Bryant, Arkansas Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Bryant, Arkansas Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Babyinger, Bryant, Arkansas is a city located in Saline County, just north of Little Rock. Bryant is bordered by several towns and cities that offer a variety of attractions for residents and visitors alike. To the north lies the town of Alexander, which is home to the Alexander Nature Trail and the historic Alexander Cemetery. This cemetery dates back to 1868 and it is a peaceful place to explore the history of this area. Just east of Bryant lies Benton, which offers many attractions such as the Benton Event Center, an outdoor amphitheater, and numerous parks for outdoor recreation.

To the south lies Bauxite, an unincorporated community known for its rich deposits of aluminum ore that were mined from 1895-1982. Today, Bauxite has become a tourist destination with several museums dedicated to its aluminum mining history such as Bauxite Mining Museum and the Arkansas Aluminum Museum.

To the west lies Hot Springs Village which features numerous lakes, golf courses, and other recreational activities such as hiking trails, fishing spots, and more. This area is also home to Hot Springs National Park where visitors can explore natural hot springs pools or take in scenic views from atop Hot Springs Mountain Tower.

No matter what you are looking for in terms of entertainment or relaxation there are plenty of options available near Bryant. From historical sites to national parks there is something here for everyone. Whether you are looking for a day trip or an extended vacation you will find plenty to do in this part of Arkansas.

Bryant, Arkansas

Population of Bryant, Arkansas

According to best-medical-schools, Bryant, Arkansas is a city located in Saline County with a population of 22,711 according to the 2019 US Census. The population has grown steadily over the past decade, with an estimated growth rate of 1.6% since 2010.

Bryant has a diverse population with approximately 54% identifying as white, 33% identifying as Black or African American, 8% identifying as Asian, and 5% identifying as Hispanic or Latino. The median age of residents is 34 years old and the median household income is $63,154.

The majority of Bryant’s residents are employed in professional occupations such as management and financial services. There are also many jobs available in education, healthcare and retail sectors. The city offers excellent educational opportunities for its students from preschool age through college level courses offered at nearby University of Central Arkansas and Pulaski Technical College campuses.

The city also offers plenty of recreational activities for all ages including hiking trails, fishing spots, golf courses, parks and playgrounds. Bryant boasts a vibrant arts scene with multiple galleries featuring local artists’ works as well as live music venues offering entertainment year-round. With its close proximity to Little Rock and other cities in central Arkansas there are plenty of options for shopping, dining out or attending events like concerts or sporting events.

With its diverse population and abundance of recreational activities Bryant is an ideal place to call home. Whether you are looking for a peaceful place to raise a family or just looking for somewhere to find fun activities you can find it here.

Schools and Education of Bryant, Arkansas

Bryant, Arkansas is served by the Bryant Public School District which consists of six elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school and one alternative school. The district also offers a virtual learning program for students who prefer to learn online.

The district’s mission is to “provide a quality education that will enable all students to reach their fullest potential” and they strive to achieve this through their commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. The district has earned an “A” rating from the Arkansas Department of Education for the past four years due to its exemplary performance in academic achievement, student success and fiscal management.

Bryant High School is the largest school in the district with an enrollment of over 3,000 students. It offers a variety of courses including Advanced Placement classes as well as career technical education programs such as auto mechanics, building trades and culinary arts. The school also provides extracurricular activities for students including athletics, performing arts groups, National Honor Society and student council.

In addition to the public schools in Bryant there are also several private schools available for both elementary and secondary education including Saint Joseph Catholic School and Arkansas Baptist College Preparatory School. For post-secondary education there are several college campuses located nearby such as University of Central Arkansas in Conway and Pulaski Technical College in North Little Rock.

Overall, Bryant has an excellent educational system that provides a quality learning environment for its students while also offering plenty of extracurricular activities that help foster creativity and growth outside of the classroom walls. With its top-notch public schools, private institutions and nearby universities it is no surprise that Bryant has become known as an educational hub in central Arkansas.

Landmarks in Bryant, Arkansas

Bryant, Arkansas is a small city that is rich in history and culture. It is home to many landmarks, including some that have been around for centuries.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Bryant is the Old Mill. This historic gristmill dates back to the 1840s and has been an important part of the area’s history ever since. The mill, which was built by settlers from Tennessee, was used to grind grain for local farmers. Today it stands as a reminder of Bryant’s past and has become a popular tourist destination.

Another popular landmark in Bryant is the William Furlow House. This historic home was built in 1867 and is one of the oldest houses in the area. It was owned by William Furlow, who was an early settler and prominent businessman in Bryant. The house has been restored to its original condition and now serves as a museum where visitors can learn about life during the early days of settlement.

The Worthen Bank Building is another significant landmark in Bryant. It was built in 1907 and served as one of Arkansas’ first banks until it closed its doors in 1937 due to financial difficulties during the Great Depression era. Today, it houses several businesses including a restaurant, antique shop, art gallery, and more.

The Saline County Courthouse is yet another noteworthy landmark in Bryant. This building dates back to 1903 when it served as Saline County’s first courthouse after being moved from Bentonville due to overcrowding issues at their original courthouse there. Today it still serves as a courthouse but also offers tours so visitors can learn more about its history and architecture.

Finally, there’s Lake Winona Park which is located just outside of town on Highway 5 South. This park features two fishing lakes (Lake Winona & Lake Harper), walking trails, picnic pavilions, playgrounds, camping sites and more. It’s a great place for locals or visitors alike to spend some time outdoors enjoying nature or engaging in recreational activities like swimming or fishing.

These are just some of the many landmarks that make up Bryant’s unique landscape – each providing insight into its past while offering plenty for visitors and locals alike to enjoy today.

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