Capillary Schedule, the Beauty of Your Hair

If silky, shiny and healthy strands seemed movie thing for you, prepare to leave this thought in the past: the capillary schedule is a treatment program for your hairs that can be done at home, without having to spend your precious money at the Salon.

Tempting, isn’t it!? But here in the website you don’t just stay at will, not: talk with a dermatologist specializing in hair Husain Chandra, of São Paulo, and we get the best tips on the capillary schedule to leave you with a wig fit for a Princess.

Masks and calendars will be your new best friends.

In capillary schedule, the process of strengthening of the hair turns on homemade treatment masks. Yes, those famous pots big ones you find in perfume shops and the like. The secret of success is in using the right product at the right time, and that’s where the calendar. To understand better, take a look at the official schedule followed by the majority of women:

In this schedule are the four weeks of the month. Note that each week has three stages of treatment. This means that you will have to make three types of different treatment masks to nourish the wires.

Each step requires products with specific formulas (we’ll explain what are they below) because, just like your body, your hair also need various nutrients to stay healthy. He needs to be, needs a nutrition and, in some cases, calls for rebuilding.

Warning: the steps of the capillary schedule must be made with an interval of 48 hours between them to prevent the wires stay heavy. Thus, phase 1, for example, would be the first mask of the week and can be made Monday morning. Then comes the two (which, in this case, would be made on Wednesday) and 3, on Friday.

The only phase of the official schedule that you can skip the reconstruction, which is only suitable for extremely damaged hair, as those who passed through chemical processes. If you don’t need it, replace it with a nutrition.

Capillary schedule: choosing the right product for each step of treatment.

Now that you have understood that in capillary schedule, there are three different treatments, it’s time to find out what are the right products for each of them:

Hydration: made to retrieve water from the hairs, the masks of hydration are rich in silicon and have ingredients such as aloe vera, fruit, glycerin and vitamins. Are the most common on the market and leave your hair silky with movement.

Nutrition: nutrition “feed” their wires, making them stronger and more resistant. The nutritional products have argan oil, marrow and the like and are essential to nourish the hair, in addition to the butter.

Reconstruction: recommended for extremely damaged hair. Their masks are based on keratin, creatine and collagen, that is, those are more consistent. But, as we have said, attention: its overuse can leave the yarn heavy and damaging them. Just do the rebuilding when your hair really need.

If you want a more powerful result, the tip of the dermatologist is looking for a professional hair, “sometimes the own professional handles the creams, which makes it more concentrated shades,” says Husain.

I Want to Adjust the Schedule for My Hairs, Capillary and Now!?

If you do not want to follow the official hair schedule, no problem: you can adapt it according to the needs of your hairs. “The dermatologist can identify which nutrients missing in your hair and indicate the appropriate products to recover the health of wires,” says the doctor. Through this evaluation the dermatologist will be able to draw up a schedule that has only the steps you need to.

You can also try to identify the shortcomings of the alone, simply evaluate the following characteristics:

-Weak Hair, opaque and lifeless: urgent need of hydration;
-Hair with frizz, misaligned and porous: their wires need nutrition;
-Hairs that have passed recently by chemical processes, brittle and split ends: need for reconstruction.

Beyond Hair Timeline: Habits Can Improve the Health of the Hair

According to dermatologist, there are habits that you can (and should!) follow to maximize the results of your hair timeline. They are:

-Don’t skip meals and/or imposes major dietary restrictions, otherwise you may ingest nutrients;
-Take plenty of water. “Water is essential to bring the nutrients to the hair bulb and maintain the health of the intestine, aiding in the absorption of nutrients,” says Husain;
-Drink apple cider vinegar, it prevents hair loss;
-Excess sugar, refined carbohydrates (pasta and white bread) and alcohol can harm the hair;
-Tea and coffee consumption close to meals can also endanger the health of hairs.

Don’t forget that as well as any other treatment, the capillary schedule has no effect instantaneously: it takes a while until you start seeing the improvements. Some women say notice the effects of the timeline in the first month, other, after 3 months … What matters is that you are disciplined and don’t give up.

You can be sure: when done properly, the capillary schedule only brings benefits to their wires. Start following him and storm!


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