Beauty Special 10 + Requests: Maxi-Beauty Director Marion Scheithauer

Studied marion scheithauer fashion journalist and spinning holtadipolta in the beauty department at the amd – and seems to feel there today still quite comfortable. Meanwhile, the beautiful mother of a daughter directs this resort at the maxi as beauty director. At an event in munich we met and before their plane went back in the afternoon to hamburg, i could see still afloat, to fill in our beauty questionnaire for you.

What makes really nice, how she want to look most every day and what everything does to them for their outrageously beautiful skin? That tells us today in a new edition of our marion “beauty specials”: 1 what beauty tip has been your mama gave you with?

Unfortunately, the only thing i can remember is actually a cucumber mask – my mama has been always the shell us children when she made cucumber salad, and my sister and i are herum then drove on the face.

But she has imagined the world’s best hair salon – and i’ve tried business has some of the best in london, nyc, paris – but banks/knødler is top on my list. Unfortunately, the salon in dresden, always a world trip from hamburg, is worth but every kilometre. Does that count as beauty tip?

2 do you have a morning beauty routine? If yes, what is the?

I have a quick mommy routine and a long ich-must be well look program.

The mommy routine:

Dry shampoo (the dry morrocan oil shampoo is the best, that leaves not a crumbly dust film in your hair) + golden hair accessory: little effort makes a lot here.

Chanel cc cream (spf 50 sunscreen and good coloration) + mascara + bronzer

The full routine is somewhat more complex. The beauty junkie going through with me. It’s just too fun!

Hair wash and blow dry with a round brush face with clarisonic brush clean rose water spray rose diamond cream eye cream armani make up, two colors concealer bronzer rouge highlighter eyeshadow, always three greige – and mixed browns lipbalm mascara or lipstick

Perfume – currently mediterranean honeysuckle by aerin, or my all-time favorite: meeting 8: 00 by salazar

  1. your favorite instagram accounts on which you beauty inspiration every now and then get friends?

Sarah angius – good hair inspo

Nail_unistella – nail art for my inner nailartist

Girly henna – the videos, as someone paints henna patterns on the hands, have something meditative …

4 of the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual is regularly refreshed?

If i could, as i wanted: eyelash extensions at skin culture in hamburg, hair extensions at a salon in norderstedt (seriously, are the best!), pedicure. It looks definitely better to say always ready to go. The reality: nothing of it. The priorities shifted, today me two hours with my baby is more important to apply individual lash hairs to me than to spend two hours. But can i paint occupationally well even nails and fake install eyelashes or fake hair, if required by the event.

5 what you swear?

For a good 18 years: the ghd straighteners. I swear i have even the first that i ever bought. Expensive, but these things keep forever. And nothing is smoother hair. Seen today again in a photo shoot in the makeup artist makeup kit: the foundations von armani. I have honestly anything better discovered, when it comes to priming. And, the new cushion foundation von dior can get close, but covers only to good skin days, not very strong.

6 so i would best day/often look – this is exactly why: happy. And also: good skin, nice lipstick (an ancient special edition by ysl). I now see the too-dark hair. A blunder at a well-known hairdresser from hamburg. I say yes, if you let not the professionals from dresden …

7 now be honest: which beauty tutorial can you recommend us and why? Sarah angius hairdryer tutorial – since i can give me even a princess kate (or duchess catherine?) Blow mane, without that the arms be lame to me.

A video by sarah angius (@sarahangius) new on jan 29, 2016 at 7:42 pm

With blow-dry after sarah anguis tutorial.

Adele eyeliner lisa eldridge, respectively, by adele’s makeup artist, whom lisa has invited for your tutorial. Because cat-eyes always go.

Everything from tati westbrook. Do you know the feeling when you started a really good series, and at night half past two, it already the eyes fall to one, a consequence, still thinks, just a consequence? So’s i’m with tati videos.

8 beauty comes from the inside: your credo for more assertive?

You can admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.

Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, be sweet on the inside.

9 your most expensive product in the cabinet?

350 euro, the rose diamond cream from the organic pharmacy. We have that test, and now i’m fixed on. A misery! This is really the first organic cream, i know, the same great skin like my very beloved sublimage gives series of chanel. Which is unfortunately similar to expensive. But i have made me to use more eco-cosmetics, since i read a study recently again, how much chemistry we accept alone of cosmetics through the skin. So it will stay at the organic pharmacy, however there are there still other products that are less expensive.

10 how get you your face after a long through night again?

A hyaluronic sheet mask from magic stripes, sparkling eye drops of boots pharmacy and armani foundation.

11 subject “anti aging”: you lean forward? If so, how?

Sky, yes! Yes! With daily sun protection factor, of course, vitamin serum by skinceuticals and retinolcremes. Occasional sheetmasken. And everything else is there. Much helps a lot!

12 facial muffle or pingelchen?

Honestly: i wash my face with what also go straight to the hand is (time shower gel), and remove the leftover of the washed out mascara panda eyes with cotton swabs and eye cream. I attribute my for my old age, is relatively wrinkle-free eyes on this somewhat unorthodox procedure