Brain Blah #Nomakeup Times, We Go Friends Don’t Say Well?

“I hope to God it’s a revolution. Cause I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing. With her essay for the newsletter project Lenny letter had Alicia Keys is end of may in the hearts of all women written. The musician got rid of at that time just in time for the new single from “in common” quite publicly any makeup, even on the corresponding album cover was and is no grams powder to detect: “I swear it is the strongest, most empowered, most free and honestly beautiful that I most have ever felt”, commented later on their decision of a logical consequence soon the #nomakeup movement arose from keys.

Women from all over the world post itself since then due to the Hashtag so, as nature created it: unadorned. “wonderful”, I thought at that time quickly until I soon got into the rag: what goes wrong there not powerful, if the natural suddenly as an exception applies and must be celebrated even quite publicly, ever again socially acceptable to be?

I had not noticed a long time that it is considered nowadays almost all stayed, to Dunk the own face before leaving their homes not in color. Unless outside summer and at the feet dangle flops flip. Then it is out tanning gleichts Yes ok to carry nearly invisible lashes through the streets. But not so, hailing sometimes worried comments, when, always the quick breakfast Croissant is preferred the beauty case about lack of time. I know that since I myself use a mascara. I had fished out an old anti-wrinkle eye cream from the Junk box, used, and quickly regretted this experiment. My left eyeball swelled within minutes to a pigeon egg-sized ball of fire, the eyelid itched and scratched and all the colour crept in black tears cheeks along. I ordered my affiliated spontaneous makeover abstinence, which continues today. More out of laziness than from principle. Responses to ungetuschte lashes and missing concealer doll skin anyway, are interesting to look at and certainly crazy.

Some examples from my personal collection: crap, whats going on? / not okay just? / you look really pale out. / it’s now like a women’s libbers movement? / he broke up? / the child is just exhausting? / haha, hangover? And: Wow, this is but brave. / Well, as long as you are also so beautiful. / Well, if mans afford can. / There you need to find themselves but also extremely good. / Yes the self-confidence to do so would be missing me.

Although mascara less sleepy days to my morning routine was like brushing your teeth to put “beauty” for me, but always only an annoying but useful secondary theme dar – perhaps I had been so numb from pure lack of interest for all comments whether my occasional unvarnished occurrence. But now the importance of all this twice, I notice, mostly during evening events, which are due to my profession. But above all I notice that the discomfort which can arise in the cases, not come from my heart, but is triggered by strangers. About, if the feeling creeps over me, you could keep overwhelmed or nabbed over me for unkempt, just because of course to detect shadows are small, under my eyes. Because the tips of my eyelashes appear to be transparent and my skin has different nuances, instead shine in the standard beige velvet Guldener highlights.

After a further dose of self-reflection had to I I also ask a question not easily to be answered: why exactly make-up we us again? Who’s to say that lashes in extra long and Jet Black beautiful should be just what rosy cheeks and beamed about the song? Because of the Auto Tune, I got it. But race we not in the exact wrong direction if we make not our self in the foreground, but mess with constant on same? It is not that easy of course. And more fundamentally critical I am any kind of extremes. I love, for example, to coat my lips with red paint to catapult the black Turtleneck Sweater 55 years in the past, so, as I had an appointment soon with Jean Paul and his pals for tea. I like my eyebrows with pomade to double in size to cheat and am glad about the invention of the cover pin, when the period pimples come. But I’m tired to be able to celebrate all that is not of their own free will and to regularly expire, because it of already much too late, sprucing up in panic. I would like to preen if anything, me alone me, for me. Maybe for my girlfriends. For a feeling that comes over me, a role in which I want to slip or because makeup as well as a preppy hairdo can certainly function as accessory. Just she should not be considered over life important, that would be nice. Then we would know how much beauty without Klimbim inside us may also finally.

Alicia Keys is a good example. She’s been ever more beautiful, real, engaging? I mean no. And slowly start to enjoy my new found freedom. Cycling in the rain, was rarely such bliss.