How to Make Salt Scrubs

Exfoliating is essential to get a beautiful skin, free of dead cells and pores properly closed, being a fundamental step in time to clean deeply our face. But you don’t have to purchase commercial products to exfoliate your body perfectly, just join…
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Fried Foods That Promote Weight Loss

Hot news and unusual to revolutionize the travel case. There are times when we think we’ve seen everything in this life, right? And that’s where we are surprised again: the 10th International Congress Consulfarma presented in the last week, some innovations…
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Best Drugstore Mascara Review

The mascara is the most loved by women cosmetics eyes. Discover with us what are the 5 most beloved mascara ever. The look. What’s more seductive in a woman? If the checker is the first places in the ranking of cosmetic must-have, for…
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