Beauty Special 10 + Questions On Beauty Blogger Elina Neumann

How do i it a with a few easy steps to apply light makeup perfectly? How can put us out of the socks nail polish with which small diy tricks shuffle i the perfect mask themselves together? Our dear elina has the answers. In their small universe of beauty bare minds we find weekly great tips, the best alternatives, regular beauty news and fearless self attempts to bring really what us and encourage us to do so, even to swing more often even the pinselchen and to mix the ingredients at home together.

For us, elina has today taken together, her beauty routine, reveals what helps her best of all after a boozy night and why she were better should’ve listened to her mom, before she have strained the tweezers. In our beauty-special no. 8

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1 love elina, what beauty tip has given you already have your mama?

Let the finger and the tweezers from your eye building. “pha! What the hell for a stupid tip, lady mama”, I thought and tugged me neatly marks above the eyes. Today it sprouts happily again with me and i understand now: Mom is always right and know that fits the natural shape of the brow simply best to face.

2 do you have a morning beauty routine? If yes, what is the?

If i am then found the way out of the bed in the bathroom, everything goes with me quite quickly. Yes of course, how should it be otherwise, like everyone else, i start the day with polished teeth and spring-fresh armpits. I clean my face with water in the morning and when i like, I’m going over it with a sponge of konjac. It stimulates the blood circulation and removes dead scales. Cotton + sensibio h2o remove sebum from the face and lime out of the water and then the skin is also ready for the lovely day hyaluron-bloom nectar, dietagespflege and some sunscreen.

My “all day every day makeup” is very simple and handy trainings camp plotted: the laura mercier candle glow foundation ensures the smooth complexion, on good days there without going. Delicate freshness conjures up my very favourite rouge by kjaer white, then quickly a little mascara and the eyebrows with some gel in the form completed. I’m completely for a normal day.

3 your favourite instagram accounts where you friends ever again beauty inspiration holst?

1 definitely the channel by ouai

A mixture of beautiful women with even more beautiful hair, but it is also cool hair inspirations.

  1. pat macgrathreal and eny whitehead provide their followers with cool make-up looks.

3 rd and mommy and beauty blogger tamira jarrel just has a really nice feed.

4 of the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual is regularly refreshed?

Hairdresser: strabenkoterblond is somehow fully in line with models, just i feel like a little field mouse thus. That’s why is helped by regularly. I’m also really experiment regarding the blonde tones. And also, if you know me always as a blonde, there was sometimes trips into the life of a brunette. I visit my beautician and, to make the kill the pimple. And the pedicure is done only in the summer, during the other seasons, i myself put on hand.

5 what you swear?

Straight on the argan oil of kahina that goo i felt me everywhere. So in the tips of the hairs, if they are too frizzy. But also dry skin that you can maintain.

In general i love oils. Currently, cocos oil is one of my favorites. By removing make-up until the light sun protection it can do everything.

And my kjaer weis blush. I have never seen something like that. It looks quite fast fresh and naturally. Mega!

  1. so i would look day/more often to best each – that’s why:

Because of my skin. She is just a real mimosa on the image here above i had however probably a real good day.

7 now be honest: which beauty tutorial can you recommend and why?

I love humor and that’s why estee is one of my favorite beauty nerds. She is easily the most charming beauty vloggerin at all, not to takes seriously and turns so their videos with great wit.

Never i would have passed on the idea, to sonnenloipe so my hair. But yes, even if it takes a few minutes longer than with the curling iron, says that the best waves ever.

8 pimple, dry places and co: your little beauty problems – and what helps friends mind?

The charcoal manuka mask from lovely day. I swear, this is my holy grail and rescuer in need. Exactly one year ago, i discovered the instagram account of the label and thought to myself: “so a beautiful account with a few lovely products,” but when i the first time face grabbed the mask me, it was clear: i need now a weekly slot in my beauty routine. Since then we are two such ass and panties. This treasure pulls every dirt even from the smallest pore, doesn’t dry out but, on the contrary, because also the care here not neglected.

9 in the blink of an eye: which hairstyle is your love – and how can you do it?

After messy hair and half bun, i’m currently particularly on the sleek ponytail. Not for nothing, the low ponytail at the beginning of the year captured the catwalks of the world, because he is not only simple, but also practical. But above all, he is elegant and sporty and succeeds in really everyone easily. And actually, you think that here no instructions needed was, but it is important to note two things here you can read how.

10 cucumber mask and lemon juice scrub we know: what diy tip you got for us?

Really easily if something no professional from a beautiful jar on hand: just a little coconut oil and brown sugar mix and it on the face.

Or something: my beloved cocoa mask. Look here with instructions.

11 beauty comes from the inside: your credo for more assertive?

Is just not too seriously. No matter how you look, what lipstick you wear as perfect fit, the hair at the end is what you have in your heart. This time, antoine de saint exupery has written a wonderful fairy tale book for adults. You remember, right? „ you can see well only with the heart. The essential thing is for the eyes invisible. “ writes you the behind-the-ears!

12 creams and nastiest beautiful and well: that you take care in addition to beauty products:

I love jewelry. Each piece of jewelry i own, tells a story of a special person, a trip or a life section. I got a necklace at the celebrations for example actually ever. At that time, i have loved her and played up and down. If it is me today in the hands reminds it me of this great meeting.

13 your most expensive product in the cabinet?

Sisley eye care for 130 euro. When i left the store i was in a trance and asked myself whether i spent really just 130 ökken for 15 ml. My friend then asked me if i still all battens on the fence.

  1. how can you do your face again after a night little by?

With plenty of water and the best risotto from my friend, because: is of the soul goes well, of the skin is also good. If you must cheat once, the antipodes helps mask with manuka honey – and if all else fails i’m packing the collagen eye patch by magictripes on it.

15 subject “anti aging”: you lean forward? If so, how?

My opinion helps night in really only: drink little sun, plenty of water and a decent lifestyle. Just not always works, but it is so good, if you know it. When i realize that i need something, i dig my skinceuticals activator serum.

16 facial muffle or pingelchen? – if the latter: how and what to make up off you you?

Definitely pingelchen. Deposed after the pill, has a lot changed, also the skin on the face. She is no longer as pure as before, that’s why they also each evening, double cleanse. I cleanse my skin first with an oil or how up to date with the take the day off balm by clinique and then with the mild detergent by rosel home, is available only at the beauticians.

17 your beauty resulotion?

Life is hard enough, beauty should be easier. And next i want responses from sarah with time feingold.