Cocke County, Tennessee Demographics

Cocke County, Tennessee Demographics

Cocke County, Tennessee is a county located in the eastern part of the state, just north of the Great Smoky Mountains. It is bordered by Jefferson and Sevier Counties to the north, Greene County to the east, and Cocke County to the south. The county covers an area of approximately 437 square miles and has a population of 35,662 people as of 2020.

The geography of Cocke County is varied and consists mainly of rolling hills and valleys with some rugged mountain terrain in places. The highest point in the county is at an elevation of 2,903 feet on English Mountain. Other notable mountains in Cocke County include Big Ridge Mountain at 2,813 feet and Roundtop Mountain at 2,629 feet. The Pigeon River runs through Cocke County from east to west before flowing into the French Broad River near Newport.

The weather in Cocke County typically varies throughout the year with mild winters and hot summers. Average temperatures range from lows in the 20s during winter months to highs around 90 degrees during summer months. Snowfall is rare but does occur occasionally during winter months while rainfall averages around 52 inches per year throughout all seasons.

The population of Cocke County is diverse with most residents being descendants from early settlers who moved into this part of Tennessee from other parts of the country such as North Carolina or Virginia. Over time these settlers blended together their different cultures giving rise to a unique culture that still exists today among many residents in Cocke County.

Cocke County offers visitors an opportunity to explore its varied geography while also taking part in its unique culture that has been shaped by early settlers over centuries past.

Cocke County, Tennessee

Economy of Cocke County, Tennessee

The economy of Cocke County, Tennessee is mainly based on agriculture, retail, and tourism. The county’s agricultural industry is made up primarily of cattle and poultry farms, as well as dairy farms and a few crop farms. The retail sector consists of small to medium-sized businesses that provide goods and services to the local population. Finally, tourism is a major source of revenue for the county with visitors coming in from all over the country to enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

Agriculture has been an important part of Cocke County’s economy since its founding in 1809. Cattle farms are one of the most prominent agricultural industries in the county with many farms raising beef cattle for sale locally or for export. Poultry farms also make up a large portion of the agricultural sector with many farmers raising chickens for eggs or meat production. Dairy farming is another significant component of Cocke County’s agricultural industry with several dairy farms producing milk and other dairy products that are sold throughout East Tennessee.

The retail sector in Cocke County consists mainly of small businesses such as convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, clothing stores, and hardware stores that provide goods and services to residents throughout the area. Many residents also rely on these small businesses for employment opportunities during times when other industries may be struggling or not hiring enough workers.

Tourism is another major component of Cocke County’s economy with visitors coming from all over to enjoy its natural beauty and attractions such as The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Big Ridge State Park, Douglas Lake State Park, Cosby Creek Trailhead, and more. Tourism brings in an estimated $50 million annually to Cocke County and helps support local businesses while providing jobs to many residents throughout the area.

Cocke County offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore its varied geography while also taking part in its diverse culture that has been shaped by early settlers over centuries past. It has a strong economy based on agriculture, retail businesses, and tourism that helps support local communities while providing jobs for many people throughout East Tennessee.

Libraries in Cocke County, Tennessee

According to babyinger, Cocke County, Tennessee is home to some of the most beautiful libraries in the state. Located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Cocke County has a rich history that is reflected in its library system. From small one-room buildings to larger public libraries, Cocke County has something for everyone.

The Newport Public Library is one of the oldest and most beloved libraries in Cocke County. Founded in 1897, it was originally known as the Newport Library Association and served as a center for education and entertainment for citizens of all ages. The library moved to its current location in 1934 and now offers patrons over 50,000 volumes of books, magazines, newspapers, audio recordings, CD-ROMs, videos and DVDs. Patrons can also take advantage of free internet access and computer classes offered at the library.

The Parrottsville Public Library is another important resource for Cocke County residents. Established in 1905 by community members who wanted to support education and literacy in their small town, this library now boasts over 20,000 volumes including fiction and nonfiction books as well as periodicals. It also offers free internet access with computers available for use during regular hours of operation. Patrons can participate in special events such as story time and book clubs or take part in educational programs offered throughout the year such as genealogy workshops or computer classes.

The Cosby Public Library is an excellent resource located within Cosby High School that serves both students and community members alike. The library collection consists of over 15,000 volumes including fiction titles ranging from classics to modern day bestsellers as well as educational materials such as encyclopedias and reference books on a variety of topics including science and history. Patrons can also take advantage of free internet access with computers available for use during regular hours of operation or participate in events such as author visits or book clubs hosted by the library staff throughout the year.

Cocke County is home to many other smaller libraries located within schools or community centers throughout different townships within its borders. These smaller libraries offer patrons a more intimate atmosphere but still provide quality resources such as periodicals, audio recordings, CDs/DVDs/VHS tapes and computer access when available during regular hours of operation.

Cocke County provides its residents with a wide range of resources through its public libraries ranging from traditional print materials to digital media options that are sure to keep everyone busy. Whether you’re looking for entertainment options or educational resources these libraries have something for everyone.

Landmarks in Cocke County, Tennessee

According to A2zdirectory, Cocke County, Tennessee is a beautiful area full of natural wonders and historic landmarks. Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Cocke County is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the region. From lush forests and majestic mountains to crystal-clear rivers and pristine lakes, the county is a paradise for nature lovers.

One of the most well-known landmarks in Cocke County is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site encompasses over 800 square miles of stunning mountain vistas, cascading waterfalls, lush valleys and abundant wildlife. Visitors can take advantage of numerous hiking trails, picnic areas and camping sites throughout the park while exploring its many attractions and activities.

Also located within Cocke County are several historic sites that provide insight into its unique heritage including the Cosby Old Mill which dates back to 1831 as well as several other antebellum homes scattered throughout various townships. The county also has many historic churches that have been in operation since before the Civil War such as Mount Zion Baptist Church which was founded in 1833.

For those looking for outdoor recreation opportunities, Cocke County offers plenty of options such as fishing on Douglas Lake or rafting down one of its many rivers such as French Broad River or Pigeon River. There are also numerous parks located throughout the county including Big Ridge State Park which features over 15 miles of hiking trails, several camping sites and a variety of wildlife viewing opportunities.

Cocke County is also home to several museums dedicated to preserving its local history such as The Museum at Cosby High School which showcases artifacts from local businesses, schools and homes from earlier times or Newport History Museum which houses artifacts related to early settler.

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