Beauty Special With Hair & Make-Up Artist Stella Von Senger Und Etterlin

Stella senger and etterlin is not just hair & makeup is still do this constantly fernweh plagued artist and whole blood mama, the beautiful redhead, always on the move and in fact one of the few whose images i must comment on all the time with emoticon-flame. A role model, as it is most like us: schalk with very great passion in their luggage, in the neck and sensuality, with even more power, honesty and intuition.

For the first time we met on facebook, met cafe for a blind date with our newly hatched minis in a kreuzberg sometime last october and since then constantly trying to reconcile a revival. For our very newest beauty special, in which we could elicit a few questions makeup and beauty professionals, one of my current favorite instagram girls and before power woman pointing makes the beginning today. In their baggage: very much natural cosmetics, mom’s wisdom and diy tips. 

Gives more of stella on its site, of course on instagram or for example when our colleagues from hey woman. And her stella’s nido cover saw williams,?

Their most recent works of the current star with model lou schoof, photographer greg porodina & hair and make-up by stella.

1 what beauty tip has been your mama gave you with?

Less is more! I can not remember ever to have seen my mom with makeup. For more with creams, oils and several rose facial toner. In addition, she used cosmetics ever since i can remember just organic. So i’ve also (according to some dm consumer buying raeuschen in the teen age) opted quickly for organic products.

2 do you have a morning beauty routine?

Morning must be very quickly (as mom). I wash my face with the konjac sponge. For me, there are actually no more pleasant and more efficient sponge.

And i use the blue beauty drops of raaw in a jar. The natural oil is exactly to my taste. As said oils i can really have not enough.

At the moment i’m in the evening always the detox fußpads of stella me under the soles of the feet, which feed at night. I love time effective beauty products and i have a feeling since then recharged to wake up really.

3 your favourite instagram accounts on which you beauty inspiration every now and then get friends?

The hair gods eugene souleiman and guido palau i follow of course. The two, and infinite sources of inspiration are isamaya ffrench.

Eugene souleiman

Your unbeatable everyday helpers:

The invisibobble: i say time and again, is a great love-hate relationship. It’s so incredibly ugly and yet the probably most practical hair rubber was ever a human being in his hair. (time crunchys, who also have a very good hässlichkeits practicality balance have).

My boys.

5 of the manicure to the eyelash extensions: which beauty ritual is regularly refreshed?

If ever i make it to the pedicure, it’s one of the big highlights but also every time. I’m used to it me in la, to treat yourself to the luxury of my feet beaten from scout days at. The pedicure of shacks in la are like a microcosm of the city, i could always sit back and listen. I learn very much about the city and its residents and learned. Also, you can answer outstanding emails during the pedicure.

6 what you swear?

On the fine deodorant. I don’t know if i was ever been so behind a product like fine. I came across recently on it, but i think i’m talking about 5 times a day about it. It is organic and smells fantastic and it really works. I swear it, i swear!

7 so i’d best every day – that’s why:


With sea salt and lemon from the garden in your hair, the sun on your skin, baby on her arm, dimple on the cheek, no makeup on her face, swimsuit freedom in the luggage on. On travel. So i like it best!

8 in the blink of an eye: which hairstyle is your love – and how can you do it?

Hair wash, do not comb air drying, maybe make the wet hair into a ponytail. Very much oil, either the by intelligent nutrients, or kahina beauty (moroccan argan oil). But to be honest, as long as it is natural and pleasant smell, i would lubricate any oil in my hair.


Recently i use and the salt spray of less is more. Because i every day as a holiday want to feel actually.

Oh and since me bella donna (the natural cosmetics store, where i spend the most time on the bergmannstrasse) john masters shampoo & conditioner samples gave, i know my dream hair products. Never my hair with natural cosmetics have felt so supple.

At a james bond party in the dream dress by & other stories as lea seydoux and le chiffre.


9 cucumber mask and ingredients peeling we know: what diy tip you got for us?

When the sunless tanning has become again streaky in the hammam, traditional scratch off a layer of skin can be.


Warm coconut oil (for dinner), cotton pads in a beautiful glass of relatively flat pile, pour the liquid oil over it, to cover in the refrigerator, and voilà: the perfect and even cooling make-up. While opening the refrigerator (drunk) to search for food, you can see the pads and can makeup off in the blink of an eye (eating cold noodles).

10 creams and nastiest beautiful and good, but: that you take care in addition to beauty products?

Food and travel! There is nothing better for me. By the way, i write these words out of the car on the way to italy. Where we will eat first and foremost!

In gotland

11 how can get you your face after a long through night again?

With the magicstripes eye patches. I’m not lying. These things are amazing. I have naturally made puff-eyes (currently rather baby-induced sleep deprivation than night durchfeierte by). 10 minutes after i did the patches on it, my eyes are glibly. Natalie, what is your secret? Hyaluron seem the answer to be.

12 subject “anti aging”: you lean forward? If so, how?

Not with creams, because (yet) i believe does not really. Half the battle is that i’ve quit smoking, ever. But i intend also determined to grow old with dignity and not necessarily to prevent. I now laugh lines to the base of the hair, but i love them.

So i could imagine later my life: in a swedish fishing village in a small cottage.

12 your beauty resolution?

Natural cosmetics is my omen.

For the nathini van der meer campaign (photo © gleeson paulino)

My current favorite brands.

Thanks a million, you heart. Who should answer this questionnaire next?

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