Buckingham County, Virginia Demographics

Buckingham County, Virginia Demographics

Buckingham County, Virginia is a rural county located in the central part of the state. It is bordered by Cumberland County to the north, Prince Edward County to the east, Appomattox County to the south, and Albemarle and Fluvanna counties to the west. The total area of Buckingham County is 464 square miles, with roughly 100 square miles of water.

The terrain of Buckingham County is generally rolling hills and forests with some areas of flatlands near its rivers. The majority of the county is covered by forested areas consisting mainly of oak, hickory, pine, and maple trees. Additionally, there are several lakes and ponds scattered throughout the county which provide excellent fishing opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

The weather in Buckingham County tends to be mild throughout most of the year with temperatures ranging from an average low of 41°F in January to an average high of 86°F during July and August. On average there are about 35 inches of rain per year with approximately 50 inches or more during winter months. Snowfall typically ranges from 5-10 inches annually although this can vary depending on location within the county.

As for population size, Buckingham County has a population estimated at 17,000 people as of 2018 according to census data provided by Virginia’s Department of Planning & Budgeting. This population consists mostly of white individuals (90%) with African American individuals making up 8% while Hispanic individuals make up 1%. As far as age goes most residents are between 25-44 years old (35%) while those 65 years old or older make up 13% and those under 18 make up 20%.

Buckingham County offers plenty for both locals and visitors alike from its rolling hills and forested areas to its mild weather year-round. With its rich history dating back centuries combined with its diverse geographical features it’s no wonder why so many people choose Buckingham as their home or vacation destination.

Buckingham County, Virginia

Economy of Buckingham County, Virginia

Buckingham County, Virginia is located in the central part of the state and encompasses 464 square miles with a population of 17,000 people. The county is comprised mainly of white individuals (90%) with African American individuals making up 8% and Hispanic individuals making up 1%. The economy of Buckingham County is largely agricultural, with its primary crops being hay, corn, soybeans, tobacco, and wheat. Additionally, the county has a strong forestry industry due to its abundance of oak, hickory, pine and maple trees.

Agriculture serves as the main economic driver for Buckingham County. In addition to crops such as hay, corn, soybeans and wheat there are also several large dairy farms in the area that supply milk to dairy processing plants in nearby counties. Additionally, there are many smaller farms throughout the county growing vegetables for local markets or producing eggs for sale at roadside stands.

The forestry industry is also an important part of Buckingham’s economy as it provides jobs for loggers who harvest timber from the various forests in the area. This timber is then used by local sawmills to produce lumber which is used by construction companies throughout Central Virginia. The wood products produced by these mills are also sold to furniture makers who use them to create tables and chairs for homes across the region.

In addition to agriculture and forestry there are numerous other businesses located within Buckingham County that help drive its economy. These include several retail stores such as grocery stores and hardware stores which provide goods and services to local residents as well as tourists visiting from out of town. There are also a number of restaurants offering both traditional American fare and international cuisine that attract diners from all over Central Virginia.

Buckingham County has a diverse economy that provides jobs for its citizens while supplying goods and services both locally and regionally throughout Central Virginia. From its agricultural production to its forestry industry and all other businesses located within it’s borders Buckingham County has something for everyone whether you’re looking for employment or just looking to spend some quality time exploring all it has to offer.

Libraries in Buckingham County, Virginia

According to babyinger, Buckingham County, Virginia is home to a number of libraries that serve the citizens of the county and surrounding areas. The county has two public libraries, one in Dillwyn and one in Buckingham, as well as a number of smaller branch libraries located throughout the county. Each library offers its own unique set of services to patrons including access to books, magazines, newspapers and other media. Additionally, each library provides access to computers and internet services for those who need them.

The Dillwyn Public Library is located in the heart of downtown Dillwyn and serves as a hub for community activities such as book clubs, lectures, movie screenings and more. The library also serves as a resource center for students with its collection of educational materials such as textbooks and reference books. Additionally, patrons have access to free Wi-Fi while inside the building so they can stay connected while studying or researching topics.

The Buckingham Public Library is located in the historic district of town near several other businesses and attractions. The library houses an impressive collection of books which include fiction titles as well as non-fiction works on topics ranging from history to science. Patrons can also check out movies from the library’s DVD collection or make use of its computer lab which offers high speed internet access for research purposes.

In addition to these two larger public libraries there are several smaller branch locations throughout Buckingham County. These branch locations offer access to materials similar to those found at the main libraries but on a smaller scale due to their limited space constraints. Patrons can typically check out books from these branches but they do not have access to computers or internet services like those found at the main locations.

Buckingham County has an impressive network of public libraries that serve both residents and visitors alike by providing them with access to educational materials along with entertainment options such as movies and music via their collections or through digital resources such as eBooks or streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus which are available through many public libraries today. Whether you’re looking for something informative or just looking for something fun, you’re sure to find it at any one of Buckingham County’s many public libraries.

Landmarks in Buckingham County, Virginia

According to A2zdirectory, Buckingham County, Virginia is a small county located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The county is home to a variety of cultural and natural attractions that draw visitors from near and far. From historical sites to outdoor activities, Buckingham County has something for everyone to enjoy.

The most notable landmark in Buckingham County is the historic courthouse which was built in 1776 and served as a meeting place for local government. The courthouse is now open to the public and offers guided tours that showcase its unique architecture and history.

The James River flows through Buckingham County and offers visitors plenty of opportunities for recreation such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, and swimming. Along the riverbanks you will find several parks with picnic areas, playgrounds, hiking trails, boat launches, campgrounds, and more.

The Slate River Valley is another popular destination in Buckingham County where visitors can explore miles of scenic trails with views of the mountains and valleys below. The valley also features several historical sites including old mills, churches, cemeteries, and other structures from past eras.

If shopping is more your style then don’t miss out on visiting Dillwyn’s historic downtown district where you can find unique boutiques offering antiques, clothing items made by local artisans, jewelry pieces handcrafted by local jewelers as well as a variety of restaurants serving up delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

No visit to Buckingham County would be complete without taking time to explore its many natural attractions such as Natural Bridge State Park which features a 215-foot tall stone arch bridge carved out by Cedar Creek over thousands of years ago or Crabtree Falls which offers spectacular views from its cascading waterfalls along with hiking trails that run through dense forests full of wildlife like deer and wild turkeys.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or educational experiences there are plenty of things to do in Buckingham County Virginia. From historical landmarks to outdoor activities there’s something here for everyone so come explore this beautiful corner of Virginia.

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