Chanel Beauty AW 2015 Visiting the Open House in Hamburg – & Our 3 Highlights

Of beauty we understand about as much as by technical issues surrounding cars – and yet we feel attracted more and more from the creators of beautiful: bright colors, velvety textures of experimental implementations, latest trends and little beauty helpers who make now on muffeligen days, that we may feel a little bit prettier. Of course, our enchanting Scalamari Jane for beauty responsible is actually, I could not refuse despite the invitation by Chanel.

Is basically the like when the fashion also: A few selected pieces can make quite happy and also the credo “less is more – for this high-quality” pulls even with me at this point. Good and beautiful is often more carefully treated and ensures sustainable satisfaction, leaves us in faith, to accommodate something really special. Why I to Markle you so? Because a visit at Chanel in Hamburg yesterday just about all the recalled: beauty products to highlight, make happy, and reserve downtime: A few new products and beauty trends of the Chanel beauty sky compliant? We have been in the luggage:

It’s all about Rose:

Of lipsticks on gloss eye shadow and nail polishes: pink it is. After a full charge nude in the past few seasons the romantic in us revolves around again and which addressed multiple nuances at Chanel equal thanks: tender pink nails compliant? Expressive pink lips? Or berry tones for lid – it revolves entirely around warm nuances.

Chanel 17 chanel 18 chanel 23 chanel 27 chanel 25 chanel 4

Yellow yellow yellow!

Right: yellow is the surprise under the eyeshadow! Although we are already fans of the yellow iceing and just geometric eye shadow creations have drawn repeatedly us under the spell, as the whole thing in everyday life could work, we know only yesterday: sparingly used provides ’ s for a pretty fresh highlight. And let me tell you something: if I could makeup, I’d be there!

Chanel 3 chanel 6

The miracle powder: Vitalumiere

Vitalumiere is the fine Puderchen, which belongs to the latest innovation of the Chanel retrospective. A foundation that is applied with an incredibly soft brush and covers not only tender, but provides a sparkling complexion thanks to very small particles of MICA. Best of all: it conjures up a such a straight face that even small wrinkles and blemishes are emaciated. I think not, I also do not. So was tried: brush in hand and go! The result? Fan. And, even though i’ve sworn off powder at some point. A foundation that even beauty ring Mäuschens shows how easy is a clear, even skin tone. PAH, really well done!

Chanel 5 chanel 26 chanel

Still a couple more pictures of compliant? Kami!

Chanel 7 chanel 12 chanel 13 chanel 14 chanel 15 chanel 16 chanel 20 processed with vscocam with f2 preset chanel 22 chanel 24 28 chanel chanel 29 chanel 25

All products are available from August 16.