Beauty Special 10 + Questions On Beauty Blogger Denise Kastull

On my almost 29 years old adventure trip, I left quite different stages of beauty behind me, i fought with pimples and i once even a fringe cut, because i just could not let the fingers of my forehead – and, oh, let’s. I practiced me of delicate blue eyeshadow and stroked him up to the barely plucked eyebrow. I used bleach spray to become still blond and eventually perfected the eyeliner. Then came the departure, the lazy phase, of which i have told you so many times. The eyebrows grew back (thank god!), came to light the real skin color and hair color not more changed my 16th year of life will be.

So slowly but surely she is however again aroused passion for creams and nastiest for crazy styling experiments and new, yet unexplored beauty products from the world of natural beauty. Our beauty experts of our small but fine specials are to blame for this. And this week we get power equal triple with onboard – with a real beauty expert, blogger and beauty vloggerin: the speech is, of course, by denise kastull aka nisi by teetharejade that makes common cause with her sister desiree for years. For us, she has set her personal best of beauty list together today, sent with your favorite holiday picture and her personal tutorial tip aka the ex-therapy meeting the out-gekramt:

1 what beauty tip has been your mom/grandma gave you with?

If I’d listen to my mom in terms of beauty, I would wash my skin only with water and a bar of soap. Work for me unfortunately not.

2 do you have a morning beauty routine? If yes, what is the?

Started is preferably in the shower with the facial cleansing and that. I cleanse my face either with konjac sponge with bamboo charcoal or ultra facial cleanser with an electronic facial brush.

Following steps in the series are:

Serum – aesop parsley seed anti-oxidant serum – the best! Unfortunately just used up and I have to buy up quickly! Eye cream – there I use what I got just as frankly just. Currently the la mer the lifting eye serum, which i got at a press event. Day care – rosehip bioregenerate oil by pai or white tea balancing cream by jorgobe

My makeup looks actually almost always the same:

Foundation – vivid foundation by ilia beauty. 100% natural product as well as result. Concaler – space balm by hiro. I have less problems with eye shadow, but strongly visible veins on the eyelids. Therefore concealer comes up to me mainly’s instead of eye. Highlighter – illuminator in “polka dots & moonbeams” by ilia beauty. I love highlighter. This is great and has the most cutest packaging! Times, even without bronzer – diorblush light & contour duo stick with blush – blush kjaer weis in the color “desired glow”. The name is program
eyebrows – tromborg eyebrow pencil mascara – full lash volume mascara shiseido lipstick – I’m wearing so pretty much always a lip of nude with dior addict lipstick in “pause”

  1. your favorite instagram accounts on which you beauty inspiration every now and then get friends?

Makeup artist with cool makeup looks and is itself also a feast for the eyes

4 of the hair tie to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helpers:

Brought invisibobble – getting one! Lip peeling with the electric toothbrush – fast and effective! Facial cleansing with the philips visapure facial brush my skin is since then much purer!
Thanks to the pony hairstyle I no longer had a pair of tweezers since months in your hand.

5 of the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual is regularly refreshed?

Were the only beauty appointments that I regularly perceived, to the ipl hair removal (for under the arms) – the ever, however, was the most effective beauty treatment! Never again a unwohles feeling when lifting the arms always summer. The hair cut I assume my own, finally I must cut felt every week the pony.

6 what you swear?

Bioregenerate of rosehip oil pai – I love face oils anyway, but this is now my absolute favorite. A real treat for the skin, it looks instantly fresh and it works good as a day care under makeup.
If the skin once again has a nice deep cleaning need, I neverdo currently on the purifying mask of tata harper.

Probably the most expensive product I ever have bought but #soworthit: m2beaute eyelash activating serum. The lashes are this super long and especially tight! Eyelash extensions I think not much, i would clearly not so, having a foreign body in the eye. This stuff is achieved with the same effect, but with own real lashes.

7 so I would best often look:

Super tanned, unadorned (because tanned) and beach hair! In summer feel i me most comfortable easy.

8 be honest now: which beauty tutorial can you recommend and why?

Because it is a great makeup and at the same time “pick-me-up” for the soul for besch * ene times.

9 pimples, dry places and co: your little beauty problems – and what helps friends mind?

Actually applies always: just don’t touch! If i leave the zits alone he is gone the fastest and above all without again. If you must help by then with the mario badescu drying lotion.

10 beauty comes from the inside: your 10 pfennig / credo for more assertive?

“I think the beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself.”
kevin aucoin.

11 creams and nastiest beautiful and well: that you take care in addition to beauty products:

Literally, beauty comes from the inside. Help me: drink plenty of water and no chips!

12 your most expensive product in the cabinet?

Our press sample of la mer moisturizing cream blue heart/world oceans day l.e.. 410,-euros – the price is simply crazy!

13 facial muffle or pingelchen? – if the latter: how and what to make up off you you?

Make-up removal must always be, because otherwise the skin punished one the next day. I swear on cleansing balms, because at night i want to spray it with water no scratch or me. It’s just a wonderful feeling to the day with a warm cloth from the face. I currently routiere between:

Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm – makes a great skin feel, but if you like no oily residue should this stay away.
Babor detox lipo cleanser
elemis cleansing balm – the fragrance is heavenly and magic spa feeling at home.

14 who should this questionnaire next answer?

The love penis by!