Blackford County, Indiana Demographics

Blackford County, Indiana Demographics

According to babyinger, Blackford County is located in the east-central part of Indiana along the Ohio border. It is bordered to the north by Jay County, to the east by Randolph County, to the south by Delaware County, and to the west by Grant and Wells counties. The county seat is Hartford City.

The terrain of Blackford County is mostly flat with some rolling hills. The land is mostly used for agricultural purposes, with some forests scattered throughout. The climate of Blackford County is humid continental with hot summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from a low of 25°F in January to a high of 81°F in July. Annual rainfall averages around 38 inches per year.

As of 2020, Blackford County had an estimated population of 12,902 people living within its boundaries. The population density was 62 people per square mile (24/km2). The racial makeup was 93% White non-Hispanic, 1% African American, 0% Native American or Alaska Native, 1% Asian American or Pacific Islander, 2% from other races and 3% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino people made up 4% of the population.

The median household income was $50,814 and 16% of residents were below the poverty line. Of those living in poverty in 2018, 62% were female and 38% male; 32% were under 18 years old and 10 % were 65 years old or older; 24 % had no health insurance coverage; 23 % had a disability; 18 % worked full time year round; 15 % did not have a high school diploma or equivalent; 14 % were single parent households; 10 % received food stamps/SNAP benefits; 8 % received cash public assistance income; 4 % received Supplemental Security Income (SSI); 2 % lived in mobile homes or trailers; 1 % lived on reservations or trust lands while 0 % lived in group quarters such as college dorms or military barracks/bases/vessels/ships.

Blackford County, Indiana

Economy of Blackford County, Indiana

The economy of Blackford County, Indiana is primarily agricultural. Farming and related industries make up the largest portion of the county’s economic activity. The county’s major crops are corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and cattle. Other important industries in Blackford County include manufacturing, retail trade and health care services.

Manufacturing is an important part of the local economy with several large employers located in the county including PPG Industries and Hillenbrand Industries. These companies produce a variety of products such as automotive parts, plastics, chemicals and medical equipment. Retail trade is also an important part of the local economy with many stores located in Hartford City and other towns throughout the county.

Health care services are another major component of Blackford County’s economic activity. The largest employer in this sector is Blackford Community Hospital which provides a variety of medical services to residents throughout the county. Other health care providers include physicians’ offices, nursing homes, home health agencies and mental health centers.

Blackford County also has a robust tourism industry with many attractions such as museums, historical sites and outdoor recreation areas that attract visitors from all over Indiana and beyond. There are also several festivals held throughout the year that draw tourists to Blackford County including the annual Blackford County Fair which takes place every August.

In addition to these industries, there are several small businesses operating throughout the county that contribute to its overall economic activity including restaurants, shops and service providers such as plumbers and electricians. The local government also plays an important role in supporting economic growth by providing infrastructure improvements such as roads, bridges and public transportation systems as well as incentives for businesses looking to locate in Blackford County.

Education in Blackford County, Indiana

According to Topschoolsintheusa, Blackford County, Indiana is served by two school districts: Blackford County Schools and Jay School Corporation. The county also has several private schools, including a parochial school and a Montessori school. In total, there are 11 schools in the county offering education to approximately 4,000 students.

The Blackford County Schools district is comprised of three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. The elementary schools provide students with instruction in core subjects such as reading, writing, math and science. Each of the elementary schools also offers special education services to students with unique learning needs. The middle school provides instruction in core subjects as well as foreign language classes such as Spanish and French. The high school offers a variety of courses such as English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies as well as elective courses in fine arts and foreign languages.

The Jay School Corporation consists of two elementary schools and one high school which serves approximately 1,500 students from grades K-12. Like the Blackford County Schools district, the Jay School Corporation provides instruction in core subjects such as reading, writing, math and science as well as special education services for students with unique learning needs. In addition to these core academic offerings, the high school also provides electives in art, music and physical education for all grade levels.

In addition to public schooling options within the county there are several private schools available for parents seeking alternative educational opportunities for their children. These include parochial schools such as St Mary’s Catholic School which provides religious-based instruction from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade; Montessori Academy which offers a child-centered approach to learning through individualized instruction; Oak Hill Academy which provides traditional education with an emphasis on character development; and New Life Christian Academy which focuses on teaching Biblical principles alongside traditional academic subjects like math, reading etc.,

Blackford County has a variety of educational opportunities available for its residents ranging from public to private schooling options that offer quality academic instruction tailored specifically to each student’s individual needs. With its wide array of educational choices available, it is no wonder that this county serves its citizens so well when it comes to providing quality educational experiences for all its residents regardless of age or income level.

Landmarks in Blackford County, Indiana

According to directoryaah, Blackford County, Indiana is home to a variety of landmarks that make it an exciting and unique destination for visitors. From its rich history to its diverse recreational activities, the county truly has something for everyone.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Blackford County is the historic Courthouse Square located in downtown Hartford City. This square was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 and stands as a testament to the county’s strong historical roots. The courthouse itself was built in 1876 and features a variety of architectural styles including Victorian, Romanesque, Greek Revival and Italianate. The building still stands today as a reminder of the county’s past and is open to visitors who can explore its interior or take part in one of its many ongoing events.

The Jay County Historical Museum is another popular landmark located within Blackford County. This museum houses a variety of artifacts from throughout the county’s history including photographs, documents and memorabilia that tell stories about Blackford County’s people, places and events. Visitors can explore exhibits ranging from Native American artifacts to Civil War memorabilia while learning more about the county’s rich past.

For those looking for outdoor recreation, Blackford County offers plenty of options such as hiking trails at Salamonie State Forest or fishing at Mississinewa Lake. Salamonie State Forest features over 5,000 acres of land with more than 25 miles of trails through wooded areas along with primitive camping sites for overnight stays. Mississinewa Lake offers excellent fishing opportunities on its 3,500-acre lake filled with largemouth bass, channel catfish and crappie among other species as well as boat ramps for easy access to the lake’s waters.

Blackford County also boasts several unique attractions such as The Fiddlers Three Theater which shows classic films on an old-fashioned projector screen or The Trailside Café which serves up delicious home cooked meals daily. No matter what type of experience you are looking for, you can find it here in Blackford County.

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