Bryan County, Georgia Demographics

Bryan County, Georgia Demographics

Bryan County is located in southeastern Georgia, near the coast. It is part of the Coastal Empire region and is bordered by Chatham, Effingham and Liberty counties. The county covers an area of 546 square miles and has a population of over 30,000 people. The county seat is Pembroke.

The geography of Bryan County consists mostly of lowlands with some uplands in the northern part of the county. The terrain is mostly flat with some gently rolling hills in the north. There are several small rivers and creeks running through the county, including the Ogeechee River which forms its western boundary. The majority of land in Bryan County is used for agricultural purposes such as growing cotton, soybeans, corn, peanuts and other crops.

The climate in Bryan County is classified as humid subtropical. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures often reaching into the 90s while winters are mild to cool with temperatures rarely dipping below freezing. Rainfall averages around 50 inches per year which makes it one of the wettest areas in Georgia.

The population of Bryan County is made up primarily of African Americans (69%) followed by Whites (27%), Hispanics (2%) and Asians (1%). The median household income is $43,000 which is slightly lower than that for Georgia as a whole ($50,000). A large portion of residents live below the poverty line at about 21%.

Bryan County, Georgia

Economy of Bryan County, Georgia

The economy of Bryan County, Georgia, is primarily based on agriculture and light industry. Agriculture is the main economic activity with crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn, peanuts and other crops being grown in the county. Livestock is also raised in the county with beef cattle being the most predominant. Other agricultural products include poultry and eggs, dairy products, timber and seafood.

Light industry plays an important role in Bryan County as well. Manufacturing industries such as food processing, paper products, chemicals and textiles are all located in the county. There are also several retail stores located throughout the county that provide goods to residents and visitors alike.

Bryan County also has a vibrant tourism industry that draws visitors from all over the country. Tourists come to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, boating and hunting in the area’s many parks and wildlife refuges. The beaches of nearby Tybee Island are popular destinations for sunbathing and swimming while historical sites like Fort McAllister offer a glimpse into Georgia’s past.

In addition to these industries, Bryan County also has a growing service sector which includes healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics; educational institutions; financial institutions; hotels; restaurants; professional services; transportation companies; media outlets; government offices; churches; retail stores; technology companies; construction companies; and more.

Bryan County offers a diverse economic landscape with plenty of opportunities for growth in both the primary sectors of agriculture and light industry as well as in its growing service sector which provides employment for many local residents. With its prime location near Savannah along with its strong agricultural base, it is sure to remain an important part of Georgia’s economy for years to come.

Libraries in Bryan County, Georgia

According to babyinger, Bryan County, Georgia is home to numerous public libraries that provide a wealth of resources and services to its residents. The main library in the county is the Richmond Hill Public Library, located in Richmond Hill. It serves as the primary source of information for those living in the area and offers a variety of books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, DVDs and more. The library also provides access to computers with internet access as well as Wi-Fi for those who bring their own devices. Patrons can also take advantage of special events such as lectures and workshops or take part in book clubs or other activities.

The Pembroke Public Library is another popular destination for those living in Bryan County. Located in Pembroke, the library offers a wide range of materials including books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks and much more. Patrons can also take advantage of computer access with internet connection and Wi-Fi for their own devices. Special events such as lectures and workshops are held here on a regular basis as well.

The Bryan County Library System also operates several branch libraries throughout the county which serve small communities not served by larger libraries. These branches offer materials similar to those found at larger libraries with the added convenience of being closer to home for patrons who may not be able to travel far distances to visit larger libraries such as Richmond Hill or Pembroke Public Library.

In addition to these public libraries, Bryan County is also home to several academic libraries located on college campuses throughout the county such as Ogeechee Technical College and Savannah State University Libraries which serve students enrolled at these institutions by providing them with materials needed for their studies or research projects related to their fields of study.

All these public and academic libraries provide invaluable resources that enable residents of Bryan County to stay informed about current events while expanding their knowledge base through books and other materials available at these facilities.

Landmarks in Bryan County, Georgia

According to A2zdirectory, Bryan County, Georgia is home to many beautiful landmarks that attract tourists and locals alike. From historic sites to natural wonders, this county has something for everyone to explore and enjoy.

First, there is the Richmond Hill Historic District. This district includes the historic downtown area of Richmond Hill and includes a variety of historic buildings, homes, churches and other structures from various time periods. It also features monuments dedicated to those who served in the Civil War as well as a variety of parks and trails for visitors to explore.

The Fort McAllister State Park is another popular landmark in Bryan County. This park features a Civil War era fort that was built by Confederate forces in 1862 and is now open for visitors to tour. The park also offers camping sites, picnic areas, nature trails and a boat ramp for those who want to take advantage of the nearby Ogeechee River.

The Ogeechee Coastal Wildlife Refuge is also located in Bryan County and provides visitors with an opportunity to observe wildlife such as birds, turtles, alligators and other animals in their natural habitat. There are several hiking trails throughout the refuge as well as observation towers where visitors can get a better view of the wildlife living there.

For those interested in history, The Bryan Neck Missionary Baptist Church is worth visiting due to its historical significance as one of the oldest churches established by freed slaves after the Civil War. The church has been restored over time and now serves as an important reminder of African American history in Bryan County.

Finally, The Jekyll Island State Park offers stunning views of Georgia’s coast along with opportunities for fishing, swimming or simply relaxing on a beach day trip or weekend getaway from nearby Savannah or Brunswick. Visitors can also explore some of Jekyll Island’s historic sites such as Horton House or Faith Chapel which were built during the late 1800s by wealthy families who used this island as their summer retreats during that time period.

These are just some examples of landmarks located in Bryan County Georgia that provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about its rich history while exploring its natural beauty at the same time.

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