Beauty Talk & Raffle Dove Home Spa With The Dove Skin Care Expert Sarah Schuddekopf

I am the opposite of a genuine beauty fool, what I regret terribly, really I believe that others in the bathroom already at the thought of nastiest, loud shout magnifying mirror and co. and fall into relaxation mode: squat for hours in the bath and watch the skin at the shrink or to create masks on mask and at the end still very carefully the toenails to paint , an idea that simply does not apply to me. Somehow the beauty God has so forget me when the distribution of preferences, which is quite a shame, I think the idea of the hours of home spa and very much me time quite great. But because instead I’m nothing, just a 15-minute program of showering brushing up to the mascara off – and every day going.

I don’t know whether you accept in the home of Dove this lapidary spa experience, no longer watch my maues beauty superficial knowledge and quickly SOS help wanted to get me or whether you wanted to bring together me with the great Dove skin care expert Sarah Schuddekopf, which made me with their expertise speechless, drew even the cells of the skin to me and explained everything in detail, laughing at me about myself had and assured me , I’m beauty technically not so much wrong. Anyway, Sarah did not come empty-handed, but presented me a bag of Dove Releases extra provided for my needs together and chatted with me about rituals and needs of the skin. But don’t worry, because you we do not forget of course: you can convince you of latest DOVE products, we’re giving away 3 sets for happy three happy beauty hearts winter skin.

But wait a minute, how did we on it now? was certainly the set that fell the most. Because we arrived two Sarahs of straws on batons and eventually landed in tomato juice. Of course we talked also about the cell cycle, which lasts 28 days, about the meaning of preservatives and Moreover, that care must be never generally valid, but always individually. While he swears by a natural cosmetics, it evokes the other possible allergic reactions. And just because the or that relies on rich body butter, his opponent must not just see it. I’m really terribly lazy when it comes to care, but Sarah could confirm me that I’m actually somehow all right.

And what struck me first in the hands? The shower oil. I make purchase decisions first and foremost about the scent, so is sniffed it as first.


Sarah Schuddekopf: What is especially important to friends at the care?

I love oils, because if I am still wet in the shower, I just use the oil, jump out and hop in my bathrobe to make-up me quietly. That was it.

Better you can not do really it. The oil, from us to example Derma Spa oil, combines with the water on the skin and becomes an emulsion and stores oil and moisture into the skin. This is really the best thing you can do.

Poah, really? And if I even use hair oil, I do like: hair oil in the top, turban on his head and face painting. Zack!

Very efficient!

Ah, what still matters to me is: must lather shower gel! I know that a good shampoo, do not foam to clean anyway, but I find little else unsatisfactory as a non-foaming shampoos and shower gels. Totally stupid, I know.


I’ve been there. Then you’ll like this shower oil but, I’m afraid.

Yes, but that doesn’t mean anything, here because this is Yes an oil – and since my head from the outset that adjusts itself, that it must not foam. That makes no sense now, but it’s a completely different number. Really true. But: Must I apply cream me anyway after the shower oil or is this enough?

It depends on your needs. Because the shower oil contains more than 50 percent natural oils, so from this it might work. You should probably first test it. You have very dry skin and missus tonight you daily?

I actually daily shower and wash my hair what you Yes actually don’t do every day. However I have in the morning back in the shower, because my hair looks when I have dipped it in a Butterfässchen. They’re just conditioned, which have not not even kidding themselves, with dry shampoo. And I think that’s why also my skin is so dry?

Well, not necessarily. It really comes down to, what products you are using. Here is for example argon oil in it, a sweetheart, so to speak. An oil which is obtained only in Morocco. Goats harvest’s, by the way, because the argan tree has so long spines, that people not on the tree ran we can. That seems to bother the goats. Google time Arganbaumöl, then you can see the closer look. And this oil just tremendously well connects the skin.


But when tilting to dry skin, you should put butter on top have on body.

Body mean butter?

Body butter again has a different texture and is very rich. The English love them, here in Germany she had it long hard, because she is simply slower a.

But it’s also really again setting thing. When I again take more time, then do I butter to the body, Yes? With this butter I do anything good without tightening effect and other Carlos me so easily?


That’s right, that wont really dry skin primarily. The cell moisturisers formulas in the formula stimulate the skin’s own process to the formation of natural moisturising factors. We speak here of fatty acids (sounds bad, it isn’t), that enter the skin and activate the cell cycle, so that increasingly Filaggrin is formed. A specific enzyme, Filaggrinase, shares the Filaggrin and so increasing skin’s moisturising factors can be developed, as for example, urea is one. That is. Here, the skin can help themselves and sustainably strengthen the supply of moisture. They where DermaSpa cashmere feel series of contained cell moisturisers help the cell so to reinforce this process. That is short and sweet: you not only on cremst, but also help the skin to stabilise.

But back to the body butter: what’s in it for now?

Oil, of course. And water. Rather long-chain substances. The butter is stirred long and this leads to this moisturising texture. In addition, emulsifiers are in there, so substances at the same time giving fat and water.

I totally like it that the butter is in a jar: the SOS box so to speak, in that I always put my paws.


Yes, but there’s actually even two types of people: a total like that, others find that terribly unsanitary.

Well, I use the Yes alone. In the public toilet would I not just slap da now also. But what is the difference with this cream here? [I am holding up feeling the DermaSpa with cashmere]

She is slightly lighter and has a different sensor. The body butter is just rich.

Can I use the body butter as Lippenbalm?

You can, but perhaps the scent not taste friends?

Nope, don’t mind me. Suitable also as hand cream? I’m always so terribly dry hands in the winter.

Works too, but then you’d want to give probably very long hand not a people.

Oh, just not so long took, with the retraction. I’ve massaged still my cuticles so.

Beauty facts in between.

Comb the hair before washing – and no longer in the wet. Protects the hair structure. Rub the damp skin with oil, then moisture wrapped perfectly with and maintains the oil on top. Almond and coconut oil suitable for the hair because they are short chain, and therefore better retract into the hair fiber. Drinking lots of water does not means that the skin looks too fresh. Rather, we would tip over before you can see it on our skin. Nutrients are the be-all and end-all of course! You can prevent Stretchmarks and Stretchmarks massages – grease helps only conditionally, more supportive. Conservation materials and co. depends on the dosage. Parabens are, for example, in the food. Smart care products should have on the screen. The allergy potential for natural cosmetics is for example very high. So everyone just for themselves should decide what he wants. The General statements are so difficult. You must decide for yourself: what is good for me and what doesn’t. The skin is made up of proteins and fats – proteins are the old cells and the fat is located in between. The wall model: Stones are proteins and the mortar is the fat. Read tip from Sarah: devoted to the “Lily of the Valley phenomenon” by Hanns Hatt and Regine Dee the topic of scent. Partner selection and purchase decision: smells always determine and affect our actions. Smell researchers Hatt is dedicated to the theme and skin with impressive theories and facts around. Our skin is composed of individual panels, the dander. The cycle lasts from a cell birth to sell-off 28 days. At the beginning they are perpendicular, then crush them and die. In between are fats – the skin barrier. This prevents we evaporate too. It holds the moisture in the body. The upper cells of course remember their past and just swell up when they come in connection with water. The cells arise and water cannot penetrate, but so skin looks just too so flaky. If you use care but now, you again, of course even the skin.

Well, then it took perhaps really very strongly your skin. But hand creams there are also various reasons: because of the size, they move faster and contain more moisturizer because you wash hands yes I hope several times a day and thereby again skin fat lose. But there’s the wash piece of Dove Yes also in turn.

This SOAP here?

Well, not quite: it is called washing units, because SOAP has very different properties. Soldiers had used their laundry soap, however so many minerals are in the sea, that the SOAP is no longer foam. And so a new technology has been developed and the wash piece was created, which foams in salty water. In any case, this piece of washing is also moisturizing and much milder. Maybe you need just not directly again creams you afterwards.


Will try it out. I’m also big bar of SOAP fan and am curious to see if I notice a difference. Oddly enough my skin feels taut didn’t, although it then and when but very dry. Probably it has become used already. I had a feeling of tension or would she itch, I would apply permanently also. But so? In the winter, I ever forget, me if I ever don’t see the legs. You have not any 5-minutes Spa tip for me?

Hmm, well. You can do a lot with the right shower gel: still look in the bag, a new product from us there, with integrated oil pearls that burst on the skin. Have you just tried to crush the?

Yes, look at this.

Oh, no. This is the leftover shell, the oil is now long in the shower gel and thus on the skin. The shower gel is super mild and actually will not dry your skin. A normal cleaner washes out practically with your own skin fat, because dirt is usually tied to skin fat – else would he abbroseln just (incidentally “animals wash” is often so; Keyword: sand washing). This care shower exchanging the fats and it ensures that your skin is protected from drying out. When we developed the product, the shower gel but not foamed. And most want just a shower, that foam. So we have set ourselves again on the product, until everything is agreed. We have found out, for two shares of surfactants to suppress the foam and took them out. Now it works: the foam is soft and fine.

OK, and now hand on heart: I am a hopeless case?

No, no not at all. You have just not too much time, but it doesn’t even matter as long it feels right. Basically you’re right everything with your shower-oil action, it doesn’t get any better. And if you don’t think something is missing, then consider yourself moisturising creams, butter or lotions, which give you a pleasant skin feel. The most important but ultimately, isn’t?

To the beauty talk: Sarah & Sarah < 3

Beauty facts (and others), who came in talking about me out.

I always take a shower: 4 to 5 minutes. And I shower first, so I AB must not bare the panes of glass. I hate swimming, because it is too warm. I then try and when every now and then, but it’s just not for me. The book is wet, the cell phone falls into the water. Pure stress. Is my head in the shower. Ideas and thoughts humping in my head so not under the water on, but always just before going to sleep. That’s why whatever a notebook is located on my dessert, so I can immediately write down thoughts, otherwise I don’t fall asleep in addition also. I’ve never done Spa because I never time it took me. Nike and I do that already for years, but somehow nothing it is. I’ve never been even once in the manicure at the Pedi. My home spa means to put that work quickly and are effective on products: compressed quality. And the scent, which is important. On the plane I have scarf always a cloth or one, so I can einmummeln myself to sleep in it and you can’t see when the mouth opens. We came out again? Because we talked about the dry air in the plane. I drink tomato juice also terribly happy. Just not on the plane, because it is too clichéd. Totally stupid of me, whatever I realize is on the ground. It happens to me constantly, I forget deodorant. Ultra uncomfortable.

But back to the competition.

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