California State University Chico Student Review

California State University Chico Student Review

Chico – Perfect for Students

Chico is a manageable city located 3 hours north of San Francisco. Chico offers some advantages compared to a metropolis like San Francisco, San Diego or LA: The costs are manageable, the weather is good, not constantly foggy and windy like in San Francisco and it was not for nothing that Chico was once voted the best party university. Chico is also an ideal starting point for weekend trips; Whether to San Francisco, Lake Tahoe or skiing in the mountains, everything is within easy reach. Hertz Car Rental will become your best friend too.  Find more review on California State University Chico on existingcountries.

Chico not only attracts with the charm of a student town, but also with the beautiful Bidwell Park. There you can relax by the pool or stream or have a nice evening with friends at the many BBQ spots.
Chico is also “The Bicycle City” in the USA. Everything is easily accessible by bike and you can buy cheap bikes on site.

So now to the university: I have taken 4 courses with a total of 15 units plus an ALCI course. The university courses have a good level and with a little commitment you can shine with good performance. I have studied Accounting, Manufacturing Processes, Managing Project Teams and Supply Chain Management. In most of the courses we wrote a test every week, but these are really not difficult if you prepare for them. The professors are very nice and fair, if you still have problems with the language, don’t be afraid to ask them about a word or two during the exam. The ALCI course was too low for the German Nivau students and that is why we were allowed to deselect the course after 8 weeks. We were about 20 Germans and therefore far fewer than at well-known universities like San Diego and Co. I see this as an advantage. Personally, I had no problems getting into the courses despite the waiting list. A personal conversation with the professor helps and it is best to expressly explain again that you did not have the opportunity to enroll beforehand and you will understand your situation.

The campus is beautiful and looks more like a park than a university and if you do your courses skillfully, you have one day off a week. You can then use this to go to the gym. The gym is only 1 year old and well equipped. Courses take place around the clock and there are plenty of sun loungers at the large pool to relax from the stressful everyday life at the university. The fee for the gym is about $ 120 for the semester. So definitely register!
In your free time you can experience a lot in Chico, whether in Upper Bidwell Park for swimming, in the Chico Mall or in the nice city center for shopping, Chico has something for everyone. And those who like to party are in good hands in Chico – one dollar night is part of the standard program here.

There are enough housing options in Chico, some better – some worse. I lived quite a distance from the university and would recommend you to look for a few more days and look for something central. Prices range from $ 350 to $ 500. Often only an annual contract can be concluded, but finding a new tenant is not so difficult thanks to the MicroEDU Forum.

If you are frugal and cook for yourself, you can easily survive $ 300 plus rent a month. There is no real cafeteria like we are used to from German universities in Chico. There are various food stalls, but they are far from a “German” balanced meal and cost between 5-9 dollars. Since the university is located in the middle of the city, you can also eat in one of the numerous bars and restaurants during your lunch break. Attention, voucher booklets will be distributed on campus in the first week, so you could save a lot in the restaurants and bars.

I can only recommend you to go to Chico. Chico is the perfect student city and you will have a lot of fun. The tuition fees are affordable and you won’t have the problem like in other cities that you can’t attend courses because of overcrowding. Have fun and thanks to MicroEDU, the organization couldn’t have been easier.

California State University Chico Student Review

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