Beauty – Talk: Janin Ullmann’s Tips for the Summer

On Jan. 26, Janine’s new home makeover show “Boom my Room – Janin Ullmann mounts”. Your second show, next to red.Style, which runs from 6x on Wednesdays. We asked the charming moderator and lifestyle expert about her personal beauty tips for the summer.

Since the end of June, Janin Ullmann always reveals the latest style trends on Wednesdays at 22:00 in the new magazine red.Style on sixx:beauty, fashion, travel, food, living – to all our favorite themes you can get inspiration here.

On July 26th, Janin now conquers the Prime Time with her new home makeover show on Wednesdays. Boom my Room – Janin Ullmann mounts!,The 36-year-old with her team transforms real residential nightmares into stylish well-being oases in only three days.

We have already seen a lot of it and can only say so much: Never miss one of the six episodes! From 26 July, always on Wednesdays at 20:15.

When it comes to beauty, fashion and lifestyle, Janin Ullmann does not want to happen. We from fem. Naturally also wanted to pick up a personal beauty tip from the charming moderator and lifestyle expert for the summer and asked her about her personal beauty tips.

fem:The summer is finally here! What do you mean by make-up? Do you renounce make-up on hot days?

Janin:Most of all, because I quickly get the feeling that I have a film on the skin and the make-up slips.

So I usually wear a bit of suncream, concealer, cremerouge and waterproof eyelash tint.Zack, finished!

What does your care routine look like in summer? Do you have a favorite product that you do not want to do without?

I love micellar water for cleansing!In the morning it refreshes me and in the evening I take the stress of the day off.Then I use a very simple moisturizer from the pharmacy, which has recommended to me my makeup artist.

You are a lot on red carpets and public events. Do you have a tip that makes the make-up perfect even at hot temperatures?

Normally, I completely forgo powder, but on hot days, unfortunately, the only way to not look like a bacon rind.

This summer, the colors are more vibrant, like turquoise blue or bright orange shades when it comes to make-up. Are you a fan of bright colors or do you prefer it more subtly?

I love red-pigmented eyeshadows!They just let blue and green eyes shine even more.However, you have to be careful which rotton you use so that you do not look sick.For me, I prefer to use a mixture of copper and mauve.

How do you keep your hair in summer when exposed to UV, chlorine or seawater?

Honestly, I like it when my hair is full of sea salt and dry in the sun.I then gladly after the washing a bit Bodylotion, or suncream in the hair tips, so they do not dry out completely.

Last question:Have you ever experienced your personal beauty super-power?

When it comes to, I probably have it all through.When I was working at Viva, I probably had every eyeshadow color on the eyes.Once my former masquerader with the mascara was so shifted, that everything instead of on the eyelashes, under the eye stuck.We found the look but surprisingly quite well and that is why I went so on broadcast (laughs).