Beauty Special 10 + Requests: Beauty Blogger Hanna Schumi

What does not know Hanna Schumi in the infinite range of beauty, which gives not. At least I am adamantly convinced. This claim not only manifested itself at our last meeting in Munich, which can be read at regular intervals even on Foxycheeks and was so far from without exception everyone acknowledged, is ever taken on this heartwarming Hamburg. Hanna Schumi is for me so something like the changing beauty encyclopedia that throw boldly in any still so crazy beauty adventure without it just in the vanity mirror putting the brains, investigates instead with a lot of dedication, muses, tried and beäugt with a critical view of – a genuine beauty nerd, even. What says Hanna, has Foundation and what we recommend Hanna, may be not even wrong. Basta!

I’m all the happier that Hanna Schumi for Make-Up artist Stella by singers and Etterlin and Maxi’s beauty Director Marion Scheithauer now finally with part of the game and us in our latest beauty Special Edition reveals what she swears actually heard at the time of her absolute Favorites and which 3 beauty tools sets us necessarily to the heart.

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1 do you have a morning beauty routine? And if so, what is the?

Teeth cleaning & coffee face with gentle cleanser clean (at the time M Picaut) toner (spray or cotton pad) eye & day cream (at the time of Dr. Barbara Sturm) serum (for example by Royal remote) of coffee and wake up

Then comes a quick day make-up:

Makeup (my favorites; Even better by Clinique and “future skin” by Chantecaille) concealer (pixi & glossier) eyebrow bring (note to myself: to be sure I need to make a post!) Cream Rouge (by Kjaer Weis) highlighter (benefit) mascara! Finally, makeup fix spray by Clarins

exactly so I do it every day – especially the coffee is important!