Clearwater County, Minnesota Demographics

Clearwater County, Minnesota Demographics

Clearwater County is located in the north-central region of Minnesota. It has a total area of 1,179 square miles and is the fifth largest county in the state. The county is bordered by Beltrami County to the north, Red Lake County to the east, Hubbard County to the south and Cass County to the west. Clearwater County also contains part of the Red Lake Indian Reservation and two small portions of White Earth Indian Reservation.

The county’s terrain is mostly flat with gently rolling hills and numerous lakes, rivers and streams throughout its landscape. Clearwater Lake is one of its largest bodies of water which provides excellent fishing opportunities for both locals and visitors alike. Other popular recreational activities in Clearwater County include hunting, hiking, camping, boating and snowmobiling.

Clearwater County has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters. Average temperatures during summer months range from highs in the mid 70s°F (low 20s°C) to lows in the mid 50s°F (low 10s °C). In winter months temperatures range from highs in the upper 20s°F (-2 °C) to lows in single digits below zero°F (-17 °C). Precipitation varies considerably throughout each season with most occurring during springtime when thunderstorms are common.

The population of Clearwater County was 8,943 according to 2019 estimates. The majority of residents are Caucasian (91%) while Native American (4%), Hispanic (3%) and African American (1%) make up smaller percentages of its population. The median household income for households in Clearwater County was $50,657 as per 2019 estimates which is slightly higher than Minnesota’s median household income ($59,837). The unemployment rate for Clearwater County as per 2019 estimates was 4%.

Clearwater County offers visitors a unique combination of natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities and friendly people that make it an ideal destination for those looking for something different than what you would find elsewhere in Minnesota.

Clearwater County, Minnesota

Economy of Clearwater County, Minnesota

Clearwater County, Minnesota is home to a diverse economy that is driven by both the public and private sectors. The county has an estimated population of 8,943 according to 2019 estimates and a median household income of $50,657. The unemployment rate for Clearwater County as per 2019 estimates was 4%.

The largest industry in Clearwater County is agriculture which contributes significantly to the local economy. As of 2017, the county had over 1,500 farms with a total land area of 866,000 acres. The farms produce a variety of crops including corn, soybeans, hay and wheat as well as dairy products and livestock. In addition to farming operations there are also logging companies that operate in Clearwater County providing jobs for many residents.

The tourism industry is another major contributor to the economy of Clearwater County. The county offers visitors a unique combination of natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities and friendly people that make it an ideal destination for those looking for something different than what you would find elsewhere in Minnesota. Popular activities in Clearwater County include fishing on Clearwater Lake or other bodies of water throughout the county such as rivers and streams; hunting; camping; hiking; boating; snowmobiling; ATVing; horseback riding; bird watching; and more.

In addition to agriculture and tourism, there are also several manufacturing industries located within the county providing additional employment opportunities for residents. These industries produce a wide variety of products ranging from wood products such as furniture and cabinets to automotive parts and components. There are also several businesses located within the county’s small towns that provide goods and services such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, hardware stores etc.. Finally, there are also several government offices located throughout the county providing employment opportunities as well such as social services agencies or law enforcement agencies etc..

All in all Clearwater County provides its residents with a diverse economy that is driven by both public sector jobs provided by government offices throughout the area as well as private sector jobs provided by various manufacturing companies located within its borders or businesses operating within its small towns offering goods and services to locals or visitors alike.

Libraries in Clearwater County, Minnesota

According to babyinger, Clearwater County, Minnesota is home to several libraries that provide its residents with a variety of services and resources. These public libraries offer a wealth of knowledge and entertainment for the community, as well as a safe space for everyone to explore their interests.

The Clearwater County Library System (CCLS) is the backbone of the county’s library system, providing library services to all residents in the region. CCLS consists of four main branches located in Bagley, Shevlin, Clearbrook and Gonvick. Other smaller branches are located in various towns throughout Clearwater County. All branches offer access to physical books and other materials such as DVDs and audiobooks as well as digital resources such as e-books, online databases, and other digital content. In addition to providing access to physical materials, each branch also offers various programs such as storytime for children, book clubs for adults, computer classes for seniors, movie nights and much more.

In addition to the four main branches of CCLS there are several independent libraries throughout Clearwater County which are not part of the county system but still serve their communities with quality services. These independent libraries are typically smaller than their county counterparts but still offer great resources such as books, magazines and newspapers; computers with internet access; programming tailored towards different age groups; and more.

The libraries in Clearwater County not only provide its residents with access to books and other materials but also act as community centers where people can come together for educational or recreational purposes. The staff at each library is friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of library services so they can assist patrons with any questions or needs they may have. Libraries also host special events throughout the year such as author readings or book signings which bring people from all over the area together for an enjoyable experience.

Clearwater County has a great selection of public libraries that provide its residents with everything they need when it comes to exploring new topics or just having fun. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to read or an exciting event centered around your favorite author – you’ll find it at one of these wonderful Clearwater County libraries.

Landmarks in Clearwater County, Minnesota

According to A2zdirectory, Clearwater County, Minnesota is home to a wide variety of historical and natural landmarks. From breathtaking waterfalls to historic buildings, this area has something for everyone to explore and enjoy.

The Clearwater River is the main landmark in the county and flows through the heart of it. It is known for its scenic beauty and is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities. The river passes through many parks such as Clearwater State Park which offers stunning views from atop its bluffs, and Clearwater Lake which provides a tranquil setting for swimming or kayaking.

The Headwaters State Forest is another well-known landmark in the county. This forest encompasses over 11,000 acres of land filled with trails for hiking, biking or horseback riding. There are also many lakes scattered throughout the forest perfect for fishing or canoeing.

For those looking to explore some history, there are several historic sites throughout the county including Fort Ripley which was used during the Civil War as a military base; The Grand Rapids Dam which was built in 1907; and The Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge established in 1938 as a sanctuary for migratory birds and other wildlife species.

Another landmark in Clearwater County that cannot be missed is the Itasca State Park located just north of Bemidji. This park contains more than 32 thousand acres of protected land filled with hiking trails, lakeside beaches and scenic overlooks perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. The park also contains Minnesota’s deepest lake – Lake Itasca – where visitors can see where the Mississippi River begins its 2200 mile journey southward into the Gulf of Mexico.

Clearwater County also offers some unique attractions such as several museums including The Pine Tree Depot Museum which houses artifacts from early settlers who lived along this part of Minnesota’s North Shore; The Paul Bunyan Trail which spans nearly 120 miles; and Kitchi Gammi Club – an exclusive club established by wealthy lumber barons in 1892 located on an island on Lake Bemidji.

From beautiful waterfalls to historic sites, Clearwater County has something special to offer to everyone who visits. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or just want to relax by one of its many lakes – there’s sure to be something here that will make your trip memorable.

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