Bianca Balti, Pure Sensuality

Bianca Balti ES pure sensuality, There is no doubt. Mesmerizing eyes, a beautiful face and those lips so characteristic have made this Italian 25 years one of the most recognizable faces in the world of fashion.

Indeed, Wissler is a peculiar model, since not many can have on your resume have been magazine cover Playboy. After her recent pregnancy, many were those who gave it already by disappeared, but nothing further from the truth, Bianca Balti It has become again with strength and can already be considered as one of the most international Italian models together with Mariacarla Boscono, among others.

The beginning of Bianca Balti in the world of fashion was when less curious. He was a student of graphic design and was about to start the career of architecture, but always felt attracted by the world of fashion and in addition needed extra money to pay for the race and a long-awaited vacation.

He sent hundreds of various agencies, but most rejected him, until after much insistence Agency Brave accepted without hesitation our protagonist. She was 19 years old, and after starring in some works in Italy his final leap to the gateway would give it the following year in the hands of a more powerful Agency as IMG, big tops global agency. In fact, in this video we can see part of the casting with the IMG Agency.

It would be 20 years, in 2004, when we can see Bianca on the catwalk for the first time, and would be, how it could be otherwise, in Milan for designers as Costume National, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. That same year also would see it in the campaign of Dolce & Gabbana and on the cover of the French publication L ’ Officiel. Indeed the Italian couple wanted to Balti exclusively for their campaigns and the gateway by putting on the table a strong amount of money, which fortunately for Balti career did not materialize.

And it is that his starter was really spectacular, in 2005 there were numerous fashion houses seeking it to be image of their campaigns, no doubt the face of our protagonist has a force incredible.

Revlon, Guess, D & G, Missoni, Donna Karan and Cavalli, all of them in 2005 would be campaigns that Bianca would become one of the most sought after models. Numbers of a supermodel consecrated for a newcomer like it was Italian. Furthermore would participate in the annual parade of Victoria ’ s Secrets, also becoming one of the images of the House of lingerie.

During 2006 would fall slightly the piston on the runways, but even so we saw it paraded for major designers, including Haute Couture with Valentino.

In addition would continue exploiting his image to various advertising campaigns, the most recognized the of Mango, Since it would be the image of his spring-summer 2006 collection and also image of Pronovias.

2007 would be a year of unusual and special without a doubt in the career of Bianca Balti. And all mainly due to the birth of his first daughter, the result of his marriage to an Italian photographer who had married the previous year. Also that same year would give his first jump to the world of the celluloid with a role in film & #8220;Go go tales“ with William Dafoe and Bob Hoskins, which embodies a streap-tease dancer.

Everything seemed to indicate that the glory days of Bianca Balti in the world of fashion they were numbered after his new situation, but nothing is further from reality. While 2007 became practically blank on the catwalk (only paraded for Missoni), when I took the opportunity to perform various some advertising campaigns such as the perfume XS Black by Paco Rabanne, starring in the campaign of Pearl, be the mask you 2 image of Guerlain or converted into Dior girl for the French maison cosmetics line. Even give time to star in the cover of Vogue Spain in December 2007.

He would return to the 2008 runways, and although obviously its pace has not been of the years 2005 and 2006, the truth that can not complain about the large number of designers who have returned to bet for her. From Dsquared2, up to Givenchy, Cavalli and Missoni.
In addition the 2008 continues to have campaigns, such as those of baby Holyday, or St John next Hilary Rhoda and our Marina Pérez.

In 2009 continue to see it on the catwalks, although it must be said, increasingly less, this year has been just 10 shows in total. Anyway it remains throughout a beast in advertising campaigns is concerned, no doubt its great strength. Time for this 2009 already has the campaigns of Elie Tahari, Ermanno Scervino, Cesare Paciotti and Bulgari In addition to the covers of Elle Italy and Playboy France(you can find it below in the gallery). Somewhat unusual for a catwalk model, but which undoubtedly contributes to further increase the sensual touch that always accompanied this mixture of Sofia Loren and Angelina Jolie called Bianca Balti.

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