Camden County, Missouri Demographics

Camden County, Missouri Demographics

Camden County, Missouri is located in the Ozark Mountains region of the state. It is bordered to the north by Laclede County, to the east by Hickory County, to the south by Dallas and Polk counties, and to the west by Morgan and Miller counties. The county has a total area of 582 square miles with a population of 44,002 as of 2019.

The geography of Camden County is mainly composed of rolling hills with some flat areas. The terrain is mostly forested with oak-hickory forests near the rivers and streams as well as pine forests in some areas. The county also has several large lakes such as Lake Ozark, Truman Lake, and Stockton Lake which provide recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

The climate in Camden County is typically warm and humid during summer months while winters are usually cold but mild with occasional snowfall during winter months. Average temperatures range from highs in the mid 80s Fahrenheit (F) during summer months to lows around 25 F during winter months.

The population of Camden County was 44,002 according to 2019 estimates with a growth rate of 0.3% since 2010 making it one of Missouri’s fastest growing counties. The majority (87%) are White non-Hispanic followed by Black or African American (7%), Hispanic or Latino (2%), Asian (1%) and Native American (less than 1%). The median household income for Camden County was $41,092 according to 2018 estimates while the per capita income was $21,831 indicating that there may be some economic disparities within this rural county.

Camden County, Missouri

Economy of Camden County, Missouri

Camden County, Missouri is located in the Ozark Mountains region of the state. It has a population of 44,002 as of 2019 and an area of 582 square miles. The economy of Camden County is mainly based on agriculture and tourism with some manufacturing activity.

Agriculture has been the main industry in Camden County since it was first settled in the early 1800s and remains an important part of its economy today. The county’s primary crops are soybeans, corn, wheat and hay while livestock production (cattle, hogs, chickens) is also significant. In addition to farming activities, there are also numerous nurseries and greenhouses that provide plants for commercial landscaping projects across the state.

Tourism is also an important part of Camden County’s economy with visitors coming to enjoy its natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities (fishing, hiking, camping), and small-town charm. Lake Ozark State Park is a popular destination for campers while nearby Ha Ha Tonka State Park offers scenic views from its bluffs over Lake Niangua. Additionally, the county hosts festivals throughout the year such as the Lake Ozark Blues Festival which draws thousands annually.

Manufacturing activity in Camden County includes food processing plants as well as furniture makers and metal fabricators which provide goods to other parts of Missouri and beyond. Additionally, there are several companies that specialize in providing services such as transportation logistics or IT support to businesses outside the county.

Camden County’s economy relies heavily on agriculture but also benefits from tourism and manufacturing activities that provide jobs for local residents while contributing to its overall economic health.

Libraries in Camden County, Missouri

According to babyinger, Camden County, Missouri is home to five public libraries that serve the needs of local residents and visitors alike. The largest library in the county is the Camden County Library located in Camdenton which opened in 1967. It houses more than 100,000 volumes including books, magazines, newspapers, and audio-visual materials. Additionally, it has a variety of resources such as computers with internet access and meeting rooms for community events.

The other four libraries in Camden County are branch locations of the main library. These branches are located in Macks Creek, Osage Beach, Sunrise Beach and Climax Springs. Each branch offers a selection of books and other materials similar to that found at the main library as well as internet access and meeting rooms for community events.

In addition to traditional print materials, all five libraries offer digital resources such as e-books and audiobooks that patrons can access from their own devices or computers at the library itself. Patrons can also take advantage of online databases which provide access to articles from magazines, journals and newspapers as well as reference works such as encyclopedias and dictionaries.

The libraries also offer a number of programs for children including storytime sessions, summer reading programs, after school activities and more which are designed to promote literacy among young people in Camden County. Additionally, they host special events throughout the year such as book clubs or author talks that bring people together to share their love of reading.

Camden County’s public libraries provide an invaluable resource for local residents by helping them stay informed about current events, gain knowledge on a variety of topics or just escape into a good book for an hour or two each day.

Landmarks in Camden County, Missouri

According to A2zdirectory, Camden County, Missouri is home to a variety of landmarks that draw both locals and visitors alike. One of the most popular attractions is the Ha Ha Tonka State Park which features a castle-like structure built in the early 1900s by Robert M. Snyder. This structure, along with the natural beauty of the park, has made it a hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike.

The Lake of the Ozarks is another popular destination in Camden County that offers boating, fishing, swimming and other recreational activities. It’s also home to several marinas as well as numerous restaurants and bars along its shoreline.

The Osage Beach Premium Outlets are also located in Camden County and provide shoppers with a wide selection of stores offering everything from clothing to home goods at discounted prices. Additionally, there are several museums in the area such as the Camden County Historical Museum which showcases artifacts from local history including Native American items and Civil War memorabilia.

The Truman Memorial Building is located in nearby Independence and serves as a tribute to President Harry S Truman who was born in Lamar, Missouri which is located within Camden County. The building contains exhibits showcasing his life as well as artifacts from his presidency such as furniture and documents signed by him while he was in office.

Finally, another popular landmark in Camden County is Big Surf Waterpark which offers thrilling water slides, lazy rivers and wave pools for children and adults alike to enjoy on hot summer days.

Camden County offers something for everyone with its diverse range of landmarks that provide visitors with an opportunity to explore history or just have some fun.

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