It is usually not so easy to convince me of beauty collaborations, finally we have brought the two full professionals Scalamari and Elina for a very good reason in our team boat. The two really know where the make up Hare long runs. I, however, not at all. Instead I not quite selfish sanzgiri me for months in the #NoMakeUp swamp, mostly out of laziness. But also, because I rarely stumble upon products, which hold promise. That really healthier instead of merely painted fully make me look, if you understand what I mean. If I’m quite honest, it lusted me down and back, but after a touch of glow, which is able to cover the tracks of everyday life. To too little long sleep and then the period nights. Sometimes you want to simply cheat. But if, then right. Not in the sense of “doll”, but almost invisible. I had cream of nude by nature a tube of the sheer glow BB so deliver to our potential cooperation should primarily revolve. Quickly occurred to me that you probably quite deliberately chosen wanted Sarah and me as a self-confessed makeover muffle, as hardness test, so to speak. Armed with my basic negative attitude towards colour mush I turned the alleged magic me so. And was at the same time very little hat.

Nude by nature I suggested even a true make-up tutorial instead of as usual about to swear that you can ever not not fully plastered may look, when you’re happen fully plastered, in the face of my horizon. One for people like us. And Yes, again not entirely altruistic, I wanted to know now that finally even so how with the brushes and pots and tubes. You convinced me end not only the effect, but also the concept of the brand. For nude by nature is not only beauty, it is good for our skin: here in vain looking nasty synthetic preservatives and chemical ingredients such as Parabens, silicones, tallow, bismuth, sulfate and siloxanes. Instead the proven ingredients come from the natural of Australia, and: in the production of nude by nature products are also any animals distressed or been tested on them. Well here we go:


Let’s go to the day & night beauty tutorial for make up ring.

We were able to work with the wonderful Maria Ehrlich, nude by nature makeup artist:

Let’s start with Sarah Jane-

With the easy three minute glow up


1 basis

Gentle makeup remover / / sheer glow BB cream [soft sand]

with: the BB cream brush No. 18

Sarah’s skin with the gentle makeup remover is first cleaned by nude by nature, in principle you may use but like other skin cleansing product that is just at your fingertips. Now even our star of the hour is used: the sheer glow BB cream in colour soft sand 02 with lighter opacity of but full power. Shake on it. I like them especially, because nothing greasy or weighed down, instead active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Phytomoist, and desert date oil donate enough moisture, the skin can keep breathing alone and also naturally away radiate – one of the most important arguments for me, because I usually always despair at the “Ich am just in the paint like” effect of all products with similar effect. What else can the BB cream: blemishes and wrinkles are reduced, while the silicone-free formula with the Australian Kakadu Plum (much vitamin C!) together with Quandong and desert lime fought many visible signs of skin aging. I’ll soon 29 – so thanks. But now: Apply! Best with the BB cream brush Nr. 18. Brush in press on the back of the hand, and apply. With your fingers (ring finger – which exerts the least pressure!) it is also possible, however the result is then slightly doller. Tip 1: wear on the sheer glow BB cream from the inside to the outside, because there are often greater redness in face indoors and in the outer scope, less product is required. Tip 2: brush cleaning – at least 1 x a week with hair shampoo or brush cleaner. To do this, everyone on YouTube may peek which has little idea as much as I.

Perfecting concealer (porcelain beige 02) / concealer brush Nr. 1 / translucent finishing powder / blending brush No. 15

Small blemishes or redness we leave with the perfecting concealer (porcelain beige 02) disappear. Here the concealer brush can either Nr. 1 or even a finger are used (Yes, also here the ring finger is the best choice). Tip: Apply apply, so that the product helps right there, where it should and not moves from A to B. After the quick steps 1 and 2, we have achieved a light to medium opacity which is very well suited for the (all) day. Tip: Who wants to go to number “Durable”, powder off all areas that have been patched with the perfecting Concealer under the eyes and on the nose, with the translucent finishing powder – this helps against the deposit of the concealer in smaller wrinkles. For this purpose you can use for example a small blending brush (No. 15).

Highlight range / Rouge brush Nr. 6 / allure defining mascara

To make work the look to accomplish and yet radiant, yet some heat is breathed the face with the highlight palette. Attention: less is more, we want to not see out (this time) as Miss Kardashian-West. We use a mix of Rosé – and bronze-tone of palette Rouge. Tip: On the highest point of cheek cooking, apply, where the Sun kisses the face. Then we put a few dabs of the bronze tone at the hairline, which ensures the fabled glow. For this purpose, we use the Rouge brush No. 6. But why exactly again at the hairline? Because we do the same of the Sun, the face here to first of all tans. Finally, Sarah gets even the allure defining mascara in black missed. Here, the color is a matter of taste: Sarah bears prefer black mascara, I prefer Brown, because I imagine that he would take care of yet more natural despite cheat effect. Done – not nice is she, my Sarah Jane?

Now I’m at the range:

Nike Jane – like the easy three minute glow up in two steps is catcher

Sheer glow BB cream nude beige 03 / perfecting concealer sand 05 /.

Allure defining mascara brown

Quite cheeky there, we start where we left off at Sarah. I also wear as a “Base” the three minute glow up look. Because my skin tone according to professional is similar to that of olives, there is my new favorite discovery, the sheer glow BB cream, the color is ideal for me “nude beige 03”. I use it on the other hand the perfecting concealer in “Sand 05”, which creates allure defining mascara in Brown on my lashes.

Because I want to but exceptionally also a little shine as makeover-muffle, go with me with a slight contouring and highlighting. What is it at all, I can learn ratzfatz:


Contourpalette / Rouge brush angeled blush brush Nr. 6 /.

Touch of glow highlight stick 01 in 02 Rose & Champagne

With the Contourpalette and a Rouge brush (angeled blush brush Nr. 6) we apply the Middle tone of the Contourpalette of nude by nature under the cheekbones. I know, I know – twisted the word contouring so far my stomach, but believe me, it must look not bad and plastered to. Tip When applying: serious business! When applied is so please don’t laughed, otherwise the light, forming shadow sit at the wrong height. Attach the sound so just under the cheekbones and just don’t overdo it. Now with a touch of glow highlight 02 and champagne 01 highlights stick in Rose set. Rose is dabbed on with your fingers on the cheekbones and thus replaced the Rouge. Tip: The sticks have since replaced the Rouge with me and live more or less in my hand bag – I’m now so every now and again to all those who in the meantime quite secretly a little polishing the face. Classical highlights are used with the champagne tone. And what does that mean now? The highest points on the face, which are brought to the shimmer of the Sun first, be reinforced here by highlight products. Spotted over the cheekbones in a V-shape around the eye, under the highest point of the eyebrow Arch on the bridge of the nose and the lip heart (expands the mouth apparently). Almost done. I liked that blue stripe:


Natural wonders eye palette / angeled eyeliner pencil No 17

For this purpose we use for light blue clay from the natural wonders eye palette and drag an eyeliner. But not where he usually sits, but something much earlier. Well for all those who in the evening do not scratch or elaborately want make-up, but still kinda want to spin: two beauty trends from the runway at once, we have supposed to owe the Revial of the 80s. Eyeliner plus blue equal to wow or something similar. To apply, we use the angeled eyeliner pencil (No. 17), the we have slightly moistened before diving into the blue water. As a result, the color is amplified and made more durable. The stroke is set in the middle of the crease, so that he can act properly at the strumming. Finished:

-In friendly cooperation with nude by nature-


Beauty The “Nude By Nature” 3 Points Plan – A Make Up Tutorial For Make Up Ring