltage feelings after washing, which resulted in endless search for the best product and sobering test results with other products, after all, that simply their own label of cosmetics on the market wanted to bring the two, to bring the topic of “Facial SOAP” in Germany in our bathroom: Baba was born.

Their soaps dedicated to proven resources and real quality, therefore, for example, fine bamboo leaf powder, bamboo among their ingredients activated carbon or high-quality, antibacterial hinoki water. But that’s not all long ago, because Baba has to tell much more: In the background is a small family business namely. The manufacturer is the company of Namis parents who have 2007 made a name as a pioneer in the sustainable production of Beeswax candles in Korea and how Catherine and NAMI, went out overnight, to things a small to do little better. And who deals as much with sustainable cosmetics, which may not come in our beauty special. Catherine and NAMI, what we find, in addition to your own products, because else in your bathroom cabinets?

What you need to know about Baba:

The face soaps are manufactured in several stages in the cold process. Five weeks to dry and mature the soaps before they are packaged and sent on their journey to Europe in wax paper. SOAP made from natural resources breaks down easily again to the mineralization. Baba is strictly against animal experiments and developed the SOAP cruelty-free 100 percent cruelty-free, so. Was considered also at the packaging: it consists of recyclable materials. It is more environmentally friendly shipped and within Germany with DHL sent go green.

  1. what beauty tip have your Mama or Grandma gave you?

Catherine: A passionate article for a revival of the Waschlappens in the time magazine has this year again reminds me, that my Grandma for the facial was always a washcloth. Retrospect that seems very effective, because 1 the washing of the face with a washcloth is circulation and 2 dead skin cells are rubbed off nicely. The result is a healthy, rosy complexion. It achieves a similar effect with a manual face brush.

NAMI: My mother lives according to the motto less is more and I’m also only the essentials for your skin. It uses little or no make-up, 100% natural cosmetics and their beauty sleep.

Lovis Ostenrik

  1. do you have a morning beauty routine? If so, what looks like that?

Catherine: I use the Baba bamboo facial SOAP with bamboo leaf powder and honey for the face and body. After the shower I wear on the S.O.S. moisture serum from caudalie, a light day cream from Weleda and eye cream i + m on my face.


NAMI: I shower with our Baba SOAP, at the moment I use the Calendula facial SOAP with Marigold, essential Lavendelölen and goat’s milk for dry skin. To find a suitable facial was very difficult because I’m uptight, dehydrated skin. I did consult by Katharina Dilger of Belladonna natural cosmetics. She the tip gave me, that I still slightly moist at best on the face first serum and the right cream to apply directly in the connection. So the skin can absorb the moisture well. I use the hydro effective serum and moisturizer rich by i + m. In the winter, I mix the care with a few drops of the regeneration facial oil by i + m.

  1. your favourite Instagram accounts on which you again brings you beauty inspiration?

NAMI: @our site by Jules. She makes beautiful photos, themes ranging from setting up healthy soul food.


Catherine: Laughter is beautiful! For this purpose, @barkpost is our clear favorite.

with wonderfully bright lipstick colors and changing hairstyles, @vrenifrost by our site shows that experimentation in fashion and beauty can be fun.


  1. from the hair tie to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helpers:

Catherine: Always there are my natural oil control paper, a small mirror with Frida Kahlo in Mexico, which reminds me of the eyebrow plucking and at least a lip balm. I own lots of lip balms, lipsticks and nursing pins. They are spread on all’ my pockets and jacket pockets and still I buy new. For an image you have my bags once crawled and found some Favorites. The beauty is that you can use on the go as auffrischendes Rouge lipsticks. Soft peach tones suitable for this particularly well.


NAMI: My three unbeatable everyday helpers are eyebrow razor, body peeling cloth from Korea and our Baba piece SOAP.

  1. from the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual will be updated regularly?

Catherine: My stray dog-blond to be refreshed every few months with bright highlights. MOD’s hair use oil-based paints-conserving them.

NAMI: I bathe once a week with tranquillity oil of comfort zone and use a Korean body exfoliation cloth to remove dead skin shed from the skin. Then, does it feel like a new person and has touch-tender skin! It is at the same time, childhood memory and ritual, therefore I do without just not on it!


  1. What are her vows?

Catherine: natural cosmetics!

NAMI: The Tagarot lipstick from and Gretel! It smells great and gives a rich color.

7 so we would look every day – that’s why:

NAMI: I like me like laughing! In the photo, I – shine without makeup! Next to me, my parents, who go to their small factory in Korea to the SOAP production are, by the way.


Catherine: Everyone sees of course better if a player such as Lovis Ostenrik at work. Regardless, I like the natural makeup and she relaxed tousled hair.

© Lovis Ostenrik

  1. now let’s face it: Which beauty tutorial can you recommend and why?

We are fans of “Live-Tutorials” by beauty professionals. The beauty salon perfect suitable skin and being of Jana Pákozdi in the Berliner Mulackstraße. Owner Jana determined your skin type once and aligns the care and treatment on it. Through their expert advice, we met the night balm of Decléor we now love both. They tend to have nourish the skin at night rich without them.

9 pimples, dry places and co: Your little beauty problems – and what helps you against it?

Catherine: My beauty problems is an impure T-zone. Earlier I said – with ugly consequences. When I look at old photos, I resent about it today. There are effective natural remedies for pimples. An old folk remedy is diluted vinegar. In our bamboo charcoal facial SOAP bamboo is included wood vinegar, disinfectant and balancing effect on the skin. Against impure and oily skin which included bamboo charcoal is also very effective, because she are absorbed with their highly porous surface bacteria, excess sebum and dirt. Who suffers from blackheads, can allow the facial SOAP soak in just a few seconds longer on the skin. So it enhances the effect.

NAMI: I suffer from especially each season change dry skin areas. Then I don’t need first of all makeup, allowing the skin to breathe better. For the cleaning, I use only the Calendula SOAP, since it is particularly mild. For the care, I then take the Baume de nuit nourrissant by Decléor or give my care to oil a few drops of anesthetic.


  1. in the blink of an eye: which hairstyle is your sweetheart – and how you get it?

Catherine: Strubbelmähne – for this I take some oil, such as the deliciously fragrant almond figs oil stop the water while using me and rub it into the Adobe, still slightly damp hair.

NAMI: I wear my hair like open. I am fortunate that my hair is easy to maintain. Still must take care of the tip. For example, I avoid the direct contact of hot hair dryer air with the tips. I rub Shea butter in the top. After blow-drying, I comb once again by using a brush. The hair I wash every two days with the lavender sandalwood shampoo stop the water while using me.


11 we know cucumber mask and ingredients peeling: how DiY tip do you have for us?

NAMI: A moisturizing DIY oatmeal mask. It takes a small cup crushed oats, a cup of Chamomile tea and two spoons of olive oil. Here I am trying to insert for about three months of lavender flowers in olive oil and use this oil. If I planned not as good, I take regular olive oil and 1-2 drops lavender essential oil to do so. The mask I wear on and let them soak about 10-15 minutes. Then she washes me away and use even the Baba facial brush, to promote blood circulation.

Catherine: It’s very much fun to manufacture cosmetics itself. The Berlin-based company Coscoon offers DIY natural cosmetic packages. Lipbalm package comes with just the right amount of natural ingredients for four lip care sticks (pictured with lipsticks care) together with the packaging. The search is so trusted recipes and ingredients. Many Coscoon packages come with gift packaging to give as a gift. A beautiful idea.

© Lovis Ostenrik

  1. why should we put more on natural cosmetics. And: there are also downsides?

NAMI: Many traditional cosmetic products contain synthetic substances of content yet always health concern. Even if you don’t immediately responded, these can cause allergies, skin damage, or diseases in the long term. In the compared to this large drop shadow, the shadow side of natural cosmetics appears rather small: as indeed many people against pollen or nuts are allergic, also natural cosmetics is potentially irritating to the skin. Planners should first of all try natural products and find the right thing for themselves. However, just because you once allergic, it doesn’t mean that the products are bad. Sometimes, the skin not just on a concentrated load is prepared nature.

Catherine: A down side is the price probably at first glance. Good ingredients are costly. At second glance, natural cosmetics is much more productive, such as for example our Baba piece SOAP in the compared to conventional liquid cleaning. She is between two and four months. If the ingredients are good, you need just less. A further example is the heavenly scented body mousse Madame Inge i + m, which is very economical. In second place of the ingredients, Aloe Vera is available here.

13 creams and nastiest well and good: you paying attention in addition to beauty products:

Catherine: Yves Saint Laurent once said that the most beautiful makeup for a woman is the passion, cosmetic products are but easier to buy.

NAMI: Sufficient sleep and good food make me happy. In Berlin, there are many good Asian restaurants. I’m a big fan of son kitchen, Lon men BB´s noodle house in Charlottenburg or Cocolo Ramen in Kreuzberg.

  1. your most expensive product in the Cabinet?

NAMI: The two-piece SUNNE powder by and Gretel. The highlight powder gives me a fresh complexion and the tinting powder made a wonderful natural shade in my cheeks.


Catherine: Certainly mean perfumes. Soon I would like to switch to all natural fragrances.

  1. How do you back your face after a night’s dancing through?

Catherine: Much drinking that herbal teas or the brilliant Sea buckthorn Elixir from Weleda with warm water. The body can detoxify so and puffiness are reduced. If that doesn’t work, my concealer Tunkal is ready.

NAMI: I drink much water and tea. Then I wear on either the DIY mask or if I’m too lazy to do this, then I do on the mask of Cattier Paris.


16 “Anti Aging” topic: Preventing you? If so, how?

Catherine: For about five years now always an eye cream on the shelf is with me in the bathroom. At the time, it’s the wonderfully nourishing age protect eye cream i + m with argan and avocado. Also am a fan of smoothing day care with wild rose and lavender from Weleda. I’m hanging up a bamboo extract from Korea overnight face mask once a week. Silicon abundantly contained in bamboo, is a great “anti aging”-active ingredient. It promotes the elasticity of the connective tissue and the binding capacity of moisture in the skin. I currently use our “anti-aging” also SOAP, bamboo facial SOAP with Silicon-rich bamboo leaf powder and glycerol as a daily cleaning.

NAMI: I’m actually not. I take advantage, to be Asian and hope that I get as little and as slowly as possible wrinkles.

17 facial muffle or Pingelchen? -If the latter: how and what make-up off you you?

Catherine: I’m definitely a Pingelchen. Also half-dead before fatigue, am I still in the bath and makeup off me. This is very easy with Baba facial SOAP. Mascara, make-up,… everything will be clean in a natural way without leaving the typical feeling of tension on the skin. You get rewarded for his hard work: In the case of the bamboo facial SOAP with the scent of Ethereal ylang ylang – osmanthus, peppermint oil. Wonderful!

NAMI: I’m more of a cleansing muffle. The face wash SOAP simply with a cotton pad that remove eye makeup and with the Baba. I brought makeup remover eye in the summer from Korea rice water-based, it works wonderfully.

  1. your beauty resolution?

Catherine: I am even the biggest fan of our SOAP and want to wash my hair so. This will be a transition, but at all the beauty fun, I am looking forward to more simplicity in the bathroom.

NAMI: As an independent is difficult, but nevertheless, so it is my plan to be less stressed and more actively to relax me.

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