Brown County, Wisconsin Demographics

Brown County, Wisconsin Demographics

According to babyinger, Brown County, Wisconsin, is located in the northeast corner of the state and is bordered by Lake Michigan to the east. The county covers an area of 541 square miles and is home to a population of just over 248,000 people.

The geography of Brown County is mostly flat with some rolling hills in the western part of the county. The terrain also consists of several rivers and streams which feed into Lake Michigan, as well as several small lakes scattered throughout the area. The county’s highest point is located at an elevation of 804 feet in Green Bay Township.

The climate in Brown County is generally considered humid continental with warm summers and cold winters. Average temperatures range from highs in the upper 70s during mid-summer to lows around 5 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months. Precipitation amounts average around 28 inches annually with most falling between May and September.

Brown County’s population is made up primarily of white Americans who make up around 90% of the total population while African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans make up smaller percentages. The median household income in Brown County is just under $60,000 per year while unemployment rates hover around 4%.

The largest city in Brown County by population is Green Bay which serves as its county seat and has a population just shy of 105,000 people. Other cities include De Pere (24,400), Ashwaubenon (17,100) and Howard (11,500). The majority of residents are employed by service-related businesses such as healthcare providers or educational institutions while manufacturing also plays an important role within the local economy.

Brown County provides its residents with a great quality of life thanks to its abundance of natural beauty and recreational opportunities that are available year-round. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or simply want to take advantage of its many cultural attractions there’s something for everyone here.

Brown County, Wisconsin

Economy of Brown County, Wisconsin

The economy of Brown County, Wisconsin is largely based on service-oriented businesses and manufacturing. The county is home to a number of large employers including the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field Stadium, and Shopko Stores. Additionally, the county is also home to several healthcare providers such as Bellin Health System and Prevea Health, as well as educational institutions like the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay and St. Norbert College.

Manufacturing plays an important role in the economy of Brown County with a variety of industries represented within its borders. Companies such as Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Schneider National Inc., and Uline all have major presences in the area employing thousands of people in various capacities. In addition to these larger employers there are also numerous smaller manufacturing companies that contribute to the local economy.

The agricultural sector is also an important part of Brown County’s economy with many farmers producing crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and vegetables for both local consumption and export markets. The dairy industry has long been a staple within the region with over 500 farms throughout the county producing milk for cheese production as well as other dairy products like butter and yogurt.

The tourism industry also plays an important role in Brown County’s economy thanks to its abundance of natural beauty which makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the Midwest region. Local attractions include state parks such as High Cliff State Park which offers visitors breathtaking views along Lake Winnebago or Newport State Park which offers camping opportunities along Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

Brown County provides its residents with a great quality of life thanks to its strong economy that offers ample job opportunities across a variety of industries while also providing access to recreational activities year-round.

Education in Brown County, Wisconsin

According to Topschoolsintheusa, Brown County, Wisconsin is home to a variety of educational opportunities for both children and adults. For children, the county is served by a number of public school districts including the Green Bay Area Public School District, Howard-Suamico School District, and Pulaski Community School District. Within these districts there are several elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and alternative education opportunities.

The University of Wisconsin–Green Bay is located in the county and serves as the area’s primary higher education institution. It offers a wide range of degree programs from associate’s to doctoral degrees in areas such as business, engineering, health sciences, liberal arts, and more. Additionally, there are several private colleges located in Brown County including St. Norbert College which offers undergraduate degrees in areas such as business administration, education, nursing and more; Silver Lake College which specializes in nursing; and Bellin College which focuses on healthcare related fields.

For those looking for specialized training or continuing education opportunities there are numerous vocational schools throughout Brown County that offer programs in areas such as culinary arts, automotive repair/maintenance technology, welding technology and more. Additionally, there are many adult-education classes offered through local libraries or community centers that provide instruction in computer skills or other job-related topics.

Finally, Brown County also provides excellent early childhood learning opportunities with numerous daycare centers throughout the area that provide quality care for infants through preschoolers while also helping them prepare for kindergarten readiness. There are also plenty of after school programs available to help children stay engaged while their parents work during the day or evening hours.

Brown County provides its residents with an excellent variety of educational opportunities ranging from traditional K-12 schooling to higher education institutions to specialized training programs – all designed to help individuals pursue their educational goals.

Landmarks in Brown County, Wisconsin

According to directoryaah, Brown County, Wisconsin is home to a rich variety of landmarks that are sure to impress visitors and locals alike. From beautiful natural landscapes to historic buildings and monuments, there’s something for everyone in this county.

For those looking to explore the outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities. The Brown County Park System is a great place to start, with over 2,000 acres of park land for visitors to explore. There are miles of trails for biking and hiking, as well as beaches along the Fox River and Lake Michigan. If you’re looking for something more extreme, the High Cliff State Park offers rock climbing and rappelling opportunities.

The National Historic Landmark Neville Public Museum is located in downtown Green Bay and showcases the history of the area through its permanent collection of artifacts from Native American cultures as well as displays on early European settlement in the area. The museum also offers interactive activities such as live music performances and educational programs throughout the year.

Another must-see landmark is Lambeau Field – home of the Green Bay Packers football team since 1957. Not only can visitors take tours through this historic stadium but they can also visit its on-site museum which features memorabilia from legendary players such as Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr.

The Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena is another popular attraction in Green Bay, hosting a variety of events from concerts to sports games throughout the year. It’s also home to several professional sports teams including hockey’s Green Bay Gamblers and basketball’s Wisconsin Herd.

Finally, no trip to Brown County would be complete without visiting its signature lighthouse – Rawley Point Lighthouse – located at the tip of Door Peninsula along Lake Michigan’s shores. This iconic structure has been guiding ships since 1895 and offers stunning views of Lake Michigan from its observation deck.

No matter what your interests may be, there’s something special about Brown County that makes it an ideal destination for exploring both nature and history alike.

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