Book Review: Shadow Palette Koloss Wonderful!

I’ve never tested this brand to win this palette of shadows Koloss to test in the Beauty Fair this year. Right away I found the beautiful colors, mostly because they are my favorite at the time of make up: shades of blue and earthy tones, too. There are 8 eyeshadows and blush tones 4 to create numerous makeup.

The makeup palette of shadows from Koloss open is even more beautiful: you can see that most of the tones are sparkling, glow and are perfect to create makeup for both night and day. The pigmentation is very good compared with other national shadows, all swatches were made without primer!

The shades of blue are quite nice: since the light balue, going through a middleman, an approximate dark blue tone and, finally, a very dark navy blue. With these 4 colors you can easily create a olhão powerful blue with lighter shades on the inside corner and on mobile eyelid and dark tones scoring well the concave.

Already the earthy tones are lighter, with exception of the Brown and white that are opaque, the other two pull tones to the champagne and have a good cintilância which leaves the shadow very pretty and light look. Overall, I enjoyed the shadow palette Koloss-this is the number 3 Wonderful, but I’ve seen on the website of the brand that has other palettes only with neutral tones that seems to be quite nice too!

They liked that hint of makeup?

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