Beauty Special 10 + Requests: with Madeleine Alizadeh by DariaDaria

Before two years decided upside Bloggerin Madeleine Alizadeh, the photographer, her life, to renounce the mindless consumption and to ask questions: where comes from the clothes I want to wear and what’s in it? How can I stop my use to harm others and where can I find alternatives? Since she therefore careful watch, where the clothes you have purchased is produced, she reported on Dariadaria about sustainable labels, researched and enlighten, she shows us sustainable substitutes, hard-hitting facts and a way as we can make it better: In the full awareness that it for professional reasons never to the Holy all ver Achterin but alone could have been, she decided for a way within the limits of availability and , you have to be so honest in the context of their own ambitions, a middle ground now, which should make your and our world a bit better. Madeleine fuchst since then again in new topics in, committed to refugees and for animal welfare, and grows every day on their self-determined challenge, not the overcrowded way with to stomp, but go directly and to try out new.

Moved a further circle recently to her 6jahrigen Blogjubilaum, ushering in equal to a new beginning. According to their motto: “as soon as you realize that you turn in the district, it’s time to out of line to dance.” For us she has written on now their beauty rituals and alternative beauty products that advance already here has shared it with their readers * inside. And so that you don’t miss this also, we have held it today again for you:

1 what beauty tip has been your Mama gave you with?


plenty of water! My mom wears little makeup, that’s why beauty was never an issue with us. She is known as a “Water police” but and trained on me, to drink a lot (but not necessarily for beauty reasons).

2 do you have a morning beauty routine? If Yes, what is the?

Yes. What I do every morning: Olziehen. I take a small teaspoon for coconut oil in your mouth, let it melt and sink that then 20 minutes in the mouth. Provides for white teeth, kills bacteria, ensures a healthy oral flora and supposedly is also used for detoxification. Many say it is all humbug, for me it works and even my dentist confirmed that to me. While I, I, shower wash off cold my face Ölziehe, I take a few drops of skin oil and verreibe them in the face. Most of all I like the oils of pure skin foods, grown alchemist or Lani. Sunflower oil works well!

3 of the hair tie to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helpers?

Washable make-up (avoids waste)
-Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezers (the best! Believe me, I have tried them all)
-an old-school shaving Planer (also zero waste, is there in Vienna with Walter Weiss)

  1. What beauty ritual is regularly refreshed from the manicure to the eyelash extensions:?

I go regularly to the sugaring (epilation). Very rarely, maybe 4 times a year, I’m going to the manicure. Here I can recommend treatwell the site!

5 what you swear?

Coconut oil! (for the Olziehen, make-up removal, for everything!)

6 so I’d best every day look – this is exactly why:

suntanned, unvarnished, salty hair, exhausted but happy! So I look after surfing. Here am I feel best!

7 pimples, dry places and co: your little beauty problems – and what helps friends mind?

My bad skin is always a sign of PMS, too much sugar/wheat or stress. Because only one thing can help: rest, good food, relaxing.

8 in the blink of an eye: which hairstyle is your love – and how can you do it?

I’m a real hair style ring. If I have time, I’m beautiful curls, I’m the classic ponytail/dumplings Typ.

9 cucumber mask and ingredients peeling we know: what DiY tip you got for us?

No. POO is great! Although I manage to travel or if I in yoga quick wash Hair Studio must not always can it but just guessing each.

10 what helps you also?

Yoga! After a yoga hour makes me feel inside and outside nice.

11 creams and nastiest beautiful and well: that you take care in addition to beauty products:

water drink, vegetable diet, fresh air, movement, laughing.

12 your most expensive product in the Cabinet?

Serum of pure skin food. Expensive but very effective is also the Deo by fine (no aluminum, alcohol, cruelty-free and vegan).

13 as get you your face after a long through night again?

The face is my face, there’s no mumbo jumbo. What helps for the hangover: fresh air, go for a walk, then lie down. In addition, freshly squeezed juices and Ginger are great.

Greek yogurt: three recipes.

14 topic “Anti-aging”: you lean forward? If so, how?

Aging is a dignity, why should I prevent this?


15 facial muffle or Pingelchen?-if the latter: how and what to make up off you?

I always makeup off me. Everything else feels weird. However, I’m also 70 percent of the time without makeup, which makes it easier.

Under scrutinized: natural cosmetics in the test.

16 who should this questionnaire next answer?

Daniela by once upon A cream.